Monday Sep 24, 2007

Branches, Branches... GlassFish Branches...

GlassFish Development Branches

Nice post from Abhijit where he captures graphically, and in more detail, the Future GlassFish Releases. Abhijit covers GFv2 UR1, GFv2.1 (tentative name) and GFv3. Read his Detailed Entry or go directly to the Diagram.

Abhijit is also pointing out to the forums where the discussion are actually happening, the mailing lists, Wikis and Concalls.


Friday Jun 09, 2006

Guidelines for GlassFish v1 UR1

Railroad Switch

Jerome describes the technical details of GlassFish v1 UR 1. He describes goals (limited, bug fixes, alignment with tools), release vehicle (tools and web download), tentative release schedule (around September?), checking guidelines (only approved bugs) and bug handling (fix bugs in trunk first, then backport).

GlassFish v1 UR1 has limited goals; most new activity will go into GF v2, which is the main trunk. We will endeavor to keep GF v2 stable enough that it is useable through its development cycle.

Thursday May 11, 2006

The Java EE 5 SDK is final !!

After a couple of months in beta, the Java EE 5 SDK is now final, you can download it from the new Java EE hub page. On that page you'll also notice a couple of additional downloads :

Alternatively can download the components independently if you know what you're after or are bandwidth challenged.

Friday May 05, 2006

Which GlassFish Build to Use...

GlassFish Mashup

Life does not end after FCS (first customer ship), so we are already creating builds for the next release. We handle this the usual way: create a branch for the release that is being stabilized, and let normal development happen in the next release. Unfortunately the naming for the builds is confusing some developers.

Carla explains the situation briefly, while Sahoo goes into more detail. The bottom line is that our build naming convention needs to be fixed and that should happen very soon. Life before JavaOne is a bit hectic, so thanks for your patience...

Wednesday May 03, 2006

GlassFish build 47 available

GlassFish promotions are happening out of the normal promotion schedule as we try to finalize the build. Twice we thought we had a final release (b46 and b47). We're still testing and hope that the b47 passes all tests.