New jMaki Tutorials for JSP and JSFv

There are two new tutorials that explain how to use jMaki. The first one shows how to use jMaki widgets in JSP pages, the second how to use jMaki widgets as a JSF component. Also see the earlier tutorial that introduces jMaki Components. Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

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JSF plus AJAX: DynaFaces Early Access Release

DynaFaces (Dynamic Faces) is an implementation of the "Avatar" concept that was described by Jacob, Adam and Ed at JavaOne 06 (TS-1161 @ JavaOne Online, Ed's early blog). Briefly, it provides a simple, declarative, JSF-compatible mechanism to describe local, AJAX-based, activity within a JSF page. Ed just announced the first Early Access Release, available atJSF-Extensions. There areslides on DynaFaces available, as well as online examples varying from simple uses ofjMaki to...

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Turing Tests, CAPTCHA and AJAX

You have seenCAPTCHAs even if you didn't know their names. CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated PublicTuring test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" and a common one is a distorted image of a word, like the one in this blog entry. In his latest blog, Yuta points to code in the Java Petstore 2.0 that implements CAPTCHAs; check it out. BTW, turns out thatManuel Blum has been working on CAPTCHAs... he was one of my professors at UCB, nice guy, and very sharp! ,

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jMaki fully integrated with Phobos

Roberto announces that jMaki is fully integrated with Phobos using a new built-in library, library.jmaki. One nice side affect that Roberto mentions is that now you will get the latest, tested version of DOJO automatically as it is included in jMaki. Roberto gives some examples on how to use the new library. And for more information on using jMaki and Phobos see TA's earlier post of Jennifer's blogs here. AJAX, jMaki, phobos,

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Using jMaki in Phobos!

Jennifer has been writing about Project Phobos and jMaki recently. Just last week she wrote about the New Pub/Sub jMaki Mechanism and now she has a new entry showing how to Use a jMaki Widget in Phobos. Jennifer takes her First Phobos Application and then adds jMaki to it; it is quite straight-forward. Earlier TheAquarium entries are here, for Phobos, and here, for jMaki. , , , ,

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JavaScript debugging tips

Java SE 6 bundles Mozilla Rhino to provide a JavaScript engine. Since the Rhino tools (including the debugger) are not bundled, Sundararajan posted a couple of blogs [1], [2] with helpful tips when debugging JavaScript the Java SE environment. Tips include using jrunscript in interactive mode, adding print statements and using features in the JavaScript language such as functions are objects to get more info. In the second article you will find tips on printing stack...

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