Friday Feb 06, 2009

Feb 10th Webinar - GlassFish v2.1


In addition to our regular Thursday slot, Harpreet and Srikanth will present GlassFish v2.1 during an extra webinar this Tuesday, at 11am PT. GFv2.1 is the latest (announcement) release in the GFv2 family; with over 400 bug fixes (since GFv2UR2) GFv2.1 is the basis for SailFin and it is a recommended upgrade.

Slides, other material and, later, recordings, will be posted to the Wiki Page; we encourage your participation during the presentation via the chat room.

Friday Jan 23, 2009

GlassFish 2.1 and Sailfin 1.0, Now Available


Today we released GlassFish v2.1 and Sailfin 1.0.

GlassFish v2.1 is the latest public release of our full featured Java EE AppServer and it includes significant stability and feature improvements. See Paul's announcement (Java.Net, MarkMail) for some details on the release and also check out the Comparison Table between v2 and v3.

GlassFish v2.1 is the basis on which Sailfin builds our SIP-based open source Communications Server. See Srikanth's announcement (Java.Net, MarkMail) for some details.

If you are interested in these releases, please pencil-in our Online Webinar for Feb 10th. Details, including speaker(s), when available.

Saturday Dec 06, 2008

John Shows GlassFish v2 Clustering in 10 Minutes


John just posted a very nice screencast showing how to go From Zero to a v2 Cluster in 10 minutes, including download, asadmin configuration, GUI configuration, and tests. Pretty neat, check it out.

Easy configuration of Clustering is one of the assets of GlassFish, and, as users move into production, the interest is growing. A couple of weeks ago I highlighted some Posts and Slides on Clustering and also uploaded slides to SLX and SlideShare and they have proven quite popular.

Given the interest, I have started collecting links for a Proposed Webinar Set on the topic; hopefully in January.

Saturday Nov 22, 2008

Clustering in GlassFish v2 and v2.1


Clustering - supported in GlassFish since Sept 2007 - will be further improved in the GFv2.1 release (companion to SailFin). One of the improvements is Apache 2.2 support and Kshitiz has written an good writeup on the configuration steps and mentions the automated support also.

Clustering is used for horizontal scalability and high availability; interest and use of the feature is increasing quickly with GlassFish deployments. Check the official documentation and our recent White Paper on HA. Also, Satyajit just put together a set of slides on the topic (writeup, PDF@SLX, SlideShare).

We will cover Clustering in a future TA Online event; the Seam Online Event on Thursday went very well and I think the new format with multiple, shorter, presentations around a single topic is well suited to this new medium.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Is GlassFish v3 Prelude right for me? (and more Launch Coverage)

v2 or v3

With all the great things you hear about GlassFish v3 Prelude, you may wonder if this is the right tool for you to use and why a "Prelude" moniker is used here. The answer to lies into this pretty thorough comparison between GlassFish v2 and v3 Prelude. For instance, depending on which version of .Net WCF you want to interoperate with, or if full Java EE-compliance is required, this page will tell which GlassFish to use. Both are supported products.

Here's also more coverage following our launch last week :
GlassFish v3 Prelude - Out Now! (Pat "OpenSSO" Patterson)
Quick News: GlassFish v3 Prelude Released (The Virtual Machine)
GlassFish v3 and Grails Support (The Virtual Machine)
Java DB and GlassFish v3 Prelude (François "JavaDB" Orsini)
Jaspersoft est certifié pour Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server (TooLinux)
Sun veröffentlicht neue Vorschau auf Glassfish
Sun dévoile la version 3 de son serveur d’applications Java GlassFish (
Screencast #27: Simple Web Application using NetBeans 6.5 IDE and GlassFish v3 Prelude (Arun)
Sun sort un prélude de GlassFish V3 (LeMagIT)
Nouveau serveur GlassFish, certification Jaspersoft (
Prelude includes Portable, In-Memory JACC Provider (Ron)
GlassFish v3 Prelude, Sun fait le Buzz (Xebia France - Revue de Presse)
Modular Architecture Based on OSGi (The Cynical Turtle)
OSGi in the Enterprise (InfoQ)
Who support what with Comet or why GlassFish v3 Prelude is for you! (Jean-François "Comet" Arcand)

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

WebSynergy Milestone 3 Release


Project WebSynergy continues its march to its first commercial release early next year. Last Friday, the team released its Milestone 3 [download].

