Sunday Sep 06, 2009

JSR 299 and 330 progress in latest GlassFish v3

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As previously reported last month, JavaEE 6 will include JSR330 and JSR299. Roger Kitain already has a simple yet detailed blog entry on using JCDI (JSR 299, ex-WebBeans) in GlassFish. He walks through JSF 2.0 and JSR 299/JSR 330 code. You'll see there @Inject, @Qualifier, @SessionScoped, @ApplicationScoped, all in action.

If you're curious enough to test this sample, I would recommend using NetBeans 6.8 M1 - register a recent GlassFish v3 build (promoted build web 62 for instance), create a Web Application with Java EE 6 as the platform level and copy paste the various pieces. No further settings are required.

Overall, this shows progress since Cay's previous entry on the topic. Other posts on similar topics are marked with the "jsr299" and "jsr330" tags. Keep an eye on Roger's blog for more entries on this topic.

Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

Cay on WebBeans and JSF, on GlassFish v3 Preview


Cay is updating his Core JSF book and is taking WebBeans (JSR299) for a spin. His most recent post writes covers Conversation scope and access to stateful session beans from JSF pages. Cay used GlassFish v3 Preview (after updating to the latest JSF components); except for one example where he had to use JBoss 5.1.0 GA because we have not yet implemented some pieces of WebBeans. (see his comment about startup times :-))

Check out Cay's Note and you may also want to check Pete Muir's Webinar with SlideCast from May 19th.

Tuesday May 26, 2009

WebBeans Webinar - Now Available as SlideCast


I have uploaded the recordings from last Monday's Webinar on WebBeans. This includes FLV, MP3 and also SlideCast, which allows you to skip to the sections you are most interested. The broadcast was interrupted and restarted several times; I recombined the recorded segments and it worked fairly well except for a couple of slides at the end.

In the last weeks Bob (@Guice) and Rod (@Spring) have announced a new @Inject JSR; see the links at the Show Page for (plenty of) discussion on the relationship with WebBeans.

Saturday Apr 25, 2009

WebBeans/JSR299/JCDI - This week's Webinar


This week's webinar is on JSR 299, born as WebBeans but now tentatively named Java Context and Dependency Injection. The webinar will be given by Pete Muir (at Red Hat) who is the implementation lead for Seam and WebBeans; check out his recent posts on the availability of the First preview of Web Beans and on the State of Seam.

The presentation on Thursday, April 30th, 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.

Sunday Mar 15, 2009

Seam-Gen Now Supports GlassFish. And First Beta of JSR299


Dan had previously made Seam work with GlassFish but he now has woven the changes back (with extra functionality) into the Seam Project. Thanks, Dan! Specially appreciated is the support for RH (JBoss 5/RichFaces) and non-RH technologies (GlassFish Server/ICEfaces).

Also newsworthy is the First Beta of JSR299, with a promised Seam bridge.

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From Ajax Push to JSF 2.0: ICEfaces on GlassFish, Ted Goddard, March 12th, 2009.
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Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

JSR 299 (nee WebBeans) Public Review is Approved by the JCP


The Executive Committee for EE/SE has approved the Public Review for JSR 299 (see JSR 299 - WebBeans is Dead. Long Live Java Contexts and Dependency Injection!).

The vote was 14 YES and 2 ABSTAIN - see Ballot Results. The voters raised a number of concerns but they all recognized the big recent improvements. Good progress!

PS. Bean Validation (JSR 303) was also approved with the same vote but with no significant technical comments. See Ballot Results.

Sunday Jan 25, 2009

JSR 299 - WebBeans is Dead. Long Live Java Contexts and Dependency Injection!

Although I already mentioned the News on Friday I think it deserves its own entry with a more noticeable title.


WebBeans is no more; the specification created by the JSR 299 Expert Group (under Gavin King) has been revised substantially and has been renamed to Java Context and Dependenty Injection. Perhaps a less catchy name but, as Gavin indicates, this has been done... better reflect the fact that the focus of 299 is the definition of services that apply to all EE component types, rather than the creation of a new component model

Check out Gavin's announcement for an overview and download the draft from the PRD page. Also check out Roberto's commentary. The PR for 299 ends on Feb 9th, the EC vote is Feb 6th to the 9th.

Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

Public Review Drafts of JSF 2.0, Servlet 3.0 and JCA 1.6 Approved by the JCP

A quick update: the JCP SE/EE EC has approved all the Java EE 6 specs in the first batch of votes mentioned in our Jan 6th Report:


Vote results for JSF 2.0 (Ed Burns & Roger Kitain, JSR 314, @TA )
Vote results for Servlet 3.0 (Rajiv Mordani, JSR 315, @TA )
Vote results for JCA 1.6 (Binod PG & Sivakumar Thyagarajan, JSR 322, @TA )

EJB 3.1 (results) and JPA 2.0 (results), were approved previously; Bean Validation, WebBeans will go to vote on Feb 3rd.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Java EE 6 - JCP Update...

During the break, I noticed that the Bean Validation spec had gone into Public Review Draft. That spec is the last of the batch being considered for JavaEE 6. Below is a full list based on a pass through JCP (will adjust if I missed any); all of them are either in PRD or past it; the only exception is Java EE 6 itself (JSR 316) which, by definition, lags them all.


• WebBeans (Gavin King, JSR 299, @TA )
• Bean Validation (Emmanuel Bernard, JSR 303, @TA )
• JSF 2.0 (Ed Burns & Roger Kitain, JSR 314, @TA )
• Servlet 3.0 (Rajiv Mordani, JSR 315, @TA )
• JPA 2.0 (Linda DeMichiel, JSR 317, @TA )
• EJB 3.1 (Ken Saks, JSR 318 @TA )
• JCA 1.6 (Binod PG & Sivakumar Thyagarajan, JSR 322, @TA )

Some of these specs have already been voted on: EJB 3.1 (results) and JPA 2.0 (results); for some others the vote starts on Jan 6th: JCA 1.6, Servlet 3.0, JSF 2.0, and a last batch starts on Feb 3rd: Bean Validation, WebBeans.

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Two For One - Seam and GlassFish AND Seam and Java EE 6


As Announced Previously, tomorrow tomorrow (Nov 20th) we will cover Seam Framework and GlassFish in our webinar slot, but we will now have two presentations back-to-back.

First, at 11:00 am Pacific Time, Dan Allen (Mr. Seam in Action) will present the Seam Framework. Then, at noon PT he will be joined by Ken Saks (EJB 3.1) and Roger Kitain (JSF 2.0) for a an informal discussion on WebBeans and Seam.

Hope to see you tomorrow online. Full details are described here.

Sunday Nov 16, 2008

Nov 20th Webinar - Seam Framework and GlassFish Server


Our next webinar is on Seam Framework and the GlassFish Server this Thursday, Nov 20th. We are switching (back) to a 11:00 am Pacific Time.

The bulk of the webinar will be a presentation by Dan Allen, the author of Manning's Seam in Action and of the Mojave Linux blog. I am trying to include at least one demo and perhaps also an informal discussion on WebBeans and its companion specs (EJB 3.1 and JSF 2.0). Details will be available at the Show Wiki Page as they are finalized.

Friday Nov 07, 2008

Seam 2.1 and GlassFish


The latest release of the Seam Framework (2.1) now formally Supports GlassFish. Dan Allen will give a Webinar on November 20th on the topic (you may want to add it to your calendar), but another member of the Seam community, Jay, has written a nice note showing more examples.

Seam is related to WebBeans, which just released its Public Draft; the exact relationship is Described here.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

WebBeans Public Draft is Now Available - Also Pencil in a Webinar


Gavin, the expert lead for the JSR 299 Expert Group, has announced the First Public Draft of WebBeans (Download Page).

You may also want to pencil in November 20th, when Dan Allen (of Seam in Action fame) is scheduled to present about Seam, WebBeans and GlassFish at TheAquarium Channel

Tuesday Jun 06, 2006

JSR 299 Review Ballot - the JCP Approves the WebBeans JSR

JCP logo

The Executive Comitee for Java EE/SE has approved the WebBeans JSR (submission request, ballot). WebBeans was submitted by JBoss with the endorsement of Borland, Google, JBoss, Oracle, Sun and Sybase.

The submission specifically lists EJB 3.0, JSF 1.2, JBoss Seam, Struts Shale and Oracle ADF as contributed technologies, and lists the tentative final release as April 2008.

JBoss active engagement in the JCP is very good for the Java Community. I believe this can be a very useful JSR, and I look forward to its progress. Like with JBoss Seam, we hope to track its development closely in Project GlassFish.