Sunday Jul 18, 2010

GlassFish v2.1.1 p6 and GlassFish For Business

Oracle has released patch 6 for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1.1 via SunSolve. This commercial (i.e. available to customers) patch is also patch 12 for GlassFish 2.1 and patch 18 for v2U2.

Patches are cumulative: p6 addresses 23 new fixes since p5 but includes fixes for 139 issues since 2.1.1 and 870 since 2.1U2.

GlassFish For Business (RSS) includes posts for each individual GlassFish release and also has overviews for each family (see, e.g., GF2.11p6 and GFv2 Family).

Friday Jun 11, 2010

Patch 5 for GlassFish 2.1.1 is Now Available


The bulk of the new development for GlassFish is focused on GlassFish 3.1 but the majority of the GlassFish customers are still on v2. To support them, Oracle has released one more commercial, for-fee, patch for Oracle GlassFish Server 2.

GFv2.1.1p5 addresses 19 new defects; which brings the total of defects fixed since 2.1.1 to 116. Patch 6 is in the pipeline and should be out "soon".

Wednesday May 05, 2010

Focus on GlassFish 3 means no GlassFish 2.1.2

We have adjusted slightly our Roadmap for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition. Oracle does not currently need an Oracle-branded 2.1.2, which means we can drop that release - at least for now - and stay focused on the GlassFish 3 family.  The 3.0.1 release remains and is making very good progress, and so is 3.1 - regular builds of both are now available. We recently updated the GlassFish wiki with a plan description for 3.0.1; the plan for 3.1 is in progress.

This is a good moment to remind of Oracle's standard safe harbor statement: "... intended to outline our general product direction.  It is intended for information purposes only...".

Also note that Oracle continues to support the GlassFish 2 customers through its commercial support.  We recently released Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1.1 Patch 4 (aka GlassFish 2.1 p10 aka GlassFish 2u2 p16), and we will continue to release patches at regular intervals. An overview of all the patches for the GlassFish 2 family is available at GlassFish For Business.

Thursday Apr 29, 2010

Why Customers Pay for Open Source Projects? - GlassFish v2 U2 Patch 16


Our sustaining organization just released yet another sustaining release to our GlassFish customers. This is GlassFish v2U2 p16, aka GlassFish v2.1 p10, aka GlassFish v2.1.1 p4. All patch releases (v2 overview) are cumulative; p4 fixes 25 new defects, accumulating 97 fixes since v2.1, or more to than 829 defects since v2U2!

These patch releases are part of our Commercial Support for GlassFish which also includes support, per-customer hot fixes, and the GlassFish Enterprise Manager.

Thursday Apr 15, 2010

New GlassFish v2 Patch Releases Available


While most of our efforts are focused on the new GF v3 Releases, the majority of the GlassFish customers are still on v2, and Sun/Oracle recently released two commercial, for-fee, patches for GlassFish v2.1.1.

GFv2.1.1p2 addresses 16 new defects, while GFv2.1.1p3 adresses 25 new ones. Patch 4 is in the pipeline and should be out in a few days.

And, on the topic of patches, JavaSE just released JavaSE 6u20 with addresses key security vulnerabilities.

Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Java EE 5 SDK Update 8 Now Available


We have released an updated version of the JavaEE 5 SDK. Update 8 includes Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 and Java SE 6 Update 18 (download, release notes and instructions).

Note this is the GlassFish v2 / JavaEE 5-based release; we keep it going in parallel with the new GlassFish v3 / JavaEE 6-based release as it includes features like clustering and HA support (see Comparing v2 and v3).

Expanded from @glassfish.

Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

JavaEE 5 SDK Update 8 Now Available with GlassFish v2.1.1

GlassFish v2.1.1 was Released in late October and since then it has propagated to the rest of our bundles.  First it was  Released via SunSolve, then, late last week, it was released in New JavaEE 5 SDKs.

No significant changes beyond the updated GlassFish Server; check out the overview and go download it.

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

GlassFish v2.1.1 is Now Available

GlassFish v2.1.1 is out (Sun Distro, Community Distro). GFv2.1.1 is the foundation for SailFin v2 and includes refinements on Replication and Failure detection plus many (>200) bug fixes and other improvements. See Shreedhar' s Overview, Kevin's post, the Wiki page and PR @Oracle OpenWorld.

GFv2.1.1 also includes OpenMQ 4.4, Grizzly 1.0.30 (changes), Jersey 1.0.3 (changes), Shoal 1.1 (changes) and JSF 1.2_13. The bulk of the changes are from the GF repository (changes).

