Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Introducing Oswald@Work - Kai Seidler's New Blog


Kai "Oswald" Seidler recently joined the Web Stack team and he has just started a new blog: Oswald@Work. The first two entries are factual and short: Perl now supports DTrace and PHP 5.3 and osCommerce. Welcome to BSC, Kai!

BTW, I noticed that there is a new MacOS X version of XAMPP available. We are still working on the relationship between XAMPP and our Web Stack.

Friday Aug 21, 2009

News from the Web Stack: Update Center install and Django

IPS WebStack screencast

Jeff's blog entry on installing Web Stack using IPS (a new feature in 1.5) now has a screencast version (4 min. ogg format, use Firefox 3.5 or VLC 1.0), courtesy of Brian. The GlassFish Web Stack (see recent 1.5 release) uses the same packaging technology as the GlassFish App Server and as OpenSolaris (where the technology initially came from).

IPS, also known as pkg(5), offers a packaging system and tools (both command-line and graphical) to install and manage images. Check the IPS tag for more coverage (mainly applied to GlassFish AS).

Earlier in the week Brian had also posted a detailed entry on how to setup Django using WebStack on Solaris, together with a screencast (also in .ogg format). This one uses the "native" Python implementation and the Apache web server. For details on how to run Django with Jython on GlassFish, visit Vivek's blog which has all the details for you (the GlassFish v3 update center now has a jython container available as an add-on).

Also don't forget that Hudson is now part of the GlassFish Web Stack and thus now a supported product.

Sunday Aug 09, 2009

Kai 'Oswald' Joins the WebStack Team


More good news around the WebStack team: Kai 'Oswald' Seidler, of Apache Friends and XAMPP fame, has joined the team - see Kai's post (German, mock-english). XAMPP is one of the (the?) most popular WAMP Distros (see Google Trend), and Kai will now be able to work full-time on it.

I talked with Kai a few months ago and enjoyed our phone chat a lot but, unfortunately, I was away when he visited Santa Clara recently (photo gallery). One of the topics during the trip was how to leverage the WebStack and the XAMPP efforts; stay tuned for news on that.

Welcome to the team, Kai!

Thursday Aug 06, 2009

Managing Your Apache Web Server - More on WebStack Enterprise Manager


Sun's supported (L)AMP distribution, the GlassFish WebStack, was released last week and the team has several new posts on the new Enterprise Monitor for Apache:

• Irfan covers Dashboard and Analytics and Navigation Views and Recent Alerts.
• Jeff has an in-depth post on Monitoring Apache Server with Web Stack
• Brian shows how to apply the tool in The Enterprise Manager and memcached
• Amit shows the tool in action through a (silent) screencast.

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

Hudson Commercial Support From Sun


Kohsuke and I have been hinting at this for a while (and we pre-announced it at JavaOne) and now it is official: reflecting the continued growth of Hudson Adoption, Sun now provides Commercial Support for Hudson.

Formally speaking, the offer is part of the Recently Announced WebStack 1.5 and you buy it via the GlassFish Portfolio Offering. In a nutshell, we are providing sustaining support, with priority treatment for bug fixes filed by customers. We also can provide consultative support for people interested in, say, creating private plugins or improving their internal Agile processes. Kohsuke has collected all the key pointers into this Summary Page.

Additional links include the Features in the Offer, Terms of Support (bottom of main page) and Service-Level Agreement (bottom of main page). As always, we appreciate your feedback to help us continue to improve Hudson and Sun's offerings.

Added - Reports from the web:

• Our team in Hungary

Sunday Aug 02, 2009

GlassFish WebStack... Helping With Outage


I see that Kaj mentioned the (GlassFish) WebStack when telling the story of the MySQL.Com Outage.

One of the main benefits of the WebStack is that all the pieces work very well together, so that was one less thing to worry about; the electrical woes were stressful enough...

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

WebStack 1.5 - Your (L)AMP Stack

Sun's LAMP support is assembled from two pieces: the L is from our Linux/GNU Support (see SunSolve entry), while the AMP comes from the GlassFish WebStack, which, in its latest incarnation includes Apache HTTP Server, lighttpd, memcached, MySQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Squid, Tomcat, GlassFish (v2.1) and Hudson (features).

The inclusion of Hudson is a bit of an opportunistic move (more on that in a bit), the rest comprises a well tested, integrated, optimized, and extended component stack for your new and old Web Apps.

The WebStack can be downloaded here; the bundle includes the WebStack Enterprise Manager, which, unlike the other components, is not free right-to-use but rather is available with an eval license; this is a model like that of the GlassFish Enterprise Manager. The current release supports RHEL, Solaris and OpenSolaris (it is bundled in OpenSolaris); for additional details, check out the Documentation and Discussion Forum.

Check out these posts from the WebStack team:


• Brian's Announcement
• CVR's Announcement and Overview.
• CVR's note on two key properties: Fully Relocatable, and Updatable.
• Jiri on Installation and Overview.
• Sriram on Installing AMP stack within GlassFish Web Stack 1.5.
• Irfan on the Enterprise Manager's Navigation Panel.
• Jeff on Installing via IPS tools.