Saturday Aug 30, 2008

... Metro and JAXB, Sahoo, NetBeans 6.5, SpringSource, OpenDS, and Wonderland and Blender

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Jitu, a description of how to use JAXBContext in Metro.

From the SDN Team, it is Sahoo's turn to have his 15 Minutes of Fame; check out Janice's Interview where they cover many topics, from working from India, to OSGi.

Davis has a short note showing how to get started with a Servlet App using GFv3 Prelude in NetBeans 6.5.

The ever-observant Adam asks whether SpringSource is Working on EJB 3.1. Not sure if he is reading a bit too much into the tealeaves, or whether somebody had an oops...

From OpenDS community, Terry reports on his OpenDS Access Log Analyzer WebApp, intended for a future putback into OpenDS. And, a very complimentary testimonial about the ease of installation of OpenDS from KR in his OpenDS in 5 Minutes.

And, from Wonderland they have started creating a new, high quality, public world (see WonderBlog and Angad). A nice part is that they are going to be using Blender for the graphics. Blender is an open source tool that seems to be gaining adoption, the results are very good - see for instance the trailer for The Big Buck Bunny. Blender is also a Sun offering at Network.Com/Apps/Blender (thanks to Kevin for the tip).

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008


Wonderland spanpshot

Arguably, the best part of the recent OpenESB/JavaCAPS release is not just the bits but also the very capable field engineers that help out customers around the world. One of them, Jason, has an interesting experiment putting Project Wonderland to work to run a virtual distributed workshop.

Jason's post explains how this offers a sort of private second-life session with sharing of running applications (with participants being able to take control of them). There's even a short video to give you a feel for the end-user experience.

On a related note, the European JavaCAPS (Horizons) user conference in Munich has now a final date and a fairly stable agenda. Registrations are also open.

Update: Louis has his take on the Wonderland experiment.

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

... OpenJDK in Debian, Wotif and OpenMQ, New Bloggers, Wonderland 0.4, Solaris Features

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Barton, confirmation that OpenJDK is in Debian (in Lenny). That makes Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Debian; OpenJDK is also available for RedHat and CentOS. Not bad!

New Sun bloggers: Jacob has started writing about Ruby and Rails as a new engineer in the GLassFish Scripting team, and Michael will provide his Experiences in OpenESB from interactions with its customers. Welcome to both!

Wotif.COM is now a Formal GlassFish Reference, including its use of OpenMQ.

From the WonderBlog an announcement of the Release of Wonderland 0.4.

Joerg has two new multi-part series on Solaris, one covers CacheFS, the other the JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

... OpenJDK Porting Projects; VEGA using Wonderland; JavaFX Reviews;

A compilation of today's news of interest to our readers:

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From the OpenJDK Porting List, two new approved projects: BSD Port and Zero-Assembler project which dispenses with the need of an assembler to improve portability.

Two initial evaluations of the JavaFX SDK Preview. From the InfoWorld Test Center: Via Chhandomay and Java Developers Journal, via JavaFX Blog. Both are positive reviews; let's hope the momentum continues and grows.

From Wonderblog, reports of VEGA using Wonderland in a Virtual Academy. As a recap, wonderland (part of Looking Glass) is a toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds; the standard server-side for it is the wonderland server, which is based on DarkStar, although other back-ends are possible (like the GlassFish-based Underworld project).