Friday Feb 24, 2012

@glassfish passed 5k followers and 400k video views

If Social Media is any indication of the health of a community, GlassFish just passed 5000 followers on Twitter and 400 000 video views on its YouTube channel.

Are you one of them?

As numbers continue to grow, those JDK 7 underscores in numeric literals will soon come in handy ;)


Wednesday May 25, 2011

Quick social media report - Twitter and YouTube

Quick note to pass on the fact that GlassFish has just passed :
• 3000 followers on twitter and
• 200k upload views on our YouTube channel

Join the discussion!


Monday May 10, 2010

JavaOne Acceptances on Twitter and History on Google

The acceptances for presentations at JavaOne have started to arrive, and the agenda for the conference can almost be constructed just from searching on twitter for #javaone... and it seems a good set of sessions.

Google's new search tool for tweeter history clearly shows the spike the acceptance-driven spike.

This will be the first conference under Oracle. It will feel different than in past years because most of it will not be at the Moscone, but it is an opportunity to give it its own feeling. I like that Mason St. between O'Farrell and Ellis will be a Big Tent; and Oracle certainly knows how to throw a good party. Still quite a bit of time until the event; we will see how it all unfolds.

BTW, while looking for the JavaOne tweeter stream I noticed that Google also has new tool to provide a chronological view of pages found searching for JavaOne, with a histogram and a chronological listing.  Unfortunately, some of the early pages are not available, but still entertaining: check it out.

Saturday Feb 13, 2010

Feedback on Twitter and FaceBook in GlassFish Community?


Now that the See Oracle+Sun acquisition is settling down, it is time to plan how to move forward on many fronts. As part of that, I'd like to revisit how we use Twitter (@glassfish) and FaceBook.

I did a quick sample/pass over how other groups/companies are using Twitter (see How Many Followers Does Whole Foods Have?) but if you have any feedback please post it as comments on this entry.

I still have to look at our approach to FaceBook; comments on it are specially welcome.

Monday Feb 08, 2010

Hudson News - Oracle, New Blog, Twitter Feed, Windows Installer

Catching up on Hudson news in the last couple of weeks:

The most important change is that on Jan 27th, during the Strategy Presentations around the completion of Change in Control of the acquisition of Sun, Thomas Kurian indicated that Oracle was going to continue supporting Hudson as an Open Source project, to be integrated into Oracle's offerings (other CiC news in the Summary Post).

As part of the CiC, Kohsuke is now in the Developer Tools group, under Ted Farrell, which provides continuity for the current arrangement: although Kohsuke will no longer report to me, he will work full-time on Hudson with a large number of other committers into the project.

In other news:


• Kohsuke has made available a MSI Installer for Hudson on Windows (download).
Tyler has started the new official Hudson Blog.
• Follow Hudson News via Twitter at @hudsonci.
• We will continue to track key Hudson news at TA and @glassfish.

Saturday Dec 05, 2009

Twitter and GlassFish News

Over the last months we have been increasing our activity at Twitter and I think we will be ready to start using it more widely during our GlassFish v3 launch.  The main news account moving forward is going to be glassfish. We are still finalizing the details, but the intention is that you can stay informed of all key GlassFish news if you follow @glassfish - in particular, @glassfish tweets will include links to TheAquarium posts and others.  The main tag will be #glassfish, usage conventions TBD.

No major changes with our personal "tweeting"; several of us (alexis, arun, john, me, others) have been doing it for a bit and will continue to do so; we will figure out a convention so relevant key posts flow automatically to @glassfish w/o overloading the account.

The @theaquarium twitter account will continue, but focused strictly on reposting TA news.

We are also considering different ideas about the use of geotags since the support is beginning to appear in several clients, including Bing and Google.  I'm sensitive about the privacy issue and I'm personally going to use it in a post-by-post basis and at low resolution, but the feature seems useful to build community.

Sunday Nov 08, 2009

New Tools for TheAquarium: Twitter and Weekly News Summary

I've added a couple of new twists to the coverage of GlassFish News at TheAquarium to do a better job while controlling our time investment:

• I've started posting short news posts to my twitter feed as I encounter them;
   also tweeting are Frank, Giuseppe, Andi, Binod and AlexisMP.
• Nobody is tweeting at TheAquarium, but...
   if you want to follow the tweets from the editors, use @theaquarium/editors.
• We will continue doing the usual spotlights posts as time permits,
• I'll do a weekly summary of news uncovered in the spotlights,

I've also started using ScribeFire to reduce the cost of creating posts, but this should be transparent to the readers.

Reporting on news is a losing battle, but I'm hoping that this approach will keep TheAquarium the best source for news on the (larger) GlassFish community while giving the editors a bit more "free" time to invest in other tasks.

Saturday Sep 26, 2009

Wanted - Your Opinion on the Twitter Widgets in TheAquarium


I have mixed feelings about the current arrangement of Twitter widgets at TheAquarium. I like that they help me track conversations and discover news and opinions but the widget takes some time to load and too often the content is blank - I assume infrastructure problems, which they now have money to fix. A reader recently complained about the widgets and I promised to collect feedback via a survey.

So, if you care about the widgets, one way or the other, please go fill in this 3-question Survey...

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

Grizzly 1.9 is out, Twitter demo included


After a short delay to accomodate community members (to integrate their feedback and fix more issues really), Grizzly 1.9 is out. If you've missed the announcement, read Jean-Fran├žois' announcement.

Asynchronous I/O, a new HTTP suspend/resume API, and Comet performance improvements are among the major new features. This 1.9 version is important to GlassFish v3 because of the central role of Grizzly in the new modular architecture and because it will be used in the mid-2009 GlassFish release.

A fairly simple 150-liner servlet to implement a full-duplex async Twitter application (steps, code). Speaking of Twitter, make sure you follow the bear.

Friday Jul 06, 2007

Scala (and Skittr) on GlassFish

Scala Logo

Scala is a modern language that integrates features from both object-oriented and functional languages - and it also interoperates with Java. Scala is starting to gather some fans like Paul and Roberto; Paul in particular has written several entries on Scala, including Scala on Jersey (the JAX-RS RI at GlassFish).

Paul's latest entry shows how to run Scala on GlassFish using the example of Skittr a Scala-based implementation of Twitter. If you like Programming Languages, you may want to check it out; the next few years will be fun....

Added: Don't miss Jamey's comment on this post - it has plenty of useful links.