Monday Jun 23, 2008

JSF 2.0 Preview Series - More Resources, API and Expression Language


Earlier in the year Ryan (Mr JSF RI/Mojarra) started a series on the new JSF 2.0 features. Ryan's first entry covered the notion of Project Stages and then he started on Resources. The first entry on that series covered Packaging and the next one was on the APIs backing resources. Ryan just published a last entry in that series: Accessing Resources from Expression Language.

Since Ryan is also the implementer all these examples are grounded in the RI and he privately told me that there should be an EA release out "any day now". Stay tuned and we will let you know.

Wednesday May 14, 2008

What's in the GlassFish Update Centers?

We are regularly adding more modules to the two (v2/v3) GlassFish Update Center(s) and it is a bit hard to track what's available there today.


You could just fire your updatetool but I've done some screenshots to save you time and encourage you to use the tool:

• v2 Update Center (Clip, Full Window)
• v3 Update Center (Clip, Full Window).

PS. I think the right answer is that one should be able to point the browser to the repository to browse; that's coming.

Tuesday May 13, 2008

Happy GlassFish v2 user gives v3 a first ride


Dick ("Number9"), a happy GlassFish v2 customer (lots of nice content here), has a review of GlassFish v3 TP2. He goes through the user experience of installing, starting and updating (web UI) the application server. It also details simple deployment and where to find documentation.

Dick is very much production-focused (not that it's a bad thing ! ;) so it may be useful to add that GlassFish v3 TP2 also offers an update tool to install one or all of the following: EJB 3.1 preview, jRubyOnRails (no more WAR packaging required), Grails, Jersey, metro, and jMaki.

GlassFish v3 TP2 is available for download from (21 Megs).

Saturday May 10, 2008

New NetBeans, GlassFish and MySQL Bundle


The NetBeans team released a new NB + MySQL + GF bundle (download) a couple of weeks ago but I didn't time to write about it. The bundle includes:

NetBeans 6.1
GlassFish v2 UR2
MySQL Community Server

See reviews and comments from James - a frequent NetBeans blogger - and Colin - a frequent MySQL blogger -

Friday May 09, 2008

Spring Framework on Update Center for GlassFish v2


The Spring Framework (2.5.4) is now available at the GlassFish v2 Update Center (UC@TA). Installation should be straight-forward: after installing GlassFish v2, run the updatecenter via:


There are a couple of post-intallation steps to do; check out the details at Pramod's Note and let us know of your experience, positive or negative.

Note this is the GF v2 update center. And thanks to Rajeshaw to help pushing the module out.

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Updated GlassFish RoadMaps

Work in Progress Sign

Anybody that has been in the software industry for any time knows that roadmaps are always "work in progress". With that caveat, here are the latest news:

• GFv2 UR2, this Thursday (wiki page, Msg)
• GFv2.1, moved out to Fall 08 (wiki page, Harpreet's blog, Msg)
• GFv3 TP2, JavaOne 08 (wiki page)

GFv2 UR2 has a bunch of bug fixes so you should consider it if you are using GFv2. GFv2.1 will continue to be aligned and driven by Sailfin.

GFv3 TP2 is a "Technology Preview" release; we will provide a sneak peak at CommunityOne and will be demoed at JavaOne.

Added - GFv2 UR2 has been pushed out til Monday.

Monday Mar 17, 2008

EclipseLink in GlassFish v3 - as JPA 2.0 Reference Implementation

Eclipse Logo over GlassFish's Sparky

GlassFish v1 and v2 use TopLink Essentials as its JPA (1.0) provider. TLE's bigger brother is EclipseLink (see Announcement), also led by Oracle but now including pretty much all of its TopLink product.

EL is a natural fit for GlassFish v3 and today we (Oracle, Eclipse and Sun) announced just that: EL will be used in GFv3 and it will be the RI for JPA 2.0 . Oracle has been doing a great job leading EL and there already is plenty of material available, including the Users Guide, and the Code Repository.

EL will be available under dual license, the traditional EPL and the BSD-based EDL License (see license.html@Trunk).

Our immediate focus will be on GFv3 - expect a build of EL with the latest GFv3 Milestone before the end of the week, but EL should work with GFv2 equally well and there is some interest already (see EL@GFv2 Thread); contact me if you were interested in that bundle.

Saturday Dec 01, 2007

Using SSL with GlassFish

Lorenz Machine

SSL (Overview, SSL@TA) is the workhorse of secure browser-client communication - at least until the more efficient EEC (ECC@TA) gains adoption over it. SSL has been supported in GlassFish since v1 but GFv2 includes additional keystore features that are profile-specific, which are covered in detail in Kumar's tip on Using SSL with GFv2.

Kumar's tip is based on an even more detailed entry where he covers SSL and CRL with GFv2. Check both out!

Saturday Nov 03, 2007

GlassFish v2 UR1 Schedule Change ... and NOT in the Usual Direction!

Cover of the Mythical Man Month

When was the last time you heard about a software schedule being moved forward? Shreedhar has just announced that the GlassFish v2 UR1 release will now be available in mid-December. See his Announcement for details.

And, if you have never read The Mythical Man Month it should be in every serious developer's reading list... Even it it was published 32 years ago!

What other books you think should be in a must-read list?

Monday Oct 01, 2007

Requesting feedback and Lessons learned for Glassfish v2

lessons learned

Sridatta and Dhiru, the two leads for the GlassFish v2 release, are requesting feedback and lessons learned for this open source development experience -

"... We tried to follow an open source process including request for features, specifications, review of specs, development, planning, milestones, meetings and discussions in the open. It is your support that made it possible".

The feedback is expected on USERS and DEV mailing lists, but we'll happily forward any comments we receive here on this blog.

Thursday Sep 27, 2007

How to Install OpenPortal on GlassFish v2 with SSL

Informational Sign

A tip from Ajit:
Installing OpenPortal on SSL instance of GFv2

Monday Sep 24, 2007

Branches, Branches... GlassFish Branches...

GlassFish Development Branches

Nice post from Abhijit where he captures graphically, and in more detail, the Future GlassFish Releases. Abhijit covers GFv2 UR1, GFv2.1 (tentative name) and GFv3. Read his Detailed Entry or go directly to the Diagram.

Abhijit is also pointing out to the forums where the discussion are actually happening, the mailing lists, Wikis and Concalls.


Sunday Sep 23, 2007

Current Analysis on GlassFish v2

Computer Analysis Logo

Current Analysis provides a second (also see Gartner) positive report on the GlassFish v2 release. The full report is here but requires an account; a brief overview is available here.

Current Analysis says "... may push any competitive impact into 2008"; I think it will happen this year. We will see.

Friday Sep 21, 2007

Gartner on GlassFish v2

Analysist reports from our GlassFish v2 FCS launch are beginning to appear. Quoting from Gartner's report:

Gartner Logo

Sun and the GlassFish open-source community have delivered the first production-scale open-source Java EE 5 application server. This challenges the dominance of market leaders like Red Hat and IBM.

Note that the analyst identifies GlassFish as challenging the leaders of the open source market (JBoss) and the enterprise market (WebSphere); we are seeing plenty of evidence of this with our own (new) customers. But we have seen no impact from the WebSphere CE branding of Geronimo - which just adds an entry-level offering unrelated to IBM's enterprise-quality product.

Additional Coverage

Earlier reports from the GlassFish v2 FCS announcements are here: [day 1], [day 2], [day 3], [day 4] and [day 5]. Late additions are below:

GlassFish v2 ya se vende como ApplicationServer 9.1 (Jaime Cid - in Spanish)
Sun Delivers First Open-Source Java EE 5 Application Server (Gartner)
Glassfish v2 publicado (PortalJava.COM, in portuguese)
Glassfish v2: Update Center and port 4848 Web Admin are cool, but... (Mark Watson)
GlassFish : Version 2.0 UR1 Released, Clustering, HA, Metro WS and more. (Charles Ditzel)
GlassFish V2: The start of something great (John Clingan)
GFv2 Headlines (Java Posse)
Top 10 Resources for GlassFish (chinmayee)

Friday GlassFish v2 News Roundup

Neil Armstrong in the moon

Last summary of news reports on the release of GlassFish v2 FCS. Also see day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4.

Expect a highlights recap sometime during the weekend - time permitting.

Added: Also see [day 6].

Portlet Container 2.0 beta is now available in the new Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 beta
WSRP 1.0 Beta part of Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Beta release
Metro 1.0 disponible
GlassFish v2 (aka SJS Application Server 9.1) (Danilo - in Italian)
Sun upgrades GlassFish, slashes Java support price (Network World)
MacOS build available (Sofotex - Mac Downloads
Netbeans 6.0b1 with Glassfish v2 FCS - and still no smoke (Adam)
GlassFish Hits Next Major Rev (Java Developers Journal)
Glassfish V2, Open Source Java Platform Enterprise Edition Released (Technamyte)
Development Bonanza Brings New Ruby, PHP, Java Tools (ChannelWeb Network)
Sun Introduces the Next Major Version of the Open Source Java EE 5 (GlassFish V2) Application Server (eChannel News)
NetBeans 6.0 Beta 1 (ZeroSum)