Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

WebSpace Server Monitoring and Performance

WebSpace Server Homepage

Rajesh and team are hard at work plugging in more JMX monitoring features in WebSpace Server and Liferay (see the detailed proposal). This will give administrators a nice overview of performance metrics, fault diagnostics, and in general keeping WebSpace running smoothly. Speaking of performance, Srikanth has also written up an integration of WebSpace Server with Apache Solr, which is recommended for use with GlassFish clusters. The WebSpace Wiki is a great source of material like this for developers and administrators.

Tuesday Apr 28, 2009

WebSpace Server Developer Tools

Portal Pack

Apologies for neglecting the portal space, after the big release we've been heads down keeping up with demand. However, there are a lot of new happenings in the WebSpace!

There have been several new items in the development space. Cheten has done a nice writeup of support for Liferay Hooks Plugins in WebSpace's Portal Pack. In addition to hooks, work is almost complete on the Theme Builder, allowing custom themes to be developed in NetBeans and deployed to WebSpace Server and Liferay. Combining these with existing features like eventing (Vikas has done a nice writeup on this), you can do all of your WebSpace Server development without leaving the comfort of your IDE.

Also, don't forget that Portal Pack is also supported on Eclipse!

Friday Jan 30, 2009

New IPS (pkg(5) Toolkit - Entitlements and more


Version 2.1 of the IPS-based, multi-platform, package management system is now available for Download. Full details are available in the Release Notes but Tom's announcement lists the highlights and Joe provides an screencast of the features.

Probably the most significant new feature in 2.1 is entitlement support, which will enables us to use it to deliver our commercial products. The first GlassFish product that will use the new release is WebSynergy, now "almost out".

The team is already working on version 2.2 to fixing some bugs and add features / improvements, including some issues I stepped on while trying out the latest JSF Package; I'll try to write about those later in the weekend (... done).

Saturday Nov 29, 2008

New screencast - JavaFX and Amphibious Portlets

Amphibious Portlets

Prashant has developed a very interesting combination of Portlet and JavaFX technologies - Amphibious Portlets. Watch and learn as Prashant shows you how to make JavaFX portlets swim on the WebSynergy desktop and on your OS desktop. Very slick and a very useful combination of enterprise and RIA!

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

WebSynergy Milestone 3 Release


Project WebSynergy continues its march to its first commercial release early next year. Last Friday, the team released its Milestone 3 [download].

Major changes or additions since the last milestone include: GlassFish V2 & V3 bundles, much improved documentation, better samples, WSRP-Database integration, jBPM Workflow support, an OpenOffice plugin, Eclipse support, and tons of new features in Portal Pack in support of WebSynergy features. This will be the last Milestone before the upcoming commercial release.

Check out Rajesh on WSRP 2.0 (now part of the App Platform SDK), Jennifer on M3, and Siddesh on setting up WebSynergy with Oracle.

WebSynergy has enjoyed some positive press recently. David Heffelfinger wrote up a nice piece on WebSynergy and OpenPortal. Kristian on WebSynergy: portal development renewed. Last but not least, Sun was once again recognized as a Leader in Gartner's Portal Magic Quadrant. Also, don't miss GlassFish Day on Thursday. We'll be there!

Monday Oct 06, 2008

Groovy portlet support and WebSynergy


WebSynergy and the associated Portal Pack 3.0 continue to add features as part of its partnership with Liferay. Frerk Meyer in a recent blog post talks about the addition of Groovy support in Portal Pack, which allows one to write JSR 286 portlets in Groovy and deploy to WebSynergy. Satya provides More detail about Portal Pack 3.0 and its multiple language support for portlet authoring.

WebSynergy already supports Ruby and PHP. Stay tuned for more support as newer community and stable builds of WebSynergy [download] and Portal Pack [download] are released.

Friday Sep 26, 2008

WebSynergy Community Build 5 Available!


Hot on the heels of SB2, WebSynergy continues its cadence of builds with the latest, Project WebSynergy Community Build 5 [download].

This build incorporates additional samples, a bridge between JSR 286 events and the built-in services (e.g. the activities service), WSRP improvements, jBPM workflow integration into SAW, and a first cut of SWA. On the development side, Portal Pack 3.0 has a new download page and updated NetBeans and Eclipse plugins.

A few articles have been written recently: Maruthi on Presence (and a screencast), Allan on Q&A on Message Boards, and Mahipal on i18n.

Can't wait to see the next Stable Build (3) !

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

... Rails vs Merb, Securing WebApps, Fast Deployments, Compass 2.1, Localizing WebSynergy, IM and Cisco and CDN and Amazon

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

At MindBucket Paul provides a comparison of the (single-client) performance of Rails vs Merb. Rails is the incumbent in Ruby frameworks; Merb is a very interesting newcomer. Merb is thread-safe, and so will be Rails 2.0, but the comparison does not consider concurrency so that should be a key issue. The comparison includes numbers on GlassFish Server (and stay tuned for more fine-tuning for that case).

From the NetBeans team, a Tutorial on Securing WebApps using Role-Based authentication. The tutorial has detailed step-by-step instructions using NetBeans 6.5 and GlassFish Server.

