Sunday Feb 10, 2008

Week Highlights - Downloads, Liferay, OpenSSO, Jersey, JSF Libraries, Grails, Hyderabad

News Summary - Feb 4th to Feb 10th, 2008

New GF Download Matrix

• GF Adoption - New GeoMap, Download Numbers, StackMe! and Migrating
• And OpenOffice Adoption - Top CNET Download
• OpenSSO - 4TRESS Authentication Module and SDN Interview
• Web.Next - Jersey UC and Client API and Podcast
• JSF - Component Libraries
• New Releases - NB 6.0.1 and Java AppPlatform SDK and SXDE 1/08,
• And More Releases - Grails 1.0 and GlassFish ML
• Misc - Liferay Experience and Sun Tech Days at Hyderabad

Sunday Feb 03, 2008

Week Highlights - CommunityOne, Awards, Jersey, Hudson, MySQL, Liferay...

News Summary - Jan 27th to Feb 3rd, 2008

SF Peninsula

• Community - Last Call for CommunityOne! and Awards Program
&bull Hudson - News Roundup
• Web Services - REST (Jersey and Spring) and JAX-WS Prezo
• Scripting - Vivek's New Job! and Mediacast site Now Built with JRuby
• Deployments - GlassFish in a Zone,
• MySQL - First release of Maria
• Sun - BlackBox is Shipping!
• Future of GlassFish - CheatSheet for v3, Starting with HK2 - Part I and Part II
• Portal - More Comments on LifeRay on GF

Sunday Jan 27, 2008

Week Highlights - IzPack, LifeRay, JRuby, GAP

A slow week; I was still catching up from the Trip to Orlando.

• GF Community - New IzPack Installer and GreenFire
• HowTo - Combining JMX and Management in GlassFish
• New Portal Bundles - Liferay 4.4.0 and GlassFish
• Community Programs - Grants Program and Registration Page
• Web.Next - GlassFish and Ruby Meetup

Monday Jan 21, 2008

Week Highlights - MySQL and Sun, BEA and Oracle, SailFin, Paul Sterk ...

Sakila Balancing Sun's Cube

• Sun and MySQL Welcome Aboard!, Reactions, More Reactions
• Access Control - ANYONE Access, Policy Project, Usng OpenSSO
• Web Services - Maven Plug-in, Jersey 0.5, Tango in Chinese
• Oracle & BEA - Oracle and BEA
• Admin and Mangerment - VisualVM
• Communiy - Paul Sterk, GF @ Hyderabad
• Adoption - Heard on the Web
• Misc - Migrate!, SailFin and NB 6.1

Sunday Jan 13, 2008

Week Highlights - Holidays, Jersey, Metro, SPECweb2005, Production-Ready ...

I've not done a Weekly since Dec 23rd due to the Holiday Break (Bon Nadal!). Many people Took the Break but the is still plenty of content:


• Hudson - News Roundup, Works Like a Charm and You can Help.
• Web.Next - jMaki with Jersey, Social Network Bundle and a RESTful Toolkit
• HowTo - Using Metro, LifeRay, Continuum, Spring 2.5 and Mod_Proxy
• Advocacy - New GUG, Atlanta and Sydney, Comet and Grizzly Slides and the GAP Program
• Adoption - Kind Words, December Stats and GF blogs Around the World
• Ready for Production - Overwiew, Migration and new SPECweb2005 Record
• Future - GFv3 Map, New gem and Podcast, HK2 and NB6 and Sailfin M3
• New Releases - JDK 6 U4 and JSF Components from Woodstock and Manor Rock
• Misc - A Troubleshooting Guide and Reducing CO2

Sunday Dec 23, 2007

Week Highlights - GFv2UR, IzPack, Grizzly, Banking, Debian, Fix-and-Continue

The big news was the Release of GFv2UR1 (Rate it!) but there were many other news:


• Web Services - Dynamic WADL, Metro Releases, JAX-WS Handlers
• Web.Next - jMaki 1.0.3, and GWT
• Community - IzPack ([1], [2]), Debian, Fix-and-Continue, Localization
• Many Releases - Grizzly 1.7, JAXB 2.1.6, Social Network
• Adoption - Banking on GlassFish
• Telco - SailFin Toolin

