Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

... GF v3 Prelude One Pager, Author! Author!, GFv3 Logging, VirtualBox at Amazon, New Shoal, Windows News

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Masoud is ahead of us! Check out his One-Pager on GlassFish v3 Prelude. The actual release of GFv3 Prelude will be split into two parts: the bits will go out this week but the special webinar is not until next week, on November 6th.

Packt Publishing is looking for an author to write a new book focused on the administration features in GlassFish server to complement their Java EE5 Development using GlassFish Application Server. Check out the Authors info, and contact Kshipra Singh (kshipras at packtpub dot com) if interested.

Carla writes about Logging features in GlassFish v3 Prelude. Overall, logging in GFv3 will now use the JDK logging facility but not all features are implemented yet, so check on Carla's writup to see the details and plans.

Shoal is getting close to the 1.1 release, as part of the preparations for GFv2.1 and Sailfin. Check out Changelog, Shreedhar's Summary Note, and Download Page.

VirtualBox is now available for retail purchase at (not in the US store, though). It's not yet a best seller; as of this writing, it is ranked 15,244 - let's see how if it goes up...

Plenty of Microsoft news aligned with PDC 2008. There is now a pre-Beta Windows 7 that includes plenty of consumer-friendly features like improved navigation and taskbars and multi-touch gestures, as well as lightweight, web-friendly versions of Office products. They have also announced their Cloud offering, Azure, but I've not had much time to check it except to note that Yousef is involved. On a more techie side, Rajeev reports that MS will add SAML 2 Support, which is good news for OpenSSO et al.

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

xVM Launch Recap

Yesterday was the launch of Sun's xVM portfolio. This is a big deal for Sun and I think it will also have an impact in the industry; it is nice to see all these pieces starting to fall in place. I'll just provide a bit of context and let you follow the links.


There are 4 pieces to the portfolio: xVM Server, a bare-metal hypervisor that is easy to manage, xVM Ops Center, an "internet-scale" (i.e. oogles of machines) management product for it, xVM VirtualBox, virtualization on your desktop/laptop, and xVM VDI, virtualization of Desktops.

The Launch Site does a good job; it includes the customary interviews with execs (but not just Sun, also Microsoft, Intel and CSC Financial Services), plus demos and overviews of all the key pieces. Also see SDN News.

Sun and MS are working together again - like they did with Metro - and they have agreed to interoperability between their Virtualization offerings - see the xVMBlog and reports at OStatic and BusinessWire. The press has done a pretty good coverage of the general launch, see InternetNews, VNUnet, TheWhir, TradingMarkets.

There are many other blogs on this at BSC, hopefully all tagged as xVM.

Added - Reflections and thank-yous Steve; the HPC watercooler folks Do a Recap that points to the community site at OpenxVM.ORG; and Marc writes about the Implications of xVM for HPC; the VirtualBox folks do a Summary.

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

... Quickstart OpenSSO, RailsConf, VirtualBox Support, Sun Storage, and Boomerangs

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Rajeev, a report on an OpenSSO WebStart Prototype done through embedding GlassFish v3. Just click and go! A big change from a couple of years ago when installing and starting Sun's Access Manager was such a big task! And, from SuperPat a report on OpenSSO Integration with JIRA, done by Alexey.

From Arun, trip reports on the RailsConf Europe 2008 at Berlin, Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

The VirtualBox team has been very busy and they have Released VirtualBox 2.0 (Press Release). Check the Changelog and Download it. A change in this release is that, as with the strategy followed by the rest of our Open Source portfolio, VB 2.0 now has enterprise support.

On the Storage side, a Press Release reporting that Sun's market share growth the last quarter grew almost 30% Y-to-Y (top in the industry). And this is w/o the OpenStorage systems getting readied, see ComputerWorld and NYTimes.

And a very warm welcome back to Lew Tucker. Lew was in the original JavaSoft group and we overlapped briefly there. Sun has quite an open door policy to people who left (and bring back fresh experiences from outside). We even have coined a term for them: Boomerangs :-).

