Friday Jun 01, 2007

Innovation Happens Everywhere... - Woodstox and GlassFish

NIH inside a traffic sign for 'Forbidden'

You now can use Woodstox (not to confuse with Woodstock) with GlassFish. Woodstox is a very nice implementation of StAX and provides substantial performance improvements over SJSXP in almost all cases. We noticed this a while ago and we have been working to ensure that Woodstox passed all the StAX tests and all our own tests.

Check Bhakti's instructions on how to configure GlassFish and read on Santiago's comments. "Your mileage may vary", but we are measuring 30-40% improvement over the existing (already very good) performance!

Friday Apr 20, 2007

Lasagna, JAX-WS and Woodstox

Photo of a Lasagne

Woodstox is a popular, high quality, XML parser that implements JSR-173, StAX, the JCP-defined XML pull-parser API. We believe that the latest GlassFish's WS implementation (JAX-WS 2.1.1) is well layered on StAX.

This architectural layering should make our implementation more flexible and reusable; for instance, it should be possible to replace SJSXP with Woodstox and it should just work (tm). We have done some testing and that seems to be the case but we would appreciate independent confirmation.

So, can you help us? Check Jitu's blog for simple steps to do the replacement. Thanks!