Sunday Dec 16, 2007

Week Highlights - JPA poll, JRuby on UC, CommunityOne, Metro 1.1, OpenSSO B2

Cookie Jar

• Feedback - JPA Providers, GF Installation Experienc
• Events - Facebook Groups, JW Article, C1 Submissions, GF Day in Sydney
• OpenSSO - Build 2 Available
• Future Previews - Metro 1.1, New GFv3 Builds
• Web Tier - Session Identity for Mobile Devices
• Web.Next - JRuby in the Update Center
• Infrastructure - Shoal Article

Sunday Dec 02, 2007

Week Highlights: GlassFish in Airports, New SCA, FOSS.IN, OpenDS and more

Tomcat-Users Post Graph

• Community: Closing on Tomcat?, New SCA, Hudson Podcast, GF@FOSS.IN
• Real-Life Stories: GF at the Airport
• GF Know-How: SSL, Provisioning, Seam and Maven
• Experimental: Alternate Mac JVM
• Comet: with IceFaces, with DWR
• SailFin: ATT's ECharts
• OpenESB on JavaSE and JBoss; New OpenDS Build

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

Week Highlights - Woodstock, Liferay, Hibernate, SPEC, Mugs, T-Shirts and Turkeys

Hudson Image

• This was ThanksGiving week in the US; need a A Holiday Gift?
• Hudson Recap: Goodies and Happy Users
• Developing GlassFish: New FAQ
• Mix with GF: AspecJ and JXInsight, Hibernate, Facelets and Maven
• Big News: New SPEC Post (more details tomorrow)
• Performance and Adoption: Grizzly and Jetty, OpenSSO, Liferay and GF
• Be Productive: JSF Components, Web Services

Sunday Nov 18, 2007

Week Highlights - OpenSSO, Gartner, Solaris, OpenMQ...

Where is Waldo

• Adoption News: It just works, China, Gartner
• Web Services: Jersey and REST, Metro and SOAP
• Wanted: UpdateCenter Ideas
• Learning: Intro to OpenMQ, JMS 102, GF Book.
• Tips: Where is my Servlet?
• GlassFish v3 Progress: Maven, Mephisto, GFv3 GEM, Java EE 6
• Other: Solaris and Dell

Sunday Nov 11, 2007

Week Highlights - GFv3 Schedule, IPS, Governance Board, JavaFX, ...

Red Hat Logo

• How-Tos: Clustering, Launchd, Metro & JAXB and GF Profiles
• Community - Interviews, RedHat and OpenJDK and Governance Board
• Future Releases - IPS in UC2, GFv3 Schedule and Sailfin Tooling
• Adoption Indicators - New GeoMap, Nuxeo Core and GF and Geronimo
• Web.Next - JavaFX, jMaki Charting, Bayeux/Comet and JAX-RS
• Events - IJTC
• Try this: GlassFish.ORG

Sunday Nov 04, 2007

Week Highlights - GFv2 Schedules and Adoption, GF Events, GF v3 Themes...

USERS@GF Adoption

• GF v2 - UR1 Pulled in, ML released (incl. Spanish)
• GFv3 Planning - Themes and Feedback
• GF Adoption - Jump in Posts, Illuminata Review
• REST in Java Platform - JAX-RS Draft, Jersey 0.4 out
• Authentication with Identity Services Using OpenSSO
• JSP Project Now Live
• Developing SIP Servlets for SailFin Using NB
• Events - Beijing and Ireland

Sunday Oct 28, 2007

(Re)Starting Weekly Highlights for TheAquarium

Radio Receiver Icon

We have such a high volume of posts at TheAquarium that sometimes I worry that key announcements will not be noticed, even with the help of the FrontPage tag. We have talked off and on about addressing this through a weekly and Rich even automated it for a while; I'm now going to try it again.

The plan is that every Sunday I'll post a brief entry with the highlights for the week. The weeklies need to be very brief to be sustainable and to avoid information overload. What makes an entry notable is subjective and time-sensitive and this is an experiment, so please bear with me while I figure how to do this.

Today is the first weekly highlight; the feed for the stream is here.

Week Highlights - GF Book, Bank Adoption, Support ... and more

Jacket of GF Book by Packt

• Details on GFv2 Support - How it Works
• Numera Adopts GFv2 - Banking on GlassFish
• First GlassFish Book Available
• NetApps Lawsuit
XWiki and ICEfaces on GlassFish
• NB 6.0 Beta2 Available and Dual Licensed
• SOAP/TCP + FI deliver Fast WebServices