Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Creating IPS Packages - Part III: Different Strategies


Do you want your favorite package to be one-click away from millions of desktops Around the World? If so, help us add these packages to the GlassFish community repositories.

To help this Alexis has been writing a series of blog entries; the last entry explains Different Strategies for Different Types of Components, covering Frameworks and Libraries, Applications Running in GlassFish, Applications Independent of GlassFish and GlassFish Extensions (HK2/OSGi Components).

Previous posts covered: Overview of Concepts and Hibernate as a Sample; more posts will follow soon.

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Creating IPS Packages - Part II: Hibernate Sample


Alexis has published his second article in a series ([1]) on creating IPS packages for GlassFish v3, this time explaining how to create the Hibernate package.

The latest post gives detailed instructions on the process needed, including setup, key files and directories, Authoring the Hibernate IPS package example and Publishing and testing. More entries to follow; our goal is to make it very easy for you to publish your favorite packages to the community repository so that hundreds of thousands of people can use them.

Also see other entries tagged as IPS and UpdateCenter

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

Creating IPS Packages - Part I: Overview


Alexis has started a new series to document / encourage more IPS packages for our GFv3-based repository. The first post introduces the packaging and repository concepts and provides links to a number of entry points like the UpdateCenter2 and GlassFish-Repo projects.

Alexis's next post will use as an example the existing hibernate package in the v3 repository; then he will document how to create these packages for frameworks, Java EE applications, standalone applications, and GlassFish extensions. Check them out and let us know how the whole experience works for you; our goal is to improve the process.

Other related entries are tagged IPS

Monday Mar 02, 2009

Hibernate JPA on GlassFish - One Click Away via your Update Tool


GlassFish v3 uses EclipseLink as the default JPA provider but it supports Hibernate equally well, and, thanks to the benefits of IPS and the UpdateCenter, that's just a click away: just fire the updatetool and clicking on the package.

For more details - but just a few more, there is really not much to tell - check on Mitesh's writeup.

Monday Feb 23, 2009

ICEfaces at GlassFish Update Center


ICEfaces is now in the GlassFish v2 Update Center, this includes the Ajax Push Server and several demos. Check out Ted's Announcement and also the previous report on JSF 2.0 early support.

You can also check Ted's 10' Prezo from the Portfolio Launch.

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

JSF 2.0 PR2 - Now Available (but remember to set "View All Versions!")


The JSF team has released a New Version of JSF 2.0 (release notes, changelog, JSF). We welcome and encourage feedback, although note this is an early access, spec and implementation-wise.

You can install the ZIP manually or the IPS repositories automatically using either the admin console or the update tool. The repositories are very convenient but check what is your preferred repository and remember to set your "View All Versions!" - see ScreenShot.

We are working on improving the experience of using the repositories; your feedback is very appreciated.

Saturday Jan 31, 2009

Preferred Repositories, UpdateTools, and the JSF Update - and a small bug

As promised in yesterday's note here are the details on the UpdateCenter (2.0) bug and "update logic" ...


The story starts with Ryan releasing new JSF packages in December; updates that my update tool didn't see. Several JSF team folks I contacted reported success so I assumed I was affected by a new bug and later wrote an entry. But last week I finally had some time and there are two different issues:

• The first one is a usability issue: the Update Tool checks for updates from multiple repositories one of which is preferred. The community and the Sun distributions of GFv3 Prelude have different configurations and our observed behavior reflected which distro we were testing.

• After we realized the first, the second issue was easy: just a simple bug, 1075.

The result is that we are going to fix 1075, and, we are going to look at how we define the search through the repositories, and how we report on possible updates - the current arrangement is just too error-prone. If you have experiences with similar mechanisms that you want to contribute please let us know.

Friday Jan 30, 2009

New IPS (pkg(5) Toolkit - Entitlements and more


Version 2.1 of the IPS-based, multi-platform, package management system is now available for Download. Full details are available in the Release Notes but Tom's announcement lists the highlights and Joe provides an screencast of the features.

Probably the most significant new feature in 2.1 is entitlement support, which will enables us to use it to deliver our commercial products. The first GlassFish product that will use the new release is WebSynergy, now "almost out".

The team is already working on version 2.2 to fixing some bugs and add features / improvements, including some issues I stepped on while trying out the latest JSF Package; I'll try to write about those later in the weekend (... done).

Sunday Dec 07, 2008

... Reglib or JQuery, IPS and UpdateCenter, and Wikipedia and MySQL

Some recent news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

JQuery is a small and fast JavaScript Framework (Wikipedia, homepage). JQuery is very popular (Google Trends!), but Greg (Reimer - one of the developers of Sun.Com) was interested in exploring a declarative approach to JavaScript programming and created reglib (for registration library). JavaScript fiends can start at Reg's reglib vs JQuery post, and then browse though his Other posts, and then go Download the code.

The pack(5) (i.e. IPS) toolkit continues to make progress. Although it came from the OpenSolaris effort it is really platform independent and IPS is at the core of the new Update Center for GlassFish v3. Check the IPS blog and the IPS Best Practices Wiki. A recent good presentation is outlined in Intro to pkg(5) - I'd like to schedule one for TheAquarium Online series.

