Monday Mar 19, 2012

GlassFish 4.0 Virtualization Progress - VirtualBox

Wouldn't it be nice if you could spawn GlassFish instances as VirtualBox virtual machines? Well now with early versions of GlassFish 4.0 you can! This page on the GlassFish Wiki documents the steps to get this to work.

It walks you through the various VirtualBox (network and services) and GlassFish configuration steps including the creation of VDI templates (typically JeOS images) to finally create a virtual machine on the fly, as part of the typical GlassFish deployment process.


The more general virtualization support in GlassFish is discussed in this other Wiki page. Earlier demonstrations of prototypes or early milestone builds showed support for KVM, "laptop mode" and OVM as well as community involvement from Serli, speaking of which this slide-deck is a good summary of what we're trying to achieve in the GlassFish 4.0 IMS (IaaS Management Service).

Tuesday Dec 07, 2010

VirtualBox development images - NetBeans/JavaEE/GlassFish combo


Over at the OTN blog, Justin Kestelyn announced that three development environments were made available as VirtualBox images (appliances) and loaded with all the software you need to get started the moment you log into the system.

These images include : SOA & BPM Development, Database App Development and Java Development.

The Java development image (2.6GB from this page) is very based on the image built for the recent OTN Java Developer Days (delivered in some 30+ countries worldwide with three hands-on labs). It uses Oracle Linux version 5, JDK 6, Java FX 1.3.1, NetBeans IDE 6.9.1, and GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.0.1. This is everything you need to get started with Java EE 6 development and you'll even find three labs (with code and instructions) to start using JSF 2, JAX-RS 1.1, EJB 3.1, Servlet 3.0, JPA 2.0 and CDI 1.0!

In similar news, VirtualBox 3.2.12 and 4.0.0 Beta 1 are out!

Tuesday Apr 27, 2010

CLI, Roller, Jersey, JavaOne... and More GlassFish News - April 27th, 2010

Install and Run Apache Roller 4.01 on GlassFish and OpenSolaris
Dave Koelmeyer has posted Detailed Instructions on how to install Apache Roller 4.01 on GlassFish v2.1 using MySQL 5.1 for storage.  He uses OpenSolaris snv_134, the subject of a tea-leaf-reading thread.

Slides and Code Samples on Jersey and JAX-RS
The Slides and code from Paul Sandoz's presentation at Presentation at AlpesJug on Jersey, JAX-RS and Atmosphere are now now available.  The actual presentation was in French, but the slides are in English, and the code is... code.

Invoke OSGi Service from JAX-WS Endpoint
Arun has published yet another TOTD (Tip Of The Day), with complete instructions and code.  This one is  TOTD #130: Invoking a OSGi service from a JAX-WS Endpoint. Arun's approach is to document the demos he gives at his presentations through the TOTDs.  Quite a bit of work, but it makes the content useful to a world-wide audience.

WAS V7 - Inching Towards JavaEE 6
IBM has recently been using a "Feature Pack" approach in upgrading its WebSphere AppServer; it seems to work pretty well for them and they released two packs for WAS V7: Feature Pack for OSGi and JPA 2.0 and Feature Pack for SCA.  IBM is, of course, one of the Java Licensees; WAS v7 is one of the JavaEE 5 Compatible App Servers, the feature pack aproach helps it move towards the JavaEE 6 list.

VirtualBox at Oracle
One of the challenges during Hands-On-Labs is setting up: the attendees usually bring their own laptops but each of them is different and requires slighlty different setup.  Asking for prep work before attending is not always successful.  A solution now being used in some DB HOLs at Oracle is to Use VirtualBox. Which is the same approach that both Arun and Alexis had advocated for a new series of GlassFish HOLs being planned.

GlassFish CLI
Masoud has a detailed post - actually a book chapter - that you should read to Learn the GlassFish v3 Command Line Administration Interface (CLI)

JavaOne 2010
This year's JavaOne is the first under Oracle and will coincide with Oracle OpenWorld.  Some things will be different, but others are mostly the same - including how the content is being selected - see Sharat Chander's interview by Tori Wieldt for some answers; others will evolve as we get closer to the event.

Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

New "Oracle and Sun Overview and FAQ"

Oracle has updated their page on Oracle and Sun and it now includes a PDF entitled "Oracle and Sun Overview and FAQ".  Check it out for comments on many topics covering Sun's Hardware (SPARC, Storage, x86) and Software offerings, including NetBeans, OpenOffice, MySQL, xVM OpsCenter, OpenSource, VirtualBox and GlassFish.

Sunday Oct 18, 2009

Proof that Sun is Cool! Sightings at Engadget (SunFire) and Gizmodo (VBox)


No idea if there is any correlation, but this last week had sightings of Sun's products at two high-volume "gadget" news blogs: Engadget and Gizmodo. Engadget covered the New Sun FlashFire Cards while Gizmodo talkeda about VirtualBox.

I checked and the last time Engadget covered us significantly was back in 2007; Gizmodo has a few more hits. Does this means we are cool again? :-)

Thursday Sep 10, 2009

VirtualBox Web Console - and VB 3.0.6 Release


The VirtualBox team has started a new project to create an AJAX-based Web Console for VBox. The project is open source under MIT License; check out the Code and the USER and DEV mailing lists. The team is reporting on the progress via its Blog, recent posts covered the Kickoff, an Overview of Architecture, and the Initial Implementation.

The Web Console relies on services in the latest maintenance-release of VirtualBox: VBox 3.0.6 (ChangeLog, Download, Download). Our best wishes to the new project; we will track its evolution here.

Friday Jul 10, 2009

VirtualBox 3.0.2 is available


As expected, after last week's big VirtualBox 3.0 Release we now have a 3.0.2 maintenance release. See the Changelog and get it from the Download sites.

In the meantime, adoption of VirtualBox continues to grow (Google Trends, VBox Buzz).

Wednesday Jul 01, 2009

VirtualBox 3.0 is out - Multiple Virtual CPU Support (and more)


VirtualBox 3.0, is now available for download. This is a major release (PR), most notable is support for guest SMP support - up to 32 vCPUs. Also included is support for OpenGL 2.0 for Windows, Linux and Solaris guests and experimental support for Direct3D 8/9 on Windows guests.

Check the Changelog Details and then go to download page.

Andy has a nice Overview and Podcast; Jeff has an overview focused on Virtual SMP Support. Other Sun reviews come from Rudolf and Homer. Non-Sun reviews include Softpedia, Virtualization Review and an early mention in InfoWeek.

The ZDnet/CNet folks have several reviews on VirtualBox and seem increasingly positive about it - see Jason Perlow's Very Positive Review (earlier last year he had written a V12N Comparison based on VBox 1.6) and Dan Kusnetzky Review; also see their Screenshot Gallery. On the CNetTV, check Tom Merritt's story on Installing Windows 7 RC on VBox.

Finally, this is a very interesting release and I believe it will make a big difference in applicability of VirtualBox, but all major releases "push the envelope" a bit. I'm not in the VirtualBox team but, based on their Release History I'd expect follow-up maintenance releases "soon".

Sunday May 24, 2009

VirtualBox Webinar - Now Available as a SlideCast


I have uploaded the recordings rom last Friday's Special Webinar on VirtualBox. This includes FlashVideo, MP3 and also SlideCast, which allows you to skim through the slides and listen to the recording for the sections you are specially interested.

In this webinar, s7 talks about how RDP is used in VBox; s10 on how 21K VBox images will be used during JavaOne; s11 on the VBox release cycle (s11); s12/s13 shows adoption indicators, and s25ff talks about the VBox Networking modes.

I'm planning to provide SlideCast versions of all future recording, and also convert some of the previous ones.

