Thursday May 06, 2010

MySQL track at ODTUG conference 2010

MySQL track at Kaleidoscope

The Oracle Development Tools Users Group (ODTUG) is holding its annual conference in Washington, DC, from June 27th to July 1st. The great news this year is that, at popular demand, there will be a MySQL track, organized and manned by the MySQL community.

The ODTUG is an independent group of very skilled Oracle users, fond of high level training, specifically in matters of development tools. This year, after the Sun acquisition was finalized, the ODTUG board of directors asked the MySQL community to provide some contents for their conference, since a large part of ODTUG members are also MySQL users.

The task was happily taken by two recently named Oracle ACE Directors, Ronald Bradford and Sheeri K. Cabral, who have quickly put together a MySQL track full of talents. Thanks, Ronald, and Sheeri: that was a hell of a job that you have pulled in such a short time!

This is what seems to be the start of a good cooperation between communities. I see happy faces from both sides. Now let's see how it evolves on the conference grounds!

Friday Sep 12, 2008

MySQL Use case Competition - When theory meets practice

Sakila Writer

MySQL 5.1 is almost ready for prime time, but in the meantime some brave users have already started putting it to work in production environment.

MySQL wants to hear from these intrepid souls. The MySQL 5.1 use Case competition is under way. We want feedback from users who have found a practical usage for 5.1 features, and also from the ones who have met usability challenges.

Two articles have already been published from the competition submissions. One showing a popular soccer team using MySQL 5.1 and one proposing a creative way of managing large storage. More articles will come with your feedback

If you are using MySQL 5.1 in production, please let us know!

Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

Japanese GlassFish User Group is now up and running

Japanese GUG logo

Japan now has a GlassFish User Group:

• Japanese GlassFish User Group Homepage -

Of course, there's also the Japanese Aquarium

Monday Apr 16, 2007

Reminder: GlassFish at Googleplex tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Map of googleplex

A reminder from Harpreet and Ludo that tomorrow, Tue, April 17th (2007) is the GlassFish Users Group meeting in Mountain View, at the Googleplex.

The meeting will be at Tunis Conference Room, (Bldg. 43). Full details here; you can also check the previous announcement, and the official announcements ([1], [2]).

Monday Oct 16, 2006

Community Translations - JAG's Experiment and GlassFish Wiki

We live in a very diverse world and there is a lot of non-english content and non-english speaker developers, administrators and users. The localization requirements may vary depending on the target audience; for some it may be a hard requirement, for others could be useful, for some redundant. So, two questions...

Map of Language Families

On the developer side James has started an experiment in Community translation experiment for Java SE. I encourage you to consider contributing there and, should we do the same for Java EE?

And, since I have your attention, one of the ideas with the GlassFish Wiki was to localize some (not all) of it. Do you think that will be useful? Want to volunteer? See my earlier blog.

BTW, I tried to get some good links about the use of non-english languages in the internet and I could not find a particulary good link. If you have one, please share it with us.