Wednesday May 14, 2008

Woodstock 4.2 Released

Radio Receiver Icon

Woodstock 4.2 was released before JavaOne, aligned with NetBeans 6.1. You can download it through NetBeans or directly Here.

Sunday Mar 02, 2008

New Woodstock Components in NetBeans 6.1


The Woodstock JSF Component Library (Woodstock@TA) is open source and enterprise-ready, is used in the GlassFish AppServer and other projects and is included in the NetBeans IDE.

Woodstock is changing in NetBeans 6.1 and James Branam is documenting the changes. There is a new Look to the Palette, and new Accordion and Bubble Help components. Expect more updates as we get closer to Woodstock 4.2 and NB6.1 final; see Roadmap.

You can download the Woodstock components manually from their Web Site, or you get them bundled with the NetBeans 6.x distributions, or you can download them automatically through the GlassFish Update Center.

Some additional Woodstock links include: the Live Preview site, the Documentation Hub and a list of the Browsers and Containers Supported. The latter include GlassFish - duh! - and also Tomcat 6, WebLogic 10 and JBoss 5.

Friday Feb 08, 2008

Be Productive - JSF Component Libraries for GlassFish

Poster for The Matrix Reloaded

The JSF Matrix keeps a table of JSF component libraries (although the comments suggest it needs updating) and Ryan just published a short note pointing to it. Pretty much all the component libraries work with GlassFish (we cheat a bit, most of the AppServers are using Mojarra, our JSF implementation).

Libraries explicitly mentioned by Ryan from those in the JSF Matrix include our own Woodstock, ICEfaces, Apache Trinidad, Apache Tomahawk, JBoss RichFaces and Blueprints. He also lists Mojarra Scales and Mannor'n Rock.

We would like to make it easier for you to run any of these libraries in your GlassFish application; let us know if you discover problems and we will collaborate with the library owners to fix them.

Wednesday Jan 02, 2008

Woodstock JSF Components now via the GlassFish Update Center

ScreenShot of UpdateCenter with Woodstock

The latest JSF Components from Project Woodstock are now available via the GlassFish Update Center client at INSTALL/updatecenter/bin/updatetool. What you download is equivalent to the Online Preview; check out Dick's Writeup.

Coincidentally, Ken, Jason and Rick just published an article on Using JSF Templating and Woodstock. And you may also want to read previous articles at TheAquarium on Woodstock and UpdateCenter.

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

Week Highlights - Woodstock, Liferay, Hibernate, SPEC, Mugs, T-Shirts and Turkeys

Hudson Image

• This was ThanksGiving week in the US; need a A Holiday Gift?
• Hudson Recap: Goodies and Happy Users
• Developing GlassFish: New FAQ
• Mix with GF: AspecJ and JXInsight, Hibernate, Facelets and Maven
• Big News: New SPEC Post (more details tomorrow)
• Performance and Adoption: Grizzly and Jetty, OpenSSO, Liferay and GF
• Be Productive: JSF Components, Web Services

Sunday Nov 18, 2007

Enterprise-Quality JSF Components - An Update on Project Woodstock

Screenshot from Woodstock Calendar Component

Progress with Woodstock, in part in preparation for of NetBeans 6.0. First Dick announced the Release of Version 4.1, then Winston announced an updated Visual Web Woodstock Component Theme Builder and More Examples. Also see Dmitry's Architectural Details and Usage.

Woodstock provides Enterprise-Quality JSF components. For more info check: Docs page, Browser and Container Support (including Tomcat), Roadmap and Online Catalog.

Download bundles are here; check the Deployment Page. We encourage your feedback at the USERS mailing list.

Tuesday Aug 21, 2007

JSF News - Quicken Online and Woodstock Builds

Quicken Logo

CNet reports that Intuit is working on Quicken Online and that its building it using JSF. The article reports that Quicken Online will go into limited beta mid-September; it will be interesting to check it out.

On another JSF front, Woodstock is making progress towards a new release and just pushing out Woodstock 4.1 b10. Their website also went through a small rev and it now Incorporates the GF Common Theme.

Added! Also check out this writeup on Creating Themes for Woodstock.

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Woodstock 4.1 Build 9 is out - More JSF Components


Woodstock 4.1 is making progress and it includes new components, including a BubbleHelp and an Accordion - the widget, not the Infamous Instrument. Dick gives an Update on the Build, including instructions for using on NetBeans 6.

I'm not sure how the latest Woodstock will make it into the runtime distributions (like the SDK and the GlassFish Update Center). I'll find out and will report back; in the meantime, enjoy!

Saturday Jul 21, 2007

Faster Loading of Woodstock Components

Picture of Woodstock character from Peanuts

Want to spice up your webapp with some AJAX widgets? Maybe a sortable table? An expandable tree? Or a controllable progress bar?

Then check out Project Woodstock. It provides JSF components which implement all of these widgets and more. Plus, it just got faster.

Previously, Woodstock components were sending a lot of large JavaScript files to clients. The team realized this was a problem--pushing up load times and memory consumption. Their solution? Use smaller files, and less of them. So they now compress the JavaScript, avoid using separate template files, and make just one call for each widget's JavaScript (where previously there were too). See Venky's writeup for details.

Thursday Feb 15, 2007

Woodstock - OpenSource Enteprise-Quality JSF Components

Poster for Original Woodstock

Woodstock is an Open Source library of JSF components that provide modern presentations, including the use of AJAX. Woodstock is used in the new admin UI in GlassFish v2 M4 and it includes a pretty good set of components, as versions of it have been used inside Sun for a while.

The Woodstock project includes Documentation, Downloads and a Roadmap (the current release is 4.0). Live previews are available from the The Samples Page in the Web Developers Resource Center, or directly from the Project Preview Page. For example, here is the Tree Sample.

The Samples Page includes many other samples in addition to Woodstock, including Blueprints, jMaki, DynaFaces and Phobos. Check them out!