Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

GlassFish Wiki has moved

As indicated last month, the GlassFish Wiki now has a new home: (with the shorthand being still valid).

It should look and feel very similar to what you've been used to as this uses the same underlying Confluence software.

The most important change is probably that the Wiki is now Oracle SSO-protected.


While at the time of writing, the older wiki is still accessible, it's going away any day now with redirects to the newer instance. If you have questions or concerns, please email wiki @

Other notable GlassFish-related wikis that have migrated as well include Jersey, UpdateCenter, and IpsBestPractices. With this migration out of the way, I think we're done with Sun->Oracle migrations as far as GlassFish is concerned.

Monday Nov 07, 2011

The Last Migration - GlassFish Wiki is migrating to a new infrastructure ( which is soon going live. The existing wiki URL is going away later this year.

We're keeping Confluence as the wiki engine and redirects will be put in place for this to be as transparent as possible for everyone.


A couple of things that *will* changes :
• editing pages will require authentication using Oracle SSO instead of the now deprecated SDN account.
• attachments will need to be limited to images (png, jpeg and gif) and PDFs only. The consequence of that is that we need to retrofit the existing content. Folks needing to do something should hear directly from me (they already should have in fact).

If you face any issue, feel free to post a comment here or send email to wiki @
Thanks for your help and support on what (I think) is our last sun-to-oracle migration!

Tuesday Jul 06, 2010

GlassFish Wiki has a new home


Together with the forum/mailing-list and the issue tracker, the GlassFish wiki is were the community meets and collaborates on the future of GlassFish. This wiki has moved over the week-end to a new infrastructure on

We anticipate this will provide a robust infrastructure (better uptime) via a great wiki engine (Confluence) and better overall security. While the older content is still available, note that it is now in read-only mode.

The migration of the GlassFish Wiki is now complete. From now on, please use : You'll find a few notes on the migration (FAQ, Wiki syntax, Known issues, ...) here.

Former Sun employees already have an account: / LDAP password.
Oracle employees should apply for an account here.
Other community members should apply for one here (assuming you don't have one already).

We're hoping to see you all on our new wiki!

Friday Aug 08, 2008

OpenSSO Early Access Review Launched

The OpenSSO Project is soliciting feedback on their Early Access Build -- OpenSSO Express Build 5. With the release of this build, community members now have the opportunity to participate in the Early Access (EA) program for Sun's next commercial offering. Review the Early Access documentation and hammer away at Express Build 5! Send your EA feedback to so we can make the product perfect. Thanks in advance!

Thursday Nov 22, 2007

GlasFish Developer FAQ Now Available

Screenshot of Developer FAQ

Gail has announced that there is now a Developer FAQ to complement the User FAQ.

Please contribute your Qs and your As.

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007

JSPWiki and Apache


Interesting news afoot! Dave and Janne report that the JSPWiki commiters have voted to submit JSPwiki to ASF as an incubator project (check out the Manifesto and the Proposal).

JSPwiki is used by the wikis from GlassFish, OpenPortal, OpenDS, Open-ESB and many other sites. JSPWiki is also Integrated with Roller.

It will be interesting to see how the presence of this effort will impact the wiki landscape. I know I'd like to see a very easy-to-install version on GlassFish v3 not too far in the future.

Monday May 21, 2007

Updated WebService comparison wiki

Apache's wiki has a page comparing various Web Services stacks. GlassFish's JAX-WS scores fairly well thanks to the WSIT project (aka Tango) and even better now that the wiki page was updated to reflect the new Spring and JSON support in JAX-WS 2.1.

We need to have some similar comparison for the entire AppServer. Most of the questions we all had at JavaOne were about why GlassFish should be chosen over JBoss, Weblogic, or Tomcat and a comparison chart would help people choose and convince their management. Feel free to contribute! Web Services is just one of the many reasons.

Saturday Mar 31, 2007

GlassFish Wiki has Moved

Let's Get Going Duke

Thanks to Jamey, the GlassFish wiki has moved. The new location is and reflects better its relationship to the community site ( It will also fit better with other community sites we are considering offering.

The old URL, will redirect to the new location but let us know if you see any problems.

The next step is to consolidate all relevant wikis (mostly the TWikis from the "\*" projects) into the new site. After that we will improve the content and presentation in preparation for JavaOne and GlassFish Day.

Friday Mar 09, 2007

Complete Recipe for Running JSPWiki on GlassFish

JSP Wiki Logo

It's no secret that JSPWiki runs well on GlassFish. In fact, it's what we use to run the the project's own wiki.

Others have previously written instructions for running JSPWiki on GlassFish, but it's probably safe to say that none have gone into as much depth as Dennis Gesker. He has just published a complete recipe which documents each step in getting from a blank OS to a working Wiki (including installation of the JDK and GlassFish, database configuration, JSPWiki application deployment, and more).

Wednesday Sep 27, 2006

Additions to GlassFishWiki: Building GlassFish, List of Frameworks and Applications, and more...

Duke for GlassFish V2

We continue to add content to the New GlassFish Community Wiki. The site is not yet officially open (in particular the URLs are not necessarily stable) but the development team is using it regularly for their day-to-day work. Recent additions include updated Build Information, the Extras Catalog (including Frameworks, Applications and Tools) and the Glosssary of CLI Commands.

Feedback on the site can be sent to Wiki mailing list, with the caveat that you may be asked to volunteer :-). Two useful pages are Recent Changes and PageIndex.

Thursday Sep 14, 2006

JSPWiki 2.4.x on GlassFish

JSP Wiki Logo

We use JSPWiki in our GlassFish Wiki and we are a happy customer (BTW, contact us if you Want to Help). We are using the latest JSPWiki (2.4.x); Senthil configured the Wiki on GlassFish V1 and his latest blog describes the installation steps in detail.