Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Content - Keynotes and on-site interviews

In addition to the JavaOne 2011 content now hosted on, the OTN Media Network has the full-length keynotes as well as a long list of onsite interviews with various community members.

Check it out!


Thursday Jun 23, 2011

Friday Fun - Conference Videos from JavaZone & others

Trailers or promotion videos can be very effective when done right and the Java community has been pretty good at it IMO.

The latest ones are short teasers coming from the JavaBin folks to promote their very fine JavaZone conference in Oslo, Norway in September (celebrating their 10th anniversary). Update: the entire trailer is now available.

Teaser JavaZone X

Previous videos include Lady java and Java 4 Ever (must see if you somehow missed them). The inspiration for these may have come from the JavaPolis (now Devoxx) 2006 "There are better ways to meet your idols" trailer. IIRC, James Gosling was quoted saying "This is sick, I love it!". Your mileage may vary ;)

Sun Microsystems also used to make some "promotion" videos. Here's a selection.

Wednesday Nov 24, 2010

GlassFishVideos Adoption Growth

I like graphs, as you know... so I thought I'd share 3 with you about GlassFishVideos, our official GlassFish YouTube channel.

The first chart shows daily views ('uploads') since inception in late July.

As you can see, the general trend is quite positive, with spikes as interesting content is uploaded. Total accumulated views is 57,162. We currently have >50 videos, while subscriptions are healthy at 281, with only 2 folks that have unsubscribed. Most of the viewers are from embedded videos (in blogs), but this is growing less over time.

The second chart shows the relative geographic distribution of the audience.

The data is relative to the other YouTube views; so, for example, the US, India and Germany all show 0.1, which is pretty good. Next in sequence are the UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Poland and France. Very nice to see the BRI(C) countries - minus China.

The third chart shows views for RedHatVideos (top) and GlassFishVideos (bottom).  Goals help focus actions, so my target has been to overpass RedHatVideos. Still some to go, but the gap is closing... :-)

Go Fish!

Saturday Nov 20, 2010

From Download to Testing a Clustered Deployment in Under 10 Minutes

Arun's latest screencast shows off GlassFish 3.1's HA and Centralized Administration.

The video shows how to create a 2-instance cluster on a single machine using the web-based Administration Console, deploy the canonical clusterjsp application, and show session fail-over capabilities in GlassFish 3.1.  From download to testing an application with high availability all in under 10 minutes...

Arun's video is at our official YouTube channel; follow the links to GlassFishVideos, or directly to GlassFish 3.1 Clustering, High Availability and Centralized Administration.

As of the writing this note, the channel has more than 300 subscribers with more than 14K channel views and more than 56K upload views.  Subscribe to not miss any of the content; so far there are 51 videos.

Saturday Oct 30, 2010

WeekEnd Fun - Old Sun Promo Videos

Over the years Sun created a number of fun Promo Videos, usually to be aired during JavaOne. Here are a few of them, for a fun trip down memory lane:

Pure Thoughts!
  My favorite JavaOne video.

The Blue Screen of Death
  Poking fun at Microsoft.

Soccer Star Wants to be the Dot in .COM
   Dot in .COM at the Beach
   Marriage - Ain't the Dot in .COM
   From the .COM era

That Damm Dog
  Java Everywhere

Sun Paper Clip
  From '95; see Pixar's IPO and UltraStation


Thursday Oct 21, 2010

46 GlassFish Videos! 31K Views!

We have been adding videos to our YouTube channel: GlassFishVideos.  The latest video is from Vince, where he covers the features he has been adding (see GlassFish 3.1 and NetBeans 6.10).

GlassFishVideos now has 46 videos grouped into different playlists. Stats as I write this note are 10,029 channel views, 31,518 upload views and 248 subscribers, which is pretty good for a channel we started in late July; we are declaring it a success and will continue to post videos there.

Below is the full list of videos; subscribe to the channel to stay informed.

HTML5 Series (3)

OSGi enabled Java EE Applications (6)

JavaOne 2010 (2)

GlassFish 3.1 Series (8)

GlassFish 3.0 Series (7)

More GlassFish v3 Videos (5)

JavaEE 6 and GlassFish 3 with Eclipse Series (5)

Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3 with NetBeans 6.9 Series (5)

The GlassFish v2 Classic (1)

Fun Videos

We also have a few fun videos, including some old Sun Promo Videos.

Friday Oct 09, 2009

Friday Fun - Oracle OpenWorld, The Videos

I've never been at Oracle OpenWorld so I'm very curious about how it feels. In preparation, yesterday I poked around a bit and found several videos that may (or not, we will see) convey a bit the mood... check them out and let me know what you think. If you only have time for one, I recommend the last one.


• Keynote Preview Series: Applications, Virtualization, DataBases, Middleware.
Overdressed at OOW Series: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6].
OOW 08 Party - they take over Howard Street, like the good J1 days!
• More virtalization and cloud previews: Alex A and Rich Schwerin.
• And last, but not least, Every Build You Break.

The main blog for OpenWorld is Oracle OpenWorld and there will be live streamcasting of multiple events at OpenWorld Live.

Friday Aug 31, 2007

Check out NetBeans.TV - Videos, Interviews, Screencasts...


The Divas had a tip for a video of Tor showcasing Java and Ruby Development. It is very nice, based on the demo at the JavaOne keynote. You can watch it, check the Script, or look at several other resources. But..

... I had not realized the NetBeans folks had done so much work at the site! The theme for the site is visual - videos and pictures. They have several sections emphasizing different areas: Members of the Community, Interviews with key Developers, Technology and Screencasts, Extending NB and Using the Platform and Trip Reports. Pretty nice!