Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

Fast Directory Deployment in GlassFish

A River Meander

The Servlet specification describes how to deploy a Web Application as a WAR file but most AppServers, GlassFish included, support deployment from an (expanded) directory.

Directory deployment allows fast and easy detection of file changes and thus can lead to an improved deployment experience. Which is what Vance has been doing for NetBeans 6.1 and GlassFish v2.1 combination.

Check out the description of the new functionality, first through Debug Tracing and then via Some Commentary. I belive this is available now in the corresponding nightly builts, but I need to check.

Monday Feb 04, 2008

Sparky's AlterEgo is a Black Horse - GlassFish Downloads in Dec 07 and Jan 08

TSS recently had a thread on Oracle Buying BEA based on a post by Rod Johnson where he described Glassfish as "a dark horse" (after Oracle and IBM) in the AppServer race. Download Numbers were mentioned but I didn't have the latest stats for GlassFish handy.

A Photo of a Black Horse

I just got the Dec and January numbers:

• GlassFish AppServer: Dec 07 - 440K, Jan 08 - 460K
• GlassFish AppServer, excluding NB downloads: Dec 07 - 135K, Jan 08 - 160K
All Downloads from GF community: Dec 07 - +460K, Jan 08 - +500K

As a reference, based on the statistics from SourceForge, for JBoss:

• JBoss AppServer: Dec 07 - 85K, Jan 08 - 92K
All Downloads from JBoss.org: Dec 07 - 170K, Jan 08 - 179K

Caveats - these are completed downloads (not just attempted); I'm undercounting a few categories to be conservative; I didn't count all the artifacts as we have not automated this; I only have access to downloads from Sun.COM and Java.Net sites; hopefully I'm looking at the right place for JBoss stats - if not, I'm sure somebody will let me know :-).

Anyhow, like always, this and other indicators are just an approximation to adoption, but all our indicators show a very positive trend.

PS. Wikipedia is always fun; while looking for an image for a Dark Horse I learned that truly Black Horse is very rare, and that Friesian Horses are a good example, and that their ancestors were good War Horses; which, somehow, seems apropos :-)

Friday Feb 23, 2007

OpenSSO adds Active Directory support to its Configurator

Thumbs Up Duke

Dennis is the tech lead for OpenSSO, and just about the hardest working guy I know (460 commits last time I looked - almost certainly more by now!).

Anyway - Dennis just blogged that the OpenSSO WAR Configurator now supports Active Directory as a datastore. Explanation: You install OpenSSO by just deploying the WAR file into a suitable container - just about any servlet container will do, though some work better than others. When you first go to OpenSSO's URL, it detects that it has not yet been configured and shows the Configurator page.

OpenSSO can use a variety of repositories for its configuration data (separately from the choice of user repository or authentication method). We have supported flat files and Sun Java System Directory Server for some time now; we just added support for Active Directory.

So - if you're curious, go download OpenSSO and give it a whirl.