Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Competition is good - Palm Pre, Sony Vaio P, Dell Adiamo, Windows 7

I am a strong believer that Competition is Good for Customers, and this week's CES Show was another reminder; some examples from there:


Palm Pre - This seems one of the best of the iPhone challengers - looks like a good OS, multi-tasking/touch, physics, nice design and a keyboard. See homepage, wikipedia, Gizmodo and PCWorld.
Sony Vaio P - This one looks like a nice netbook, with a wide screen, build around a good sized keyboard. The use of a trackpoint means the whole thing can be sized just for the keyboard - would love to try it out. Competition for the "lesser" netbooks and the always rumored iPod tablet? See Gizmodo, Engadget.
Dell Adiamo - This one (if the promise matches the buzz) would compete with MacBook Air; if it keeps with Dell's pricepoints, it would help with the pricing. See Gizmodo and Engdget.
Windows 7 - This one, I hope will help keep Apple focused in doing a good job with MacOS. Ubuntu and, I'd hope soon, OpenSolaris, can help with the pressure, but I've felt that the quality of the desktop offerings from Apple has decