Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Glassfish 4 on Ubuntu Touch

A few years ago, it was unthinkable to most of us that a Java application server can run on a small/mobile device. Now it seems almost passé. Many of you have probably at least passingly heard about running GlassFish on the Raspberry Pi. Mike Croft took things a step further and ran GlassFish 4 on Ubuntu Touch.

In a recent entry on the C2B2 blog, Mike goes through the steps of installing Ubuntu, installing Java and installing/running GlassFish. Pretty cool read if you are a gadget fiend!

Thursday Mar 04, 2010

GlassFish in February


The breadth and depth of the community is nicely illustrated by the variety of recent GlassFish-related blog posts. First, long time GlassFish supporter Masoud has a very detailed (it's actually a chapter of a book) OpenMQ from A to Z entry. On the operations side, Byron has a set of two posts on How to Run GlassFish V3 as a Service on Linux Ubuntu/Debian and a follow-up on using a non-root Service (see also thisGentoo variation by Jason), while Felipe's on provisioning GlassFish v3 resources with asadmin.

In the "nice words" category, Juliano has a nicely written "Java Enterprise Development - 2010 style" piece and Maksim says "GlassFish is becoming new de facto standard in Java applications. Development with new GlassFish v3 server and Eclipse now is really fast and comfortable. Server starts within a second, JEE6 is fully supported and hot code replacement works as it should.".

On the Java EE 6 and web tier side we have Bobby sharing a tool for exploring the platform, Aleksey discussing a "Grizzly 2.0: simple authentication example", while Justin puts GlassFish embedded to work with Wicket. Rene has a two-part article on running a Java EE 6 Client Application with Netbeans 6.8 and GlassFish V3 - Part 1: Creating a Basic Application and Part 2: Enhancing and Deploying the Application while Jacob goes through the simple setup to have GlassFish and Intellij 9 work together.

So while we wait for the GlassFish roadmap, we've seen one of the busiest month ever for February on the user mailing list and this recent message from the GlassFish Product Management "GlassFish, and by extension, Metro, are strategic Oracle products". Exciting times ahead!

Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Competition is good - Palm Pre, Sony Vaio P, Dell Adiamo, Windows 7

I am a strong believer that Competition is Good for Customers, and this week's CES Show was another reminder; some examples from there:


Palm Pre - This seems one of the best of the iPhone challengers - looks like a good OS, multi-tasking/touch, physics, nice design and a keyboard. See homepage, wikipedia, Gizmodo and PCWorld.
Sony Vaio P - This one looks like a nice netbook, with a wide screen, build around a good sized keyboard. The use of a trackpoint means the whole thing can be sized just for the keyboard - would love to try it out. Competition for the "lesser" netbooks and the always rumored iPod tablet? See Gizmodo, Engadget.
Dell Adiamo - This one (if the promise matches the buzz) would compete with MacBook Air; if it keeps with Dell's pricepoints, it would help with the pricing. See Gizmodo and Engdget.
Windows 7 - This one, I hope will help keep Apple focused in doing a good job with MacOS. Ubuntu and, I'd hope soon, OpenSolaris, can help with the pressure, but I've felt that the quality of the desktop offerings from Apple has decreased since the iPod/iPhone started generating so much money, and they can use a strong competidor. See homepage and Gizmodo.

Now, back to our usual topics, helping you by providing our own competition :-)

Saturday Jul 05, 2008

Faster Deployment of GlassFish in Eclipse


NetBeans and Eclipse both support the GlassFish Server (see other posts at TA: NetBeans and Eclipse). Sun is more invested in NB and the support there has been traditionally better (e.g. see Adam's note) but the Eclipse support is improving too.

Markus reports on two simple ways to Speed-up Deployments into GlassFish from Eclipse. The first involves a workaround using asadmin deploydir to do directory deployment. The other involves selectively turning off Anti-Virus checking. In his case, the combination sped up deployment by 40%.

BTW, Markus had an earlier post worth checking out: GlassFish v2 on Debian or Ubuntu.

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

GlassFish v2 in Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS)


Hardy Heron is the code name for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Announcement, CNet Article). LTS stands for Long-Term Support: which means supported with security updates for five years on the server and three years on the desktop.

Hardy Heron goes out in 2 days and GlassFish v2 is part of the release - check out the GF Package Entry, the Release Schedule, and, for the impatient and brave souls, the Release Candidate.

Sunday Apr 13, 2008

Installing GF v2 on Ubuntu


The Ubuntu repositories (MultiVerse) today have GlassFish v1 (@feisty, @gutsy) so a simple apt-get on(for example) Gusty Gibon will get GFv1, but...

Installing GFv2 is quite easy - check the notes from Rob (Plain Install) and Jasper (Extra Administration Details).

And, yes, we are working on updating the repositories.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

Setting GlassFish v2 on Ubuntu


Ken started a series of blogs on how to Set up Sun's Web Stack on Ubuntu and his latest entry explains How to Install GlassFish.

Earlier entries have explained how to install VMWare and Sun Web Server.

Sunday Jul 22, 2007

GlassFish, jMaki and Friends at Ubuntu Live and at OSCON

Portland Skyline

Portland is hosting two Open Source events next week: Ubuntu Live and OSCON.

Although we did not submit a session on GlassFish (GF v2 fcs is around the corner), there are many good sessions and GlassFish and jMaki are represented in the show floor.

Check out Ken's overview of the week's pods and parties and Arun's exhaustive list of OSS sessions by our friends and relatives. And my presonal recommendation to the sessions by Mark on OpenJDK and by Ian on Project Indiana.

Thursday May 24, 2007

GlassFish One-Click Away from your Dell Desktop?

Ubuntu on Dell

Your GlassFish v1 is now just one apt-get away from your Dell computer! Following on the Initial Announcement , today Dell announced that Feisty Fawn is now Now Available on three of their consumer computers!

I want to join Barton and many in congratulating Dell and Ubuntu

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

GlassFish, NetBeans and more in Feisty Fawn

Ubuntu Logo

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is now available. This release includes GlassFish v1 as well as NetBeans 5.5, Java DB (Derby) and Java SE 6. This is a big milestone for all these technologies and, from the GlassFish community, our deep thanks to everybody involved!

The release is being received very enthusiastically. Here are some useful links:

•  Harpreet provides Installation Steps, package information and Trivia on the effort.
•  Mark's Announcement and Sun Press Release.
•  SlashDot
•  Luna Park review
•  Linux Planet, eWeek, Eclipse Developers Journal, Information Week...
•  News... via Yahoo and via Google.
•  News in Italy, Israel, Rusia, Spain (1, 2), Colombia, Brazil, Croatia, France...
•  Bloggers [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11]

The Ubuntu release will be discussed in GlasssFish Day as part of CommunityOne. Attendance is free but limited and you need to register.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

More GlassFish on Ubuntu ... Will be Included in Distros...


A quick follow-up to our Previous Report: Canonical has announced that it will bundle GlassFish in its distributions. Check this CNet News piece. This is very good news; we hope to see additional bundling opportunities in the future...

Saturday Nov 04, 2006

GlassFish on Ubuntu


Harpreet is an Ubuntu Fan, and Rick Also Likes Ubuntu. Since next week is Ubuntu Developer's Summit, Harpreet decided to do a more careful check on the status on GlassFish on Ubuntu. The result is that it already passes almost all tests - Check his Blog.

I know that Harpreet and a few other members of the GF community are going to the Summit, so we will report any new developments from there.