Wednesday Nov 09, 2011

Oracle Solaris 11 is here!

Oracle Solaris 11 was not just launched but also made fully available. New features include installation improvements, IPS as the packaging system, Oracle Solaris Zones enhancements, Security improvements (Labeled IPsec, ...), Networking enhancements (virtualization, built-in load-balancer, and more), as well as ZFS as the root file system.


The ISO size is quite reasonable : 430MB for x86, 526MB for SPARC with multiple other options available: Automated Install (with even smaller archives to start with), Live Media, and IPS repository images (yes, that's the same IPS we use in GlassFish for the Update Center). All the download options are listed on the Oracle Solaris 11 Download Page

If you're interested in further reading, I'd recommend these two white papers :
Oracle Solaris 11: Built for Clouds
Oracle Solaris 11: The Best Place to Run Your Oracle Applications