Monday Aug 10, 2009

VMware to Acquire SpringSource


Further consolidation in the industry: VMware is acquiring SpringSource; see S2's Announcement (website is down; can't take the load?) and TSS Post.

The Press Conference is in an hour or so (3:30pm PT); maybe more details then.


• The CTOs/CEOs speak: Rod (website down, can't take the load?) and Steve Harrod (VMware CTO).
• The usual pundits in the press: Darry Taft @eWeek, Paul Krill@Infoworld, Gavin Clarke @ ElReg.
   (I'll confess I'm puzzled - how can these guys not mention the impact on Oracle/Sun in these pieces?... sigh!)

Added - The "morning after" analysis is significantly better and worth commenting:

Cote@RedMonk - A good analysis emphasizing the public / private cloud possibilities, and the possible Java leadership angles. Let's see what Oracle does with its new assets when they get them...
Jay Lyman@451Group - A reasonable piece pointing out the industry moves.
Matt Assay@TheOpenRoad - Points out the increased pressure on RedHat - I agree, I think they will get acquired "soon" - and argues that S2's valuation would be much higher in a short time - I disagree, I think this is as good as they can get, although Hyperic was a very good move on their part.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

Virtual Image for GlassFish WebSpace Server


Several teams at Sun have collaborated to put together a Virtual Machine Template for the GlassFish WebSpace Server. The image is available in a number of formats for VirtualBox (OVF, VDI) and for VMware Workstation (VMDK) and VMware Server ESX (VMDK) and bundles WebSpace, GlassFish, MySQL, and a JeOS prototype of OpenSolaris.

With this image the evaluation of WSS is very easy: I already had VBox so I first downloaded the OVF Image; then I imported it and accepted its Configuration Panel, started it, read the end point URL from the VBox Console, pointed my browser there and followed the link in the Image Start Page to the WebSpace Welcome Page.

More details at Gabor's Announcement and in the Documentation Page.

Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Hudson Update - Perforce and VMWare Plugins, and More Happy Users

More Hudson Plugins and Adopters.

Perforce ogo

New plugins include those for Perforce, ClearCase, Cobertura, FindBugs, Task Scanner and VMWare; all delivered by the Hudson community - check Kohsuke's notes here and here.

New public instances seen at OpenDS, OCTO Technology, OpenJFX, SourceLabs and Amazon Fresh. And reports from happy customers include Gertjaan,, and Ed Gibbs.

Kohsuke, you guys need to put together a Hudson T-shirt! CafePress makes it very easy to set up; the per-unit price is not the best, but it works very well for one-offs. See GlassFish or Angry Build Cop.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

Virtualization is Hot, $957M Hot! - Initial Offering for VMWare

Bunch of pretty Green Squares

If there was any doubt about how hot Virtualization is, check this Bloomberg Report on the initial offering for VMWare for US$ 957M.

Virtualization is happening at multiple layers in the hardware/software stack. At the bottom we have things like the Sun's ldoms - see this screencast of how to boot 64 Solaris domains on the recently launched UltraSPARC T2. Higher up we have things like Xen and VMWare.

Virtualization is a complex landscape; I'll ask Tim for a pointer to a good short description comparing and contrasting the solutions, the wikipedia entry is particularly unhelpful.