Sunday Nov 08, 2009

Extra GlassFish News - Nov 8th, 2009

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This is the first of our weekly news catch-up and covers Nov 1 to Nov 11, 2009. This week the news catch-up is partial; next week I'll create the entry through the week and will try to be more comprehensive.

This week we also cover old news on JRuby and OSGi.

GlassFish and Middleware News

Predicting our Systems Future

From the past: OSGi in GlassFish (triggered by this thread):

From the past: JRuby on GlassFish (triggered by this thread)

Monday Nov 02, 2009

ZFS Adds DeDuplication

Data Deduplication is a big deal, as was shown back in July when EMC spent 2.4B$ to acquire Data Domain. This morning Jeff announced that dedup has been added to ZFS; this has generated quite a bit of buzz in the 'web, although I've yet to see Oracle's stock going up... or Apple changing their mind.

Check Jeff's post and comments; it is a nice read. Also read on disk savings at ZFS-Discuss.

Sunday Oct 25, 2009

Apple at MacOS Forge: "The ZFS project has been discontinued"


Apple kills ZFS at MacOS Forge. The effort had shown signs of stress for a while, so the community reaction ([1], [2]) has been to quickly move to a new site; see Dustin's announcement and MacZFS @ Google Code.

See reactions on the web at Engadget, AppleInsider, Gizmodo and Macrumors.

The Goodbye message was very terse. Given Apple's usual behavior, I doubt we will get any more details than that. Overall reaction is quite muted - the reaction meter at MR was 85+, 400- but the Discussion Thread is quite mild (and technically uninformed).

Saturday Apr 18, 2009

GlassFish and More at MySQL Users Conference


Mon-Thu I'll be attending the MySQL User's Conference here in Santa Clara. The tone of the conference is noticeably different to that of its (even larger) sibling JavaOne in San Francisco, and the topics are very grounded in the practical needs of the Users of the technology. There are many very interesting talks, below is a small selection extracted from my Personal Schedule.

Starting with those related to topics we normally cover here: Several BOFs: OpenSSO, OpenDS and LDAP, JavaFX Clients, OpenSolaris and Web Stack. Several Technical Sessions: MySQL and ZFS, Twitter and NetBeans and GlassFish and MySQL (that's Arun).

The rest of this list is not comprehensive but, here it is...

Keynotes: State of the Dolphin, Google, KickFire, Cloud, Andi, SmugMug, Infobrite and JasperSoft, Obama.
Fun Events Quizz Show.
Tutorials: Scale out, MapReduce, Partitioning, Memcached
DTrace: Intro, MySQL and Dtrace, Another DTrace
Cloud: MySQL and EC2, Hadoop and MySQL, Cloud Backup for MySQL, MySQL Clusters in the Cloud, MapReduce
Drizzle: Rethinking MySQL, Memory, libdrizzle, Drizzle BOF, Clusters
Memcached: Beginners, Distributed and InnoDB, And Flash!, Libraries, Advanced Use
Engines: InnoDB, Falcon, Maria, PBXT.
General: Performance and Scalability, the Future, Code Contributions (Masood's), Craig's List, Sandbox, Death.

... and I reserve the right to add and/or remove entries from my schedule at any time :-)

Saturday Feb 28, 2009

ZFS and more in Hudson


Kohsuke has added several OS-specific features to Hudson, including authentication on Unix using the OS-specific identity/groups and remote Windows slave management. Hudson can also now switch its workspace to a ZFS file system.

ZFS support is a precursor to additional features like better backups and faster clean builds and matrix builds. It will be interesting to see whether these features increase noticeably the market share of Solaris and OpenSolaris as Hudson platforms. More details in Kohsuke's note.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

OpenStorage Launch - ZFS + SSD + DTrace + Volume Economics = The New NAS Appliance

Today was the launch of our new Sun Storage 7000 Family, the first result of our OpenStorage initiative. The release comes with a large number of formal and informal documents (over 50 blogs tagged SunStorage7000 so far!); key entry points are the Fishworks Blog Site, and the personal blogs of Mike, Bryan and Adam. Also check the introductions by Joerg, Josh and Bob, the Product Site, the Storage Simulator and the Master Blog Aggregator.


Mike's summarizes the architectural approach behind the new systems this way:

There are three things that will be at the core of everything we do: a true software architecture for Flash, the Hybrid Storage Pool; users empowered with real-time Analytics so you can finally understand what your box is doing and how to make it better; and an open, industry-standard architecture: open on-disk formats, open protocols, and a compute and i/o architecture with volume economics behind it that doubles in speed and capacity every 12-18 months.

The initial Press Coverage press coverage is very positive. I believe that despite, or perhaps because of?, the worldwide financial situation, these systems will have a deep impact in the market; try it out, and tell us what you think!

Saturday Oct 11, 2008

... Syslogd and GlassFish, REST for OpenSSO, JAX-RS is final, China, SmugMug and ZFS and MySQL

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Marco had a small expedition tracking a bug in GlassFish v2 interacting with Syslogd. He found a solution and has Posted his Story and Patches. Still working on how the fix will migrate back to the main repository.

OpenSSO now has a set of RESTful Web Services to access its functionality to do things like authenticate, authorize, validate, etc.

And, on the same topic, the JCP just formally announced that JAX-RS 1.0 is now final. The final specification is here. First JavaEE 6 specification all completed.

Judy reports on a SunTech meeting focused on spreading adoption of GlassFish Server in China. Expect us to reach out more to that community in the very near future, in the meantime, check out Judy's note. Added - Judy pointed me to GlassFish_China Google group.

And SmugMug has a very nice note on how they have been using OpenSolaris with MySQL and ZFS in production. Check out Don MacAskill's note (don't miss the comments) and Marc's initial pointer.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

... Hudson for Windows, SpringSource Support, More Brazil, Saving on Storage, SocialSite

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Kohsuke is back from Brazil and has released Hudson 1.253 (will they ever get to Hudson 2?), now with improved support for Windows in Distributed Builds and also support for Parametrized Builds.

More on the new SpringSource Enterprise Support. Ryan (a long-term user of the GlassFish Server) was considering purchasing enterprise support for SpringSource and writes about his experience and quoted price tag.

Sun and Greenplum are setting up a very large data warehouse for Fox Interactive Media on top of Solaris, ZFS and a bunch of Thumpers. Check out Jonathan's Writeup and the joint Press Release

Arun is still in Brazil for the rest of this week and next week. Today he was at DF JUG in Taguatinga. And, if you want to listen to Kohsuke presentation to CeJUG, check out the bottom of the page on the Aniversário do CEJUG - nice audience!

The SocialSite team is encouraging external participation: SocialSite Wants You! Check out the List of Proposals for ideas.

Saturday Jul 19, 2008

Blueprints Wiki - Best Practices on ZFS, MySQL, Hadoop, and much more

I just bumped into the Sun BluePrints Wiki and I think it is worth a visit. It is a companion to the BluePrints Blog and part of the move towards Self-Published Content at Sun, which increases agility and responsiveness to user's needs.

The Recent Content page lists chronologically the latest changes. The more recent entries are created in Wiki format, while the earlier ones are PDF attachments.

Some of the documents that caught my attention include:


Hadoop Primer
Optimizing MySQL Server on x64 Servers and Storage
Configure J4000 and ZFS in 10 Minutes
Modularity in Data Center Design
Using SSD instead of HDD
• V12N Entries: Solaris HW, LDOMs & CMT, LDOMs & IO, xVM Hypervisor.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

OpenStorage Recipe: ZFS + Bunch of Disks (+ Flash Memory) = 1$/GB

The second round (my count) of OpenStorage announcements are out. This includes the next rev of Thumper, as well as a new storage family - Sun Storage J4000.


The successor to Thumper is SunFire x4500, faster and bigger than before but still the same storage/server hybrid.

The new storage family combines a Bunch of Disks (BoD) - SATA/SAS - and OpenSolaris/ZFS (and later Flash Memory), to deliver up to 72Gb/sec throughput and up to 192 SATA disks on 16RU at around 1$ per GB.

Additional reading:

• Sun.Com Feature Article and the J4000 Family Overview
• Home pages for the J4000 Family and the Big, Medium and Small brothers
• Blogs: Overviews by George and Taylor Innovating@Sun, Satish on MySQL and SugarCRM
• Richard's entry is worth its own bullet; check it out!
• News: Computer World, InfoWorld, Blocks and Files, The Register
Press Release, SDN Announcement
OpenStorage and OpenSolaris Storage Community

Sunday May 18, 2008

Unusual #1 @ BSC - Sometimes it's SPAM, sometimes it's More Interesting :-)

The top #5 blogs at Blogs.Sun.Com are almost always the same, but every now and then there is an uncommon top name. It often seems quite random and most likely SPAM, but sometimes it is actually interesting...


Check these pictures from Jeff Bonwick's blog. For reference, the guy at the right is Jeff (of ZFS fame), and the one on the left is Linus (of Linux fame).

No, I don't know what the photos mean; I don't work in the Solaris team and although I've known Jeff (Jackson) for many years his office is in the Menlo Park campus and mine is in the Santa Clara campus... :-)

And, if I knew, I couldn't tell you :-)

Saturday Oct 27, 2007

Indemnification and Open Source - The NetApp Lawsuit as an Example?

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You may have noticed last month's news about Net App filing a lawsuit against Sun for patent infringement on ZFS ([1], [2], [3]). ZFS is OpenSource and has a growing number of adopters so this could be seen as a good example of the value of indemnity when purchasing support from Sun for OpenSource-based products like OpenSolaris or GlassFish.

This week both Jonathan [1] and Mike Dillon [2] explained the next steps that Sun is taking in this front. Don't miss the ever-growing list of comments at Jonathan's entry - 81 as of this writeup. Also you may want to check Simon's comments on a related experience.

Friday Apr 06, 2007

notd - ZFS in FreeBSD; Technology Adoption as a Sign of Technical Excellence

FreeBSD Beasty

ZFS has just been incorporated to the FreeBSD code base ([1], [2]). And it has been previously reported that ZFS will be in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) ([1], [2]).

These are good signs for ZFS. In the world of Open Source, adoption of a technology by an outside community or project is a clear indicator of technical excellence (although not always - sometimes licensing and other issues get in the way).

Closer to home, I see clear technical excellence in the large adoption of the JAXB RI (JBoss, TmaxSoft, Geronimo, WebLogic Server, Jonas, many others) and the increased adoption of the JAX-WS RI (WebLogic Server, TmaxSoft) and Grizzly (Jetty).

There are other GlassFish modules that have noticeable outside adoption including JSF, JSP and TopLinkEssentials. Projects like jMaki and Phobos are generating a lot of buzz but, to my knowledge, are not yet incorporated into outside projects. GlassFish, in toto, is also being adopted: it is included in several OpenSolaris distributions and in Ubuntu, and also in NetBeans (we are very open to expanding that list with additional distributions; if you are interested, just contact us).

I hope that, over time, we will have more and more adoption of GlassFish projects. And, where appropriate, we may end up adopting external projects and resist the NIH syndrome; our goal is technical excellence for the users of GlassFish.

Note: When I have a moment I'll add links to the above assertions; in the meantime just do a search at TheAquarium.