jMaki Beta 1.0 is out

jMaki Beta 1.0 release is available for download. jMaki is a framework that provides a lightweight model for creating Ajax-enabled web applications. It provides an extendable and customizable insulation between your application code and many of the JavaScript toolkits (Dojo, Yahoo, Google, Mochikit and others) out there today. See Greg's blog for details about the beta. Some highlights are   • jMaki Styles - CSS layouts and templates that act as frameworks for your web pages  ...

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jMaki supports PHP 5

The latest jMaki release now supports PHP 5! See Greg's blog for details on how to use jMaki to add reuseable Ajax enabled widgets to your PHP application. The jMaki beta is scheduled for next week. See my blog describing some of the other features available in the release candidate.

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Chat client exploiting Comet and Grizzly

Jean-Francois continues to work on title="Search TA for grizzly">Grizzly and title="Search TA for comet">Comet. Last month he provided a simple Chat client on GlassFish that explains how to configure Comet support in GlassFish and how to write the corresponding server-side Java: for polling and for request processing. Then Takai (of jRuby fame) joined in (see TAKAI's blog). He says he has an AJAX-based chat and there is a (simple?) live chat here. Also note that Grizzly is on...

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(j)Ruby on Rails on GlassFish (and on Grizzly)

Charles reports on the recent progress on Packaging and Deployment Options for (j)Ruby. Charles now has an all-in-one JAR that can then be run on the client and on the server side. On his part, TAKAI has been working on replacing the WEBbrick and has succeeded in using AsyncWeb withvery substantial performance improvements, and then also ondeploying directly on GlassFish. All this looks very promising and I think will open many doors for Ruby in the enterprise -even this very...

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Phobos Meets Atom, REST

Via TheGalaxy, in his recent blog, Roberto discusses some interesting aspects of building the application atomserver, which is an implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol v9 in Phobos. The application also uses some new REST libraries. For more details, please check out Roberto's blog. Added: Seems Atom v9 has expired and the doc is no longer available. The most recent version is v11 which is available here.

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New jMaki release supports Mochikit, Dojo and NetBeans plugin

jMaki is a framework that provides a lightweight model for reusable Ajax-enabled widgets. The lastest (.5.1) release of jMaki includes: Most significant in this release are the jMaki Layouts which are available in the Netbeans Plugin with templates. Improvements to the widget.json configuration files to provide better property editing support in Netbeans. Mochikit 1.3.4 support Dojo is now updated to the shipping .4 Yahoo YUI Widgets has been updated to .11.4 Value Change Listner...

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