The commercial offering is via the GlassFish Portfolio. Note that GFv2.1.1 is also a patch for earlier releases (GFv2.1, itself a patch for GFv2U2) but the patch has not yet published at SunSolve. I'll post an entry at GlassFishForBusiness when it becomes available.

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

SailFin 2.0 is Now Available! Also GlassFish v2.1.1

Today was the release of SailFin v2 (download, home, wiki) and its companion Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0 (download, home). SailFin v2 is a big release; it leverages GlassFish v2.1.1 (more tomorrow) and adds a number of features including high availability, rolling upgrade, flexible network topology, better overload protection, Diameter support, improved diagnosability, Java based DCR files for the load balancer, and more.

I can't cover SailFin v2 properly but I'll collect some of the relevant links so you can follow them up.  Start with Binod's overview: SailFin v2 Released! and move from there:

Some of the major changes are:

As part of the release, the team has posted a number of new entries, including:

Older posts worth checking include:

Finally, a list for PR/Press reports:

Note - GlassFish v2.1.1 is also available from Sun's Download Center and from the Community Site. More on that release tomorrow. And the OpenMQ 4.4 (and 4.4.1 RC1) are available from here.

Friday Aug 14, 2009

GlassFish Releases - Updated Comparison Table


Alexis and Paul have updated the GlassFish Release Feature Table that compares GlassFish v2, v3 Prelude and v3 Preview. My shortened summary is still applicable:

v2.1 is for production deployments, v3 Preview is a beta for v3 final and v3 Prelude is/was a transitional release...

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

Schedule for GlassFish v2.1.1


The next public release in the GlassFish v2 Family is GlassFish v2.1.1. The key dates are: Hard Code-Freeze: Aug. 24; Release Candidates: Sept. 9 - Oct. 7; Release Oct. 28.

Currently available in two formats from the Download Page: image (image-b24-darwin) and installer (installer-b24-darwin); the final release will also include all the other standard distributions expected by our Paying Customers.

Monday Jun 29, 2009

What's the Right GlassFish Release For You?


Alexis has a nice summary of the different GlassFish releases, explaining how to Choose the Right Release: GlassFish v2.1, GlassFish v3 Prelude or GlassFish v3 Preview. In a nutshell, v2.1 is for production deployments, v3 Preview is a beta for v3 final and v3 Prelude is/was a transitional release...

... but you want the full story, so check Alexis' Answers...

... or just ask Ask the Magic 8 Ball :-)

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

Grails 1.1 on GlassFish v2


Grails 1.1 is available on the GlassFish v2 Update Center. Thanks to Vivek and the team for delivering on it, and to Alexis for the tip. Still working on making this available on the GFv3 Update Center; Alexis has started a series to help other groups contribute to the repository.

Related entries are tagged Grails.

Monday Apr 06, 2009

Map of the GFv2 Family... Or, Name That Release!

Last week Sun released the latest patch (commercial) release in the GFv2 family and I've updated the corresponding entries in GF for Business. The relationship can be depicted graphically as follows:


Note that GFv2.1 is also GFv2U2p6 and GFv2.1p1 is also GFv2U2p7.

GFv2.1 is playing double-duty as we follow the Enterprise Support Model where we provide regular patches to our customers which we then incorporate in the next public release.

Additional links:

GF v2 - Release Overview.
GFv2.1 (aka GFv2U2p6) - Release Overview.
GFv2.1p1 (aka GFv2U2p7) - Release Overview.
JavaEE and GF SDKs and Java.Net - Public Downloads
GlassFish Portfolio - Commercial Offering

Monday Mar 23, 2009

NetBeans 6.5.1 Now Available... NetBeans 6.7 Getting Ready


Two news items for the cost of one:

First an Announcement of the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.5.1. This is a minor release that bundles GlassFish v2.1 instead of GlassFish v2 and incorporates NB 6.5 Patches and other Bug fixes.

Check out the Full Details, and then you can go to the Download Page.


The second is a call for participation in NB 6.7 NetCAT. NetBeans 6.7 (previously 7.0) is the release targeted for JavaOne; it recently released M2 (Download, Details) and its features include Ergonomic IDE and even better non-Java language support, including PHP, C/C++, Ruby/Rails and Groovy/Grails.

NB 6.7 follows NB 6.1 (Apr 08) and NB 6.5 (Nov 08)