Monday May 18, 2009

3 Online Webinars - JSR299, Software Appliances, VirtualBox

We have 3 webinars this week - one in our normal time slot, the other two in new slots to squeeze the topics before JavaOne. The topics are very interesting, I hope you can join us.


The first webinar is on Tuesday and is a reschedule: Pete Muir (Red Hat), the implementation lead for Seam and WebBeans will present on JSR 299, born as WebBeans but now tentatively named Context and Dependency Injection for Java. Check out his recent posts on the availability of the First preview of Web Beans, on the State of Seam, and his prezo at JAX.

The presentation is on Tuesday, May 19th, 10am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.


POSTPONED - This webinar has been postponed until after JavaOne.

The second webinar is in our normal slot when Chris Kampemeier will present on Software Appliances. Chris, Rudolf, Gabor and others have been working on this some GlassFish-based appliances on a Solaris JeOS and will be discussing the topic, but the exact abstract is still TBD.

The presentation is on Thursday, May 21st, 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.


The third webinar will be by Andy Hall on VirtualBox, the popular type-2 virtualization solution.

The presentation is on Friday, May 22th, 9am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.

Monday May 11, 2009

xVM Status Update - VirtualBox, VDI, OpsCenter, Server, Training ... And Information Flow in a Corporation

This entry is quite longer than usual; it started as a short update on the recent 2.1 release of xVM OpsCenter but it quickly grew to cover other intertwined announcements. I could have done several separate posts but a single one seemed more useful, so...

Start with Steve's What's Up with xVM or in the Virtualization Page at; the 5 inter-related areas down from there are: VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, LDOMs and VDI.

VirtualBox (Community; Sun) is a Type 2 ("hosted" VM) virtualization solution. VirtualBox has a very fast release cycle (see ChangeLog) and it regularly adds features and performance and addresses bugs. The last release was 2.2.2 and it has received very positive press reviews (eWeek 1 and eWeek 2). VirtualBox is a solid hit; check the latest Google Trends; also see entries tagged VirtualBox.

xVM Server (Community previously here but now at Xen@OpenSolaris; Sun) is a Type 1 ("native" VM) virtualization solution based on the work of Xen Project and this is the area that seems to be in most flux. Steve addressed some of the points in the above-mentioned entry and later in Free Hypervisor Options. Quoting from the first entry on feedback from the beta program:

As a result of these and many other observations, we concluded that a general purpose, multi-node solution is required. Thus, we refocused our efforts around use-cases where Ops Center becomes the central way to manage the hypervisor and the underlying hardware. In addition, we've started on a trajectory where we will converge the xVM Server and OpenSolaris lines so that exactly the same codebase is used for both.


xVM Ops Center (Users, Sun) is Sun's unified systems management tool - it provides Management and Monitoring of pysical and virtual assets, provisioning, patch automation and IT compliance. The latest release supports power management and interacts with Sun's ILOM; see Availability of 2.1, Change Page and Demo. Also check the Free Training and the Integration with Halcyon Neuron.

Logical Domains (LDOM) (Community; Sun) allows the grouping of system resources into logical groups to provide very cheap, built-in (no hypervisor) virtualization for Sun's CMT systems. The scope of this technology is more limited than the previous virtualization solutions but it is very efficient and meshes very well with Sun's hardware story. A (separate recent announcement was that of Solaris 10 Branded Zones, an addition to previous Linux and Solaris 8 and 9 zones; see Bob's Zones vs LDOMs for an overview of the two technologies.

Finally there is VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Sun). I think of it as SunRay meets VBox: the goal is to maximize IT infrastructure utilization and improve manageability of desktop deployments and the latest release, VDI 3.0, leverages VDI broker, VirtualBox and OpenStorage servers. ZDNet has a Positive Review that ends asking for more publicity on the technology, so... check Markus' series: Installation, Configuration and Usage, Claudia's Demo Configuration Instructions, Deployment Guide, and the Coralville Adoption Story.