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

... IDEA 8.0; First OpenSSO Express; SilverLight and Metro; xVM Server demo; OEM of VirtualBox

A compilation of today's interesting news:

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From JetBrains team - the release of the first Milestone of IntelliJ IDEA 8.0; including GlassFish Server support (of course); it claims to be a substantial revamp from 7.0.

Arun shows how to Access Metro from MS Silverlight. I'll come clean - I am using Silverlight to watch the Badminton Games from the Beijing Olympics.

OpenSSO is now available in the First Express Build - b5.

Sun's Press Release on OEM Deals around VirtualBox; OEM is one more way to monetize Open Source investment - we are seeing similar opportunities around our middleware OSS offerings.

Barton reports from DebCon in Mar del Plata; it looks like there is a good chance of OpenJDK being included in Lenny; keep fingers crossed.

Steve (Wilson) demoes xVM Server to redmonk's Cote.

Sunday Jun 29, 2008

GlassFish on your OpenSolaris (on your VirtualBox)

The new OpenSolaris-branded distribution was launched at CommunityOne (PR, GetIt); together with efforts like OpenSolaris.COM and TheObservatory it is intended to help the users of OpenSolaris complementing the developer-focused OpenSolaris.ORG.

I think will see significant increased adoption of OpenSolaris in the next few months. Other trends that will help are the increased adoption of VirtualBox (home page, vb at TA, LinuxJournal Award), the new IPS package system, and more familiarization with features like ZFS, DTrace and IPS.


Several people in GlassFish have started doing more things with OpenSolaris and we will track them through TA. Here are some useful initial pointers:

Installing OpenSolaris on VB on MacOSX.
Official OS Docs
• Amitsaha's IPS Overview and official Getting Started with IPS document.
• Alexis' GF v2 on OpenSolaris and official Installing GFv2 from IPS document.
• Arun's JRuby on Rails an MySQL on VB

Friday Jun 06, 2008

VirtualBox 1.6.2 is out - and OpenSolaris on VB


I recently installed VirtualBox on my MacBook Pro and so far it runs very nicely. I think VB is going to become a very interesting solution and I already know of several people putting together useful images, so stay tuned on that front.

In the meantime, a couple of recent news: yesterday there was a new VB 1.6.2 release that is mostly a bug fixing release (downloads, change log). VirtualBox works with Many Guest and Host OS; and, from the perspective of Sun, OpenSolaris is particularly interesting to Sun, and here is an article on OpenSolaris on VB.

Added Most BSC entries related to VirtualBox can be found through the virtualbox tag.

Thursday Feb 21, 2008

Updated OpenDS Roadmap - And Russian Dolls for the Geek

OpenDS on a VirtualBox

Ludo just posted an OpenDS Roadmap to the USERS alias. The latest OpenDS 1.0 builds (b12, b11, etc) are looking very good, so the plan is for a Milestone 1 within the next few days, a M2 in a month, and an official 1.0 release in May 2008 - which, by a coincidence, is also when J1 2008 happens :-)

Check out the road map and provide feedback on all aspects, including critical issues in b12 and the initial cut at the OpenDS 2.0 features.

I have not posted on OpenDS in a bit so here are some highlights I've noticed:

• Continued progress on documentation: see a Summary of 2007 Activity.
• Helping contributions: Wiki page on How to Build and Run OpenDS within NetBeans (also see Mark and Ludo commentary).
• A lot of work on performance - for example, see this note on Search Performance.
• And, for extra points, OpenDS and VirtualBox: OpenDS on OpenSolaris on VirtualBox on MacOS X 10.5.2 on MacBook Pro.

Virtualization - Russian Dolls for geeks :-)

Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

Virtualization - Sun to Acquire Innotek

VirtualBox logo

Virtualization is important to everyone and developers are no exception. Sun has announced today the agreement to acquire innotek, the makers of VirtualBox, an Open Source virtualization software very well suited for desktop usage.

Never heard of VirtualBox? Wondering what the relationship is with Sun's xVM hypervisor? answers it best on his blogSteve "Virtual" Wilson and Tim Marsland probably answer both questions the best.

This probably sounds compelling to developers given VirtualBox' open source nature and its ability to handle just about any hosts and guests (listed here) you may require for your Java and Web 2.0 developments.

You're 17MB away from using the software and the website is and is unrelated to this ;-)