Major changes or additions since the last milestone include: GlassFish V2 & V3 bundles, much improved documentation, better samples, WSRP-Database integration, jBPM Workflow support, an OpenOffice plugin, Eclipse support, and tons of new features in Portal Pack in support of WebSynergy features. This will be the last Milestone before the upcoming commercial release.

Check out Rajesh on WSRP 2.0 (now part of the App Platform SDK), Jennifer on M3, and Siddesh on setting up WebSynergy with Oracle.

WebSynergy has enjoyed some positive press recently. David Heffelfinger wrote up a nice piece on WebSynergy and OpenPortal. Kristian on WebSynergy: portal development renewed. Last but not least, Sun was once again recognized as a Leader in Gartner's Portal Magic Quadrant. Also, don't miss GlassFish Day on Thursday. We'll be there!

Saturday Nov 01, 2008

GlassFish v2 U2 Patch 4 Now Available

There is a new patch release for GlassFish v2 (U2) available to commercial customers of GlassFish Enterprise Server (aka Sun Java System Application Server). This fourth patch addresses 11 new defects (cumulative of 58 since U2) plus provides updates to OpenMQ/JMQ and the Load Balancer.


For more details check:

GF Enterprise Support Model
GFv2 Family Overview
GFv2 U2 patch 4 Overview, Defect Lists, Links, etc
Subscriptions Site
GlassFish For Business blog

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

Project WebSynergy SB2 is out! SB3 Cooking..

WebSynergy Desktop

Project WebSynergy Stable Build 2 [download] is now available! This build represents a significant milestone for the team and establishes a lot of the groundwork for the future features. In addition, summer vacations and name searches have delayed us somewhat, but we are very close to getting the external community site established (see my detailed blog post for details).

Future features include exposing more Presence features, authorization and identity-based content delivery via OpenSSO integration, expanded CMS features, and IPS/Update Center support ( making a v3 module). Development tools for WebSynergy are also rapidly evolving to track the latest features in WebSynergy: Portal Pack Milestone 1 for NetBeans 6.5 is now out.

The project is shaping up to really be a revolution in Sun portal. Nice work!

Saturday Aug 16, 2008

GlassFish Roadmap v2.1/v3 - An update

The Road Ahead

It's time for another update on the various GlassFish releases roadmaps. Harpreet Singh has just posted a updated draft schedule for GlassFish v2.1, the next major public release of the v2 branch (as of this writing, the current public release is v2ur2).

While GlassFish v2.1 is scheduled to ship in its final version in December, the team is also working on the v3 branch and will actually ship the v3 prelude release (Roadmap) in a couple of months (we just passed code freeze).

Let's not forget to mention the "patch" releases for customers with a GlassFish subscription. GlassFish 2ur2 Patch 2 is the latest release there. You can follow these releases tailored for production usage on the GlassFishForBusiness. Finally, Sailfin V1 alpha shipped recently. This version is aligned with v2.1 mentioned at the beginning of this note.

Monday Aug 11, 2008

... Managing GFv2, SMF in OpenSolaris, $30M in 30 Days, MySQL and GF, Kindle and Java

A concise compilation of today's news of interest to TheAquarium readers:

Radio Receiver Icon

Nazrul provides Links on GFv2 Monitoring, including GF-bundled tools, other Sun and 3rd party tools, documentation and web sites.

Arun documents how to start the MySQL and GlassFish Bundle, with detailed steps and screenshots.

Dave, writing in the SocialSite Blog, provides an Overview of the Apache Shindig REST API, which is used by the SocialSite implementation.

TheObservatory continues with their list of benefits of OpenSolaris; number 1 was ZFS; number 2 is SMF (Service Management Framework) - although, strictly speaking, SMF is also on plain good old Solaris.

