Thursday Apr 05, 2007

Joe likes King Crimson and JAX-WS

Cover photo from THRAK's album

Joe has kind words for JAX-WS despite Arun interfering his listening to Dinosaur (from THRAK). From his recent blog:

This is excellent and it's exactly what it should be. Way to go, JAX-WS people.

Thanks, Joe, we hope you will like the rest of GFv2 the same... but, if you don't, let us know why!

Friday Dec 01, 2006

Is that what you meant? Best Match for Commands in GlassFish

Duke Waving

The command line interpreter in the latest GlassFish builds will give you the best matches if you mistype your commands. So if you type asadmin create-domian options... it will suggest asadmin create-domain options.... It also supports wildcards and more.

Really handy for interactive use, specially for some of us, with high mistyping rates...

Check Jane's blog for details and try it out from the download page.

Wednesday Nov 08, 2006

One TCP Port to Rule Them All

Close up of The One Ring

Grizzly is steadly being used by more and more components in GlassFish, and this is yielding a number of benefits. One is that it seems possible to service multiple protocols through the same TCP port. This is what JeanFrancois calls the Grizzly Port Unification mechanism.

It is still early but we will soon find out how this can play in GlassFish v2. Check JFA's blog and this Discussion Thread.

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006

Discussion on Usage Profiles in GlassFish ... and, is this how to get feedback?

Duke for GlassFish V2

Profile support is a key mechanism to make GlassFish V2 usable to simple developers and complex deployments. Kedar will be presenting the current proposal today, Wednesday, at 9am Pacific (GMT-7) time. I meant to post this yesterday but I scheduled it for the wrong day, my apologies for the short notice!

Check the One Pager, and participate in the concall. For more information and future meetings, check the UE Wiki page.

Now, here is a question for the community. I would like to see more Non-Sun participation in these discussions, and I'd welcome suggestions on how to improve that. The current approach used by the GlassFish team relies on concalls to quickly cover the material initially, but a concall requires synchronicity and makes it hard for a casual or latecomer to participate. Groups like Apache rely on mailing lists, but these can drag over long periods of time - and email conversations do not work very well over +11 TZs.

In the brave new world of Wikis, forums, flashd demos, etc... do you have suggestions on how to increase participation without substantially slowing down development? Let us know your ideas so we can start trying them out.

Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Container Automation: GlassFish vs Tomcat

Tomcat Logo

This is short notice, but, this morning (9am US Pacific time) Kohsuke will present at the latest User Experience meeting. He will be discussing his recent experiences in Tool Automation on GlassFish vs Tomcat. Please consider attending, or following up on one of the email threads on this topic.

Meeting logistics and future agendas are in the User Experience Wiki Page. We are still figuring out how to make these meetings as useful and practical as possible, so constructive feedback on that would be appreciated.