Thursday Sep 10, 2009

VirtualBox Web Console - and VB 3.0.6 Release


The VirtualBox team has started a new project to create an AJAX-based Web Console for VBox. The project is open source under MIT License; check out the Code and the USER and DEV mailing lists. The team is reporting on the progress via its Blog, recent posts covered the Kickoff, an Overview of Architecture, and the Initial Implementation.

The Web Console relies on services in the latest maintenance-release of VirtualBox: VBox 3.0.6 (ChangeLog, Download, Download). Our best wishes to the new project; we will track its evolution here.

Friday Jul 10, 2009

VirtualBox 3.0.2 is available


As expected, after last week's big VirtualBox 3.0 Release we now have a 3.0.2 maintenance release. See the Changelog and get it from the Download sites.

In the meantime, adoption of VirtualBox continues to grow (Google Trends, VBox Buzz).

Wednesday Jul 01, 2009

VirtualBox 3.0 is out - Multiple Virtual CPU Support (and more)


VirtualBox 3.0, is now available for download. This is a major release (PR), most notable is support for guest SMP support - up to 32 vCPUs. Also included is support for OpenGL 2.0 for Windows, Linux and Solaris guests and experimental support for Direct3D 8/9 on Windows guests.

Check the Changelog Details and then go to download page.

Andy has a nice Overview and Podcast; Jeff has an overview focused on Virtual SMP Support. Other Sun reviews come from Rudolf and Homer. Non-Sun reviews include Softpedia, Virtualization Review and an early mention in InfoWeek.

The ZDnet/CNet folks have several reviews on VirtualBox and seem increasingly positive about it - see Jason Perlow's Very Positive Review (earlier last year he had written a V12N Comparison based on VBox 1.6) and Dan Kusnetzky Review; also see their Screenshot Gallery. On the CNetTV, check Tom Merritt's story on Installing Windows 7 RC on VBox.

Finally, this is a very interesting release and I believe it will make a big difference in applicability of VirtualBox, but all major releases "push the envelope" a bit. I'm not in the VirtualBox team but, based on their Release History I'd expect follow-up maintenance releases "soon".

Friday Jun 26, 2009

What's JeOS, and Why You Should Care?

Earlier in the month, we announced a Virtual Image for WebSpace. In the note I mentioned that that image included a "JeOS OpenSolaris Prototype", and that effort was Formaly Announcement on Tuesday. JeOSs play an important piece of the virtualization story, so here is a set of links to get you up to speed quickly.


JeOS stands for "Just Enough OS" ("just right" as with the Three Bears). JeOS is usually described as including the JeOS media ( OS core {Kernel,Drives,Login} + OS Mimimum maintenance tools + Minimum user space tools ) + Packages repository (DVD or Network based). The term is relatively new; an early (initial?) reference seems to be from Jordi's; also see Cocktail.

There are different JeOS depending on what OS they are based. Linux is currently a popular base; three variants are Ubuntu JeOS (Wikipedia, WebSite, and How to use it), Oracle (Oracle EL JeOS and Product Page) and Novell (Novell SUSE JeOS, LimeJeOS Blog details).

We believe that there are some benefits in having an OpenSolaris based JeOS, and several folks have been working on that. The Announcement Above is part of that process; more links in follow-up notes.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

Virtual Image for GlassFish WebSpace Server


Several teams at Sun have collaborated to put together a Virtual Machine Template for the GlassFish WebSpace Server. The image is available in a number of formats for VirtualBox (OVF, VDI) and for VMware Workstation (VMDK) and VMware Server ESX (VMDK) and bundles WebSpace, GlassFish, MySQL, and a JeOS prototype of OpenSolaris.

With this image the evaluation of WSS is very easy: I already had VBox so I first downloaded the OVF Image; then I imported it and accepted its Configuration Panel, started it, read the end point URL from the VBox Console, pointed my browser there and followed the link in the Image Start Page to the WebSpace Welcome Page.

More details at Gabor's Announcement and in the Documentation Page.

Sunday May 24, 2009

VirtualBox Webinar - Now Available as a SlideCast


I have uploaded the recordings rom last Friday's Special Webinar on VirtualBox. This includes FlashVideo, MP3 and also SlideCast, which allows you to skim through the slides and listen to the recording for the sections you are specially interested.

In this webinar, s7 talks about how RDP is used in VBox; s10 on how 21K VBox images will be used during JavaOne; s11 on the VBox release cycle (s11); s12/s13 shows adoption indicators, and s25ff talks about the VBox Networking modes.

I'm planning to provide SlideCast versions of all future recording, and also convert some of the previous ones.