The WSJ on Revenue from Apple's Online App Store: 30$M in the first month; the benefits of controlling the distribution channel to a large installed base.

And, showing again the value of content and connectivity CNet reports that Kindle sales are projected at $1 billion by 2010 (recall that that Kindle uses Java in its implementation)

Sunday Aug 10, 2008

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2 u2 (SJS AS 9.1 u2) patch 2 now available

Sun Logo Over Sparky

GlassFish v2 U2 patch 2 is now available to Sun enterprise customers of Sun GlassFish Server. Check out the details at GlassFish For Business:

Sun's Commercial Support for GlassFish Server
Overview of GFv2 Releases
GF v2 U2 patch 1 (SJS AS 9.1 U2 patch 1) - First commercial patch release.
GF v2 U2 patch 2 (SJS AS 9.1 U2 patch 2) - Second commercial patch release.

Friday Jul 25, 2008

JSF 2.0 Preview Series - View Scope, Component Object, FacesContext Attributes Map


One more note from Ryan on his JSF 2.0 Preview series. This one covers View Scope, Component Implicit EL Object and FacesContext Attributes Map. Collecting them all chronologically for ease of references:

Part 1 - Packaging / Project Staging
Part 2.1 - Resources
Part 2.2 - Resource APIs
Part 2.3 - Resources and EL
Part 3 - Publish/Subscribe Event System
Part 4 - Resource Re-location
Part 5 - EDR1 Potpourri (just added)

Ryan's note completes the new features in EDR1. To install it you can follow the instructions in the Release Notes.

The image shown with this entry is a drawing of La Mojarra Stela 1 from research lead by Terrence Kaufman - see the Larger Image.

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Server-Side Includes Support in GlassFish


The GlassFish Server has implemented Server-Side Includes since early GFv2 (see Feb 07 entry); starting with GFv3 this feature will be supported formally.

Check Shing Wai's SSI Announcement where he describes how to create SSI files and how to enable and configure their processing. Enjoy!

Saturday Jun 28, 2008

JSF 2.0 Preview Series - Publish/Subscribe Events and Resource Relocation


Ryan has written two more notes on his JSF 2.0 Preview series. Collecting them all chronologically for ease of references:

Part 1 - Packaging / Project Staging
Part 2.1 - Resources
Part 2.2 - Resource APIs
Part 2.3 - Resources and EL
Part 3 - Publish/Subscribe Event System (just added)
Part 4 - Resource Re-location (just added)

Ryan is also leading the Mojarra Implementation, the production-ready, Reference Implementation that will be used in GlassFish v3, and he also just announced the Early Access Implementation.

JSF's adoption seems to continue to be strong and to grow. I am beginning to think the adoption is bimodal, it depends very much on what market/geography one considers. For example, see Kito's JSF Jobs writeup.

Note: also see reviews/summaries of Ryan's posts by Ed and in earlier TA's spotlights: here and here.

Tuesday Jun 24, 2008

Overview of GlassFish v2 Releases at GlassFishForBusiness

Over the weekend I added some entries to GlassFishForBusiness to describe the GFv2 releases. GFB is intended to track Sun's offerings to help you use the GlassFish Server in production; unlike TA, GFB is updated only occasionally so you may want to subscribe to its News Feed. The new entries are:


Overview of GFv2 Releases
GF v2 (SJS AS 9.1) - First public release
GF v2 U1 (SJS AS 9.1 U1) - Public Update Release
GF v2 U2 (SJS AS 9.1 U2) - Second public Update Release.
GF v2 U2 patch 1 (SJS AS 9.1 U2 patch 1) - First commercial patch release.

Patches come out every 6-8 weeks as part of Sun's Enterprise Support. GFv2U2 was going to be our first patch but became a public release to align with other releases.

Also recall that we will switch to Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server for Sun's distribution during the GFv2.1 release cycle. Until then those distributions will continue to use the old Sun Java System Application Server (or SJSAS).

Ah, the picture is that of Messier Objects, from his "Catalogue des Nébuleuses et des Amas d'Étoiles" (Wikipedia, Large Image).