Hope this helps to understand how the 5 pieces relate to each other. This entry is also a good example of how blogs, wikis and other self-publishing tools accelerate information flow within a corporation. All the writeups mentioned above are mini-essays on the different topics; they are all published directly by the authors and cross-linked via the internet. Add Blogs.Sun.Com and an Internet Search Tool and I can grab a thread and construct the story... And, if I get it wrong, somebody will correct me... It is not fool-proof, but try to replicate this by registering into N\*\*M mailing lists!

Of course, you need some significant level of transparency in the organization; otherwise one needs to get a legal approval to post anything! The alternative is to try to replicate the internet dynamics within the corporation, which may work for a very large company like IBM, but would not work for us at Sun, and does not help in communicating directly to the customer.

Now back to our short blog entries...

Friday May 08, 2009

OpenStorage News - New Simulator, Market Adoption, Interview with Larry


Several pieces of good news on Sun's OpenStorage products. Earlier this week the product line was refreshed, both the 7110 and the 7210 offerings. At the same time the SS7000 Simulator has been updated and is now available as an OVF format and can run on the latest VirtualBox (2.2.2).

Overall, the product line is doing very well and is the "fastest ramping new product in Sun's storage portfolio ever". Check the Product WebSite for more resources and links.

OpenStorage is an example of the benefits of a Systems Approach to products that leverages both hardware and software, and, on that general topic, check out this Interview with Larry Ellison (available from

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

VirtualBox 2.2.0 Now Available

Sun released VirtualBox 2.2.0 on the 8th, two weeks ago and I started playing with it right then but only now I've had the time to write an entry now. This is a major release that includes support for OVF and performance and usability improvements; full details are available in the ChangeLog. This release has had Extensive Coverage; check out Andy's Overview and his Radio Show on the topic (Slides).


VirtualBox is gaining adoption very fast - check the Google Trends (archive). VBox claims 11M d/ls, with more than 25K/day (somewhat less than GF) and 3.5M registrations (that's outstanding). VBox 2.2 is only 50MB and easy to get started, so download it and take it for a test drive.

I'm trying to arrange a presentation for our GlassFish TV Webinars where we can explore the synergies between the projects; in the meantime see the VBox Documentation Wiki, the User Manual and many Blogs at BSC, including this Advanced Set from VirtualGuru.

Monday Dec 22, 2008

Catching Up - JavaFX Launch and VirtualBox 2.1 Recap

One last launch recap before the holiday break; this one will be far shorter than the OpenSolaris 2008.11 recap as I'm about to turn into a pumkin.

Radio Receiver Icon

JavaFX - We released JavaFX on Dec 4th, a couple of days later than originally scheduled. The launch was preceded by the release of the new JavaFX Script Language Reference and a few blog entries, but the bulk of the posts happened after. Danny has done a couple of nice recaps - check top 10 things and then a very complete News Recap.

After the launch, the team took the show to Devoxx (nee Javopolis); Danny gave one of the keynotes in day one (see his Show Report), and Mark did the same for Day 2 - modularity being key to delivering Java on a multiplicity of platforms, see Mark's notes on the Modular Java Platform and Jigsaw. Danny provided a summary of JavaFX in Devoxx; judged by the whiteboards (caveat emptor and all of that), JavaFX was pretty well received - see the "ultra-cool" section in the Java Cool Wall.

Ah!... And Mr. Jeet now has his Own Blog; welcome to the blogosphere! :-)

VirtualBox 2.1 - The last recap is for VirtualBox 2.1, released on Nov 17th. This is yet another strong release from the VirtualBox team; they are turning releases very quickly (see earlier reports tagged VirtualBox).

Two summaries of the functionality are from Joerg and TheFatBloke. The release includes support for hardware features, improved ease of use and interoperability. It all looks very good, and I really want to host a webinar set at TheAquarium Online on the VirtualBox; the calendar is pretty crowded but we added an extra optional slot per week to cover cases like this.

The VB team records over 8M d/ls of VB - which is very good; if you want to try it out, you can check the latest ChangeLog and then go to the Download page.