Introducing Oswald@Work - Kai Seidler's New Blog

Kai "Oswald" Seidler recently joined the Web Stack team and he has just started a new blog: Oswald@Work. The first two entries are factual and short: Perl now supports DTrace and PHP 5.3 and osCommerce. Welcome to BSC, Kai! BTW, I noticed that there is a new MacOS X version of XAMPP available. We are still working on the relationship between XAMPP and our Web Stack.

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Kai 'Oswald' Joins the WebStack Team

More good news around theWebStack team: Kai 'Oswald' Seidler, ofApache Friends andXAMPP fame, has joined the team - see Kai's post (German, mock-english). XAMPP is one of the (the?) most popularWAMP Distros (see Google Trend), and Kai will now be able to work full-time on it. I talked with Kai a few months ago and enjoyed our phone chat a lot but, unfortunately, I was away when he visited Santa Clara recently (photo gallery).One of the topics during the trip was how to...

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Managing Your Apache Web Server - More on WebStack Enterprise Manager

Sun's supported (L)AMP distribution, the GlassFish WebStack, was released last week and the team has several new posts on the new Enterprise Monitor for Apache: • Irfan covers Dashboard and Analytics and Navigation Views and Recent Alerts. • Jeff has an in-depth post on Monitoring Apache Server with Web Stack • Brian shows how to apply the tool in The Enterprise Manager and memcached • Amit shows the tool in action through a (silent) screencast.

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GlassFish WebStack... Helping With MySQL.com Outage

I see that Kaj mentioned the (GlassFish) WebStack when telling the story of the MySQL.Com Outage. One of the main benefits of the WebStack is that all the pieces work very well together, so that was one less thing to worry about; the electrical woes were stressful enough...

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WebStack 1.5 - Your (L)AMP Stack

Sun'sLAMP support is assembled from two pieces: the L is from ourLinux/GNU Support (see SunSolve entry), while the AMP comes from theGlassFish WebStack, which, in itslatest incarnation includes Apache HTTP Server, lighttpd, memcached, MySQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Squid, Tomcat, GlassFish (v2.1) and Hudson (features). The inclusion of Hudson is a bit of an opportunistic move (more on that in a bit), the rest comprises a well tested, integrated, optimized, and extendedcomponent...

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Sun WebServer 7.0 U2 Now Available... Used for the SPECweb2005 World Record

The latest Sun WebServer is now available (Home Page, Release Notes, >Direct Download). This release includes the latest Java Web Container from GLassFIsh and was used in the Record-breaking SPECweb 2005 benchmark on a Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220. See the Release writeups from CVR, Joe and Jyri, and the Benchmark reports from CVR and BMseer. Information on a number of benchmarks is available at the T5220 Benchmark Page.

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