Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Introducing Oswald@Work - Kai Seidler's New Blog


Kai "Oswald" Seidler recently joined the Web Stack team and he has just started a new blog: Oswald@Work. The first two entries are factual and short: Perl now supports DTrace and PHP 5.3 and osCommerce. Welcome to BSC, Kai!

BTW, I noticed that there is a new MacOS X version of XAMPP available. We are still working on the relationship between XAMPP and our Web Stack.

Sunday Aug 09, 2009

Kai 'Oswald' Joins the WebStack Team


More good news around the WebStack team: Kai 'Oswald' Seidler, of Apache Friends and XAMPP fame, has joined the team - see Kai's post (German, mock-english). XAMPP is one of the (the?) most popular WAMP Distros (see Google Trend), and Kai will now be able to work full-time on it.

I talked with Kai a few months ago and enjoyed our phone chat a lot but, unfortunately, I was away when he visited Santa Clara recently (photo gallery). One of the topics during the trip was how to leverage the WebStack and the XAMPP efforts; stay tuned for news on that.

Welcome to the team, Kai!