Sunday Nov 08, 2009

Rich web frameworks for GlassFish v3 (ZK, Vaadin, ...)


Vaadin and ZK are both popular RIA frameworks that have been tested to work with GlassFish v3.

The JavaDude has a detailed blog on "ZK 3.6.3 with Netbeans 6.8 Beta on Glassfish V3" (this is the ZK release from a few days ago). It discusses developing with or without the ZK community plugin for NetBeans (which is mostly about adding meta-data to a Java EE project), creating ZUML pages with a component palette and deploying to GlassFish v3. This framework does Ajax and push with no JavaScript exposed to the developer and should be familiar to people used to Swing development. Bobby wrote a blog entry you may want to revisit.

Vaadin is another framework that keeps the developer away from JavaScript. It builds on GWT and has some interesting OSGi features that make it a good fit for the GlassFish v3 modular architecture. Vaadin's Petter has several tutorials showing the use of the GlassFish servlet 3.0 implementation but also how the Vaadin OSGi packaging allows for various options to avoid having to carry the framework with the application. It also discusses having multiple versions of the framework deployed in GlassFish v3. If you're interested, start with this "Deployment Options on GlassFish v3" article.

Both ZK and Vaadin are GlassFish Partners, just like WebORB, ICEFaces (now in Alpha and tested to work in the most recent promoted builds of GlassFish v3) and many others.