Monday Feb 19, 2007

Guidelines for Interoperable Web Services Contracts

Front Cover of The Elements of Style

The WSIT technologies (bundled in GlassFish and also available separately) support Web Services interoperation between the Java and the Windows Communication Framework.

The practical interoperability depends on the features and limitations of the platform-specific XML Schema data binding mechanisms and the new WSIT tutorial (PDF) provides specific guidelines for best practices. Check them out and provide feedback to Sekhar and the team.

Shown at left is the front cover of my favorite set of guidelines for english writers: The Elements of Style (aka Strunk and White). Easy to summarize 'Omit needless words', but very hard to follow.

Friday Feb 02, 2007

GlassFish WSIT Praised in SD TImes

SD TImes logo

The SD Times has a very complimentary article about the WSIT technologies (codenamed Project Tango) that are in GlassFish and provide interoperability with the Web Services features from Microsoft, including those in Microsoft's Vista. The article quotes from an interview with Nick

Thanks to the tips from Arun, Robin and Harold.

Saturday Dec 16, 2006

GlassFish v2 M3 Now Available

Milestone 3 for GlassFish v2 (aka v2b28) is now available for download, following M1 and M2. This release includes many new features and improvements; some of them are:

Duke Let's get goiing

 • Profile support (developer, enterprise, cluster)
 • Initial Update Center Support.
 • JSR-196 Public Draft.
 • WS Interoperability (WSIT) Functionality Integrated.
 • JBI Support Integrated.
 • Partial Implementation of in-memory replication.
 • Dynamic clustering from Shoal.
 • Optimized ORB Integrated.
 • Improved Startup Architecture.
 • Improved Web Tier: Comet, virtual hosting, in memory JSP compilation, port unification.
 • CLI improvements (including DWIM).
 • JSF used in the Admin GUI.

More details in the GF v2 M3 Highlights page. Expect a few additions before the beta in February, but most of the functionality is already in this milestone. Download it here and let us know how it works for you.

Friday Oct 13, 2006

GlassFish V2 M2 is out

Duke for GF, V2

The second Milestone for GlassFish V2 is available. This release is part of our Continuous Improvements approach; you can check the Highlights for M2 and then Download it. We have updated the QuickStart guide, as well as the Architecture Document. You can also checkk the full GF V2 Roadmap

This release improves substantially on Milestone 1 and many bugs were fixed. It adds MacOS X support for clustering and integrates a first batch of WSIT (ProjectTango) features. The download size is also smaller thanks to Pack200.

I will double-check that the highlights are complete and will add any missing to the Wiki page. We are still getting used to using CVS-News and we don't use that all the time.

Friday Oct 06, 2006

The Third WS PlugFest Interoperability - GlassFish and Microsoft's WCF

Seattle from Kerry Park

A report from Arun on the 3rd WSIT (Project Tango) and WCF (Indigo) PlugFest. This time they tested WS-Atomic Transactions, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Secure Conversation, WSS 1.0 and 1.1, WS-Trust, as well as two-way composite scenarios like Secure Reliable Messaging and Secure MTOM. Like the first and the second plugfests, this one was in Seattle.

WSIT is part of Project GlassFish. It can be downloaded directly from and it will be included in the Milestone 2 of GlassFish V2, due out any day now.

Saturday Sep 23, 2006

WSIT (Project Tango) Milestone 2 Now Available

WSIT (Project Tango) is celebrating their second milestone. You can download it now from here and it will be part of GF V2 M2 later this month. This is a major stabilizing release, providing much better integration with Microsoft's implementations. The team has written a number of blogs covering the technologies:

A Roman Milestone

• Harold, the technical lead, provides an Introduction and Overview.
•  Mike has been leading and covers Reliable Messaging.
•  Sekhar does the same on Data Binding, which is particularly delicate given that three languages are involved: XML Schema, C# and Java.
•  Fabian talks about WS Policy, which is fundamental in describing the properties of the endpoints.
•  Arun describes the latest developments in WS-Addressing, which is used to describe EndPoint References
•  Bobby's blog is on Meta-Data Exchange (MEX) which is used to obtain the WSDL and Schema for an endpoint.

Check the tutorial (to be updated), the home page, and provide feedback through the Forum or the Mailing List. BTW, Microsoft recently provided assurances to the community regarding implementing these specifications.

Wednesday Sep 06, 2006

OpenSSO, OpenDS, Project Tango... and Identity

Photo of Porsche Cabriolet 993

Pat has an overview article correlating three identity-related projects: OpenSSO, which provides Authorization, Authentication and Federation, OpenDS, which provides a repository for directory information and Project Tango which will provide the infrastructure for interoperating between the Java and the Microsoft worlds.

Thanks to Marina for the tip. Pat, did I get the right car?

Thursday Aug 17, 2006

The New WebServices Stack in GlassFish V2

Client Pipeline in JAX-WS 2.0.1

The Rearchitected Web Services Stack is in GlassFish V2 M1, released today. The implementation version is 2.0.1 since it implements the same JAX-WS 2.0 specification, but don't let the "" fool you; it is a major redesign. Documentation is here and Vivek has a good overview of the changes.

This implementation supports Multiple Transports; HTTP is the default and the implementation comes with a local transport mostly for testing, but Transports are Pluggable and Oleksei showed How to Use JMS and we also are working on a TCPIP one. The new implementation is also used by Project Tango but this is not yet integrated into M1.

Probably the single most noticeable change now should be the performance improvements. The previous JAX-WS 2.0 implementation was most often faster but sometimes slower than JAX-RPC 1.1 (chart, blog), but the new one is much faster (chart, Sameer's blog). The 2.0.1 implementation also comes with goodies like built-in SOAP Monitoring.

You can download JAX-WS 2.0.1 through GF V2 M1 here, and check out the current plans for the release at the New Wiki Page. M1 also has the older JAX-WS 2.0 implementation; Vijay's announcement describes How to Switch it Back On. And, if you want the unbundled JAX-WS 2.0.1 bits, they are here. Enjoy!

Thursday Jun 15, 2006

New NetBeans Plugin for Project Tango

Screenshot of NetBeans Tango Plugin

There is a WSIT (Project Tango) Plugin for NetBeans 5.5. The page for the plugin includes good instructions, including a number of screencasts (Flash-based demos) on Download and Install, Part I: Getting Started - Registering Glassfish, Creating a new project, Creating a service, MTOM+RM Configuration, Deployment, and Part II: Running and Testing - Testing the deployed service, Creating a client project, Creating a client, Calling the service, Running the client. Overall, a very good page.

Thanks to Charles for the tip. Charles is mostly focused on the NetBeans community so he does a very good job in providing an overview and context for Project Tango.