Thursday Oct 16, 2014

OTN Virtual Technology Summit is approaching. Save the date!

The OTN Virtual Technology Summit is a set of free online events covering various technical topics such as Java SE, Java EE but also Middleware, Database, etc.  Each topic will be presented by a subject matter expert coming either from Oracle or from the community (Java Champions, Oracle ACEs, ...). And during each session, a live chat will let participants ask questions and clarifications on the presented subject. So this is a really great (and free!) learning opportunity.

This time, the Java EE session will be delivered by Josh Juneau, a renowned Java EE specialist and author of 2 popular Java EE 7 books!

More details will be provided soon (detailed agenda with session abstracts, registration page, etc.) will be published soon. But in the meantime, make sure to save the date in your agenda:
  • VTS America : November 18th, 2014 – 9am to 12:30pm PST
  • VTA Asia : November 19th, 2014 – 10:00am to 1:30pm IST
  • VTS Europe : November 26th, 2014 – 9am to 12:30pm GMT

Thursday May 19, 2011

Spend June in Denver and attend Oracle University's "GlassFish Server 3.1: Administration and Deployment"

I've never been to Denver, CO in June but I understand it's a great time to visit and now you have an additional reason with a new course offered by Oracle University :
Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1: Administration and Deployment


The full description for this 4-day course is here (multiple hands-on included, also covers GlassFish Server Control) and the cost is $3000 Dollars. A Live Virtual Class format is also available for the same content.

Tuesday Sep 14, 2010

GlassFish Training at Oracle University

Ryan was looking for the "new" location for GlassFish training coursework at, and we asked John for help. The answer is Oracle University; from there go to its knowledge center and then you are a search away from all the content.

A search on "GlassFish" showed 18 hits; some are from 'old' Sun products but most are for Oracle GlassFish Server.

The search does not seem bookmarkable, :-(, but click on the image at the left for a larger screenshot.

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

Free Training and Webinars - Benefits of GlassFish Registrations

When you download and install the GlassFish Server we ask you to consider registering. We use this to learn about how and where people use GlassFish, and also to distribute special offers. Here are two typical examples:


Free Training - A free 90-day offer for these web-based courses: WMT-SAS-1536, WJ-4112-EE5, WMT-SAS-1543, WMT-SAS-2544, WMT-SAS-2545, WMT-SAS-2546. There is also a promotional 25% off for the admininistration training bundle, and others - see Full Details.

Free Webinars - We recently hosted a free online Webinar on High Availability (e.g see this old registration link). The webinar was very popular; see John report. We will host other webinars, so stay tuned (and register!).

As an update, as of this morning there have been over 330K registrations of GlassFish Servers: 294,501 for GFv2 and already 39,138 for GFv3.

Sunday Apr 27, 2008

Free GlassFish Training


There is a Promotion going on for Free and Discounted Training for GlassFish. The introduction to GlassFish (WMT-SAS-1536) is free. The WS Interop Bundle (WMTB-SAS-1500) is 20% off.

The promotion runs until June 30th, 2008.

Check the Promo Page for details.

Sunday Dec 09, 2007

Week Highlights: Community Awards, NB6 ships, Tunning GF, Wow!

Representation of Connectivity in Internet

• Metro - Training, Metro on Sun WebServer, Security
• Adoption - In a word: Wow!, new GeoMap
• Performance and HA - Apache as Load Balancer, Tuning
• Tools - Podcast, NB6 is OUT!
• Web.Next - Roller 4, Q&A on jMaki, JRuby and Metro
• Community - Awards Program, Update Center contest, Mojarra
• GFv3 - Wishlist for Docs

New Training Classes: WebServices on GlassFish

Student with Teacher

New Java Web Services Instructor-led Training Courses for GlassFish.

Creating Web Services Using Java Technology
Designing Java Web Services
Developing Secure Java Web Services

These courses are for GlassFish v1 but the v2 courses are almost ready.

Thanks to Arun for the tip

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007 has Web Services covered

Sang Shin is the home of many free courses for anyone who wants to enhance their Java skills. Sang Shin, the man behind all this, does an amazing job at revamping the content on a very regular basis (probably the best way for him to stay current!). The last set of updates are for Metro Web Services - JAX-WS, WSIT, ... If you're wondering what taking such a class is like, check out the FAQ.

Among the many topics covered for this class called Web Services Programming (with Passion!), I'd recommend the following : JAX-WS Features on GlassFish, WS-I, and WSIT. You may also be interested in taking the Java EE Programming (with Passion!) class (EJB3, JPA, JSF, Facelets, Spring, Hibernate, etc.)

Thursday Feb 15, 2007

New Training on Java EE 5 from Sun

Swimming Teacher with kids

The Sun Training catalog has updated it Java EE training material with new offerings:

•  Developing Applications for the Java EE Platform (FJ-310)
•  Business Component Development with Enterprise JavaBeans Technology (SL-351)
•  Web Component Development With Servlet and JSP Technologies (SL-314)
•  Java EE 5 Platform and EJB 3.0 - An Expert-to-Engineer Session (WJT-DTJ-1000).

Tuesday Oct 10, 2006

Support Story from the Front-Lines -- SJS AS 9.0/GlassFish

Sun logo

There are many reasons why Sun is supporting Open Source community projects like GlassFish, including System Sales and rapid Java EE 5 Platform Adoption, but plain Revenue is also important. Revenue comes from multiple sources including training and support, and Tim just wrote a blog explaining his inside view on Sun's commercial support of our distribution of GlassFish: SJS AS 9.0.

The support plans for SJS AS 9.x from Sun are being updated as I type, but a good start is this page on Sun's overall Software Service Plans and the move focused Developers Services Page. Or feel free to contact me or other Sun engineers and we will direct you to the right place.

Monday Oct 09, 2006

Training on Java EE 5, Java Persistence and EJB 3

Student in front of laptop

Remember that training class you Helped Fine-Tune?, the real thing is now available as a 2-day, 6-module, Java EE 5 in-depth Web-based course. The list of courses and presenters is very complete: Overview (Bill), EJB 3 (Linda and Ken), JavaPersistence (Linda), Web Services (Roberto, Rajiv, and Dhiru), Web Tier (Ed and Jan) and Java Blueprints (Inderjeet and Greg).

Full content of the Sun's catalog is here. The Training Options are: Classroom, Live via the Web, Recorded, via the Web, CD-ROM, and Team Training. Classroom training requires on-site instructors and this is a global operation, so, if you are interested, check the Instructor Certification Process.

Check New and Upcoming courses; what other areas would you want to see covered? What about JAXB 2.0? What else?

Tuesday Mar 07, 2006

JSF books and training course

Kito Mann

Kito Mann, author of "JavaServer Faces in Action" has developed a training course called "JSF in Action: JavaServer Faces (JSF) with Struts, Shale and Facelets". If you're in the UK and take the course let us know what you think.

Ed Burns who is working on a new book JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference, has posted a couple of useful blogs. One that he posted a while ago Repost: Bringing Ruby on Rails's Flash to JSF. His other post, Repost: Using JAAS with JSF shows how JAAS can be used to provide authentication for JSF web applications.