Finally a story that is a couple of weeks old; Wikipedia is going to use Sun's OpenStorage products to run MySQL (see Jonathan's entry). Hopefully we will see many more to come in the future as we continue to Optimize the Performance of MySQL on Sun's Systems.

Thursday Dec 04, 2008

Jersey News - 1.0.1 in Update Center; New Examples; Roadmap; Webinar


Jersey 1.0.1 is Now Available with many changes and improvements, including improved integration with Spring, new MIME multipart API, Maven archetypes, samples, and IoC SPI (see Paul's overview). The easiest way to install it is from the Update Centers: GFv3 UC and GFv2 UC.

The Jersey team is already working on the next release 1.0.2 (see Roadmap), and also collaborating with the EJB 3.1 EG on the Integration with EJB 3.1.

Arun also recently published two new tips on Jersey: Jersey and Embedded GlassFish and Jersey's Client API. And you may also want to pencil in January 15th for a Webinar set on this area - see GlassFish.TV schedule.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

260K GlassFish v2 Registrations and other Adoption Indicators


Paul has pushed out a new GeoMap with the data updated through November 2008. We also have updated registration numbers and new Update Center pings. Here is a summary of the numbers:

GFv2 Registrations - 261,506; up from 150K on July 14 and 200K on Sept 25.
GFv3 Prelude Registrations - 17,548
Admin Pings - 5,217,927 hits from 487,897 different IPs
Update Center pings - 113,208 in October, total is 493,193 users

The usual disclaimers about how each of these metrics has a flaw or another, but also the usual comment that all the indicators are pointing the same way: up.

Monday Nov 17, 2008

The Way the Update Center Works - Grails 1.0.4 for GlassFish


This is what the Update Center enables: Nov 14: Graeme announces Grails 1.0.4; Nov 17th: Alexis announces its Availability in the Update Center. Way to go Vivek et al!

Download GlassFish v3 Prelude, and check the update center for the new packages (you can do it directly from the admin console); then select the "grails" component and install it. Wait a bit (it is 49MB!) and there you go. Also check out Vivek's presentation on Scripting in GFv3 Prelude and Alexis' Grails Intro Screencast.

Friday Oct 10, 2008

... FunRadio, Grizzly2 Progress, UpdateCenter 2 RC4, BPEL Migration, MacBooks

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

We had already mentioned that RTL Uses GlassFish. RTL Group is the largest TV, Radio and production company in Europe. is one of their companies (Website) and they are now also running on GlassFish (v2 U1).

Oleksiy writes about the Roadmap and the Recent Updates for Grizzly 2. Oleksiy and JeanFrancois recently gave a Webinar on this topic at TheAquarium Online that goes into plenty of detail (wiki page, SlideShare).

More UpdateCenter 2 progress getting ready for GFv3 Prelude. Chris (Kampemier) points to the RC 4 build and Chris (Kasso) explains how the Desktop Notifier works.

One of the key technologies in OpenESB (and thus on GlassFish ESB) is BPEL. There are differences between the old (1.1) and the new (2.0) standard; check out the new BPEL Migration page.

Apple is getting ready to release new notebooks. I admire the way Apple/Steve focuses in delivering "got-to-have" products, and I expect this event to be no different. We Will Find out on the 14th...

Sunday Oct 05, 2008

... JavaEE 6 Progress, IPS Wiki, Hudson and Windows, Graphical BPEL, and Sony PRS700 vs Kindle 2

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Roberto has provided a Schedule Update for JavaEE 6. As a brief summary: JAX-RS is in Final Draft, EJB 3.1 in Public Draft, and the remaining specs will also be in PD by end of October, and all the specs are planned to be final by JavaOne 09 (June 2-5, 2009).

Chris, in the UC2 team, has announced a new user-focused site for the multi-platform IPS-based tool. The IPSBestPractices site resides at Wikis.Sun.Com where it can leverage additional functional facilities and (equally more important) improved availability.

The latest Hudson builds (Download, ChangeLog) have new facilities for self-installing on Windows servers. Check Kohsuke's entries on Hudson 1.253 (the latest is 1.255) and Installing Hudson on Windows Got Easier.

BPEL is a key tool for users of tools like GlassFish ESB (site) but, as Adam points out, its diagrams are not necessarily at the ideal level. So, he has been exploring how to overlay some SVG diagrams over the BPEL ones. Check out Adam's Graphical Monitoring for BPEL 2 and give him feedback.

Finally, the retailers are already getting ready for Christmas so we are seeing the last batch of consumer-focused devices, including the latest E-Books: Sony's PRS 700 and Amazon's Kindle 2. The Sony looks prettier and has a touch-screen, but the G3 purchase connectivity of the Kindle is still very compelling. We will see...

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

GlassFish v3 Update Center... So Far, So Good!


It's nice when things work as designed! Ludo had to reboot his MacOS-X laptop (same reason as why I did it a sec ago - new iTunes) and the GlassFish v3 Update Tool did what's supposed to do: ask if he wanted to update. And to pile on that, the whole experience was very quick...

After 30 seconds of download and installation time, I was ready to play with the latest GlassFish V3 Prelude bits...

Now, what I don't understand is why, in this day and age, I have to reboot my MacBook just to install a new version of QuickTime - which, btw, I never really wanted! Sigh...