Ludo addresses Rapid Deployment of Apps on GlassFish in a thread at the GlassFish Users Forum Also hints at future improvements (teaser!).

Shay reports that Compass 2.1 M3 is now available with improved GlassFish support.

From Mahipalsinh an explanation of how to Localize WebSynergy, so you can do it for your favorite language.

And, on the section of important Industry News, Cisco buys Jabber, which should provide integrated IM in their offerings, and Amazon launches CDN service, a la Akamai, LimeLight and others. One of the nice things of working in this industry, it is never boring!

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

Project WebSynergy SB2 is out! SB3 Cooking..

WebSynergy Desktop

Project WebSynergy Stable Build 2 [download] is now available! This build represents a significant milestone for the team and establishes a lot of the groundwork for the future features. In addition, summer vacations and name searches have delayed us somewhat, but we are very close to getting the external community site established (see my detailed blog post for details).

Future features include exposing more Presence features, authorization and identity-based content delivery via OpenSSO integration, expanded CMS features, and IPS/Update Center support ( making a v3 module). Development tools for WebSynergy are also rapidly evolving to track the latest features in WebSynergy: Portal Pack Milestone 1 for NetBeans 6.5 is now out.

The project is shaping up to really be a revolution in Sun portal. Nice work!

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

WSRP 2.0, WebSynergy and Roadmap


The OpenPortal WSRP team have integrated their WSRP 2.0 consumer into Liferay Portal. This feature has been highly anticipated since WSRP 1.0 support was pulled earlier this year due to complexities related to JSR 286/Portlet Container support.

This feature allows apps hosted on remote sites to be presented through the Liferay portal desktop. In addition, a new WSRP Consumer Administration app has been added. Rajesh shows example of how to use it in his recent blog entry. You can also check out the JIRA tracking issue.

In the more general portal space, Project WebSynergy should be launching its external site in concert with its next Stable Build (SB2), due out in the next few days. I have written a detailed description of the intended community structure, and roadmap and will continue to keep you updated on our progress!

Thursday Jul 24, 2008

WebSynergy with OpenSSO on GlassFish

We announced WebSynergy at JavaOne; we were expecting to launch the public site with transparent builds shortly after that but the end of (our fiscal) year and the summer have slowed us down. I think we will soon be able to show public progress; in the meantime we are making internal progress, together with the Liferay team and with add-ons.


As an example of the type of synergy across our projects, Ajit describes how to Integrating WebSynergy with OpenSSO on GFv3, showing how to download and assemble the pieces and how to configure OpenSSO. Of course, the actual Sun product would come with good ease-of-use for all these, and other, pieces.

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

The GlassFish-Based MiddleWare Stack - So Far...

To celebrate the announcement of OpenSSO Express, here is an updated list of Sun products that build directly on GlassFish Server - let me know if I'm missing any.


Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server, (GlassFish For Business, HADB)
SJS Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP at TA)
SailFin (Sailfin at TA, PR)
Web Synergy
ESB Suite (Open ESB), Sun MDM Suite (Mural) and Java CAPS
Federated Access Manager (OpenSSO)

Friday Jul 18, 2008

Liferay 5.1.0 - with Project WebSynergy and GlassFish v3


Yesterday, Liferay released version 5.1.0 of Liferay Portal [download]. This latest release incorporates a number of new features, including features and bugfixes contributed from Project WebSynergy (e.g. the portlet container). Future releases will continue to incorporate components such as Mirage CMS API into Liferay Journal, WSRP 2.0, SAW, and presence components (all of which are present in the foundation of Project WebSynergy).

As of 5.1.0, Liferay is now bundled with GlassFish v2 and GlassFish v3 [Download Now]! It's a lightweight (33% reduction in size), platform-neutral download that demonstrates the power and modularity of GlassFish v3, with a real-world app. Kudos to the Sun and Liferay team!

Friday Jul 11, 2008

JSR 286, Portlet Container, and GlassFish/WebSynergy


Recent developments in Project WebSynergy: both WebSynergy and Liferay Portal now share an identical Portlet Container [download]. This should enhance portability when dealing with optional portlet features, as well as making migration from previous Sun Portal releases easier.

There is also a nice article at TSS on JSR 286 features. JSR 286 was recently approved, and is supported by WebSynergy and Liferay Portal. Manish goes into greater detail in his blog.

What's also good to see are references to GlassFish (Ok, they still call it App Server, but the link is good) at the bottom of the article.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Project WebSynergy gathers momentum

WebSynergy Community

Project WebSynergy has enjoyed a couple of recent positive developments: First, Adam Bien is a consultant and book author and has blogged about GlassFish in the past. Recently Adam blogged about the prospects of WebSynergy becoming the killer GlassFish Portal Server - I happen to share this outlook. He was right about GlassFish being the Killer AppServer after all!

Second, Sandeep headed up an effort to get some university students engaged with Sun's open source communities and projects - specifically, GlassFish, WebSynergy (and its NetBeans components). It was a big success, and as part of the larger GlassFish Community, students submitted their project as GAP entries. In addition, this project garnered awareness in their respective academic groups. Kudos to the teams!