Thursday Nov 12, 2009

Site Migrations: NetBeans, OpenSolaris.Org, Hudson

Migration time! OpenSolaris, NetBeans and Hudson have moved (part of) their infrastructure.

The OpenSolaris Website Community migrated from an ad-hoc web app to XWiki on October 26th, 2009 completing phase 2 of the transition. Check the Transition FAQ for more details. This move had been in the planning for a long time and is still unfolding.

The NetBeans site moved the week of Nov 2dn to a new site, see the Announcement and the FAQ. The new NB site uses the Kenai infrastructure but is its own instance, separate from that of I believe this move has completed.

The last (ongoing) move is for Hudson. Most of Hudson was at Java.Net but some parts were not - like the confluence-based wiki. After the availability problems from a couple of months ago, Kohsuke and the community decided to move the bulk to Kenai. That move is still ongoing but some key sections, like the front-page, have already moved.

In all cases, these moves are intended to be (mostly) transparent to the users (hopefully with improved QoS).

Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

Feb 5th Webinar - XWiki and GlassFish

This week's webinar is the first of a new, occasional, GlassFish Partner Series.


This week's webinar is on Thursday, Feb 5th, 11 am PT. Vincent Massol will provide an overview of XWiki, the java-based, OpenSource Wiki and collaboration platform. XWiki is supported on GlassFish and is used in curriki and in the new (in progress) Site.

I've asked Vincent to also include a comparison with Atlassian Confluence, as that's what it is currently being used in Wikis.Sun.Com. Time permitting we will also discuss Vincent's experience embedding GFv3 into XWiki, and Alexis would join us for that segment.

Slides and other material will be posted to the Presentation Page; as usual, we encourage your participation through questions and recordings of the presentations will be made available later.

Added Jacob Kessler will be the host for this presentation because I have a last minute conflict.

Monday Oct 06, 2008

XWiki on GlassFish v3


The top 3 Java-Based Wikis out there are (alphabetically) Confluence, Apache JSPwiki and XWiki. I've been using the first two for a bit via and GlassFish Wiki and OpenSolaris.ORG is about to use XWiki ([1], [2], [3])...

Which makes Alexis's posts on XWiki very timely. In these two posts ([1], [2]) Alexis shows how to use the embedded API in GlassFish v3 Prelude to create a 24MB (GFv3) + 40MB (XWiki) download image that will just add one second to the base XWiki startup and has low footprint.

It seems a pretty compelling arrangement. We have already seen it in several Sun-led (OpenSSO, WebSynergy) and non-Sun-led (Liferay, ehCache Server) projects we have mentioned in the past. I expect to see more of them in the future...

Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

Installing XWiki on GlassFish -- via the Update Center Client

XWiki Logo

Alexis has posted instructions (building on his earlier post) showing how to write a UpdateCenter Catalog File for XWiki (Home page, Features, Deployments). This can be used to install XWiki on GlassFish through the UC client which could simplify deployment within an organization.

Check Alexis writeup for more details and please let us know if you create a Catalog File for your favorite app, we want to start collecting them. Also, thanks to Vincent Massol for adding the instructions to the official XWiki documentation.