Saturday Mar 14, 2009

Atmosphere 0.1 - Portable Comet For GlassFish, Tomcat, Grizzly, Jetty and more


JFA has Announced the first release of Atmosphere, a portable framework for Comet applications. This release supports Grizzly, GlassFish, Tomcat and Jetty.

The key abstractions are AtmosphereHandler and AtmosphereEvent. Also see the JavaDocs and the Chat and Flickr samples. To get started, you can download the CPR and Samples. Also useful is JFA's Devoxx Presentation.

PS. AtmosphereHandler used to be called Grizzlet; the rename is to clearly indicate the relationship to Atmosphere and its portability beyond Grizzly-based containers.

Friday Aug 08, 2008

SocialSite Launch


SocialSite was formally launched yesterday (although it is not part of the Beijing Olympics :-). SocialSite (Home Page, TheAquarium) provides an OpenSource set of Widgets and Web Services that can be used to add Social Networking features to existing web sites and applications.

SocialSite has a very flexible architecture; the social network lives alongside the existing site/app which can be written in anything - see this Screencast. Check out Dave's Announcement; we already have Downloads, Installation Instructions and Code Repository (SVN), but stay tuned for further details.

SocialSite is part of the GlassFish community and will follow its transparency and openness policies.

Monday May 12, 2008

SocialSite Screencast


Check out this short Screencast for an overview of Project SocialSite, the new GlassFish project that we announced last week.

The project decouples the Java-based server side and the client, and, through the OpenSocial API, enables the addition of Social Gadgets to your web site or application.

Thanks to Jamey and Dave for the tip.

Wednesday May 07, 2008

Project WebSynergy - Liferay and GlassFish Deliver a Modern Web Portal


Sun has joined the Liferay Community to develop a common Web presentation platform that incorporates portal and integration technologies from Liferay and from OpenPortal, GlassFish, OpenSSO and other related projects (Press Release, FAQ@Liferay, FAQ@OpenPortal).

The collaboration actually started a while ago and Liferay 5.0 (Download) already includes Portlet 2.0, WSRP and OpenSSO support. Future technologies will include Mirage CMS, SAW and others...

WebSynergy is closely related to the current and future evolution of GlassFish; to formally recognize that, we will formally add OpenPortal to the larger GlassFish community.

An early version of WebSynergy based on Liferay 5.0, GlassFish v3, and MySQL is Now Available (also see screencast).

Several of the key community members have written about WebSynergy; check out:

• Brian @ Liferay - Liferay and Sun
• James @ OpenPortal - Sun/Liferay Initiative
• Prashant - Inter-Widget communication in cross-platform widgets

Wednesday Jan 16, 2008

MySQL Reaction Summary - Very Positive

The reaction to Sun's Intended Acquisition of MySQL ( Jonathan's blog, Video) is very positive at the end of this first day. Some of the references are:


• Traditional Press - NetworkWorld, Forbes, Guardian, The Register, ComputerWorld, InformationWeek, NY Times, WSJ, PC World, CNet News and many more.

• Analysts and Bloggers - O'Reilly, Kaj, Simon, Dana Gardner, ReadWriteWeb, Open Source Solutions, Alex Fletcher, Rod Johnson and many more, including uncountable Entries @ BSC

• Discussions - TheServerSide ([1], [2], [3]), Slashdot,

I'll confess I'm slightly (but very pleasantly) surprised at the percentage of positive reactions this soon after the announcement. Also at the number of places where GlassFish is mentioned and how often the deal is compared favorably to Oracle's Acquisition of BEA.

On a personal note, I'm typing this from Orlando where MySQL has an all-employee meeting. Several of us flew here Tuesday evening for today's announcement and to talk with people. We had already met several individuals while preparing for the deal but this is a great opportunity to meet many more folks.

I'm enjoying the visit a lot; the cultures of the two companies are very compatible and yet we can learn a lot from each other. One area that MySQL does better is dealing with "isolated" employees; MySQL is geographically very distributed and there is not much a sense of "HQ" vs "non-HQ" - everybody is in a more equal footing than at Sun. I think the deal is going to work very well at many levels.

PS. At left is Sakila, the mascot of MySQL. She is a dolphin, not a fish :-)

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

Welcome Aboard, MySQL!


Breaking News! MySQL will be part of the Sun family!

MySQL (the M in LAMP) is extremely popular in new "Web 2.0" applications. For example MySQL is #4 at behind Firefox, Subversion and Apache, and ahead of PHP. Adoption is strong even in the enterprise: 6 out of our 13 Adoption Stories use MySQL.

We are all extremely excited about the possibilities; both for developers and for deployers. We will keep you posted of developments as they happen. Fun times ahead!

Thursday May 24, 2007

Mephisto on GlassFish v3 (and other notes on Ruby on Rails)

Screenshot of Mephisto on GlassFish

Arun has posted a nice set of write-ups on how to use jRuby and Rails on GlassFish, including Getting Started with RoR and several Hello Worlds: basic, RoR with a database and RoR with a database in a WAR.

His last two blogs have started to move info GlassFish v3 - check his jRuby Tutorial overview, and then how to run Mephisto on v3

The feedback so far is very positive ... and even simpler approaches are cooking....

Wednesday May 16, 2007

SWDP Release 2 Now Available - Web.Next for GlassFish

A photo of a toolbox

A bit lost in the noise of JavaOne was the announcement of the Release of SWDP R2. This is a bundle (home page, download page) of a several key Web 2.0 technologies that can work on Java containers, including Tomcat and GlassFish.

The technologies include: jMaki, Dynamic Faces, Phobos, WADL, Rome, and Rome Propono. Also included are some Java APIs for REST which were the original submission on JSR-311; and check Paul's recent blog for a report on how that is going...

Tuesday Mar 27, 2007

Something Weird Happening at Sun

Weird Al - Classic Look

Arun's TSSJS Day 3 reports on an instant poll taken by Joe. To the question: "How satisfied are you with Sun?", the answer was:

Very satisfied- 20%
Somewhat satisfied- 48%
Neutral- 23%
Somewhat dissatisfied- 6%
Very dissatisfied- 3%

This is very positive, specially for TSSJS as it tends to be a Sun-skeptical crowd. Joe even said that "There is something weird happening at Sun", talking in a positive tone about Sun's support for PHP, JRuby and other scripting languages.

Thursday Mar 22, 2007

GlassFish Day Registration is Now Open

Logo for CommunityOne

Time to act! We told you to reserve May 7th, 2007 and gave you Extra Warnings. The registration for GlassFish Day is now open: go to the new Community One page and register for free before it fills up.

There will be multiple tracks, covering GlassFish, OpenSolaris, NetBeans, OpenJDK, Web 2.0, and more. Some details are still changing: here is the latest version of the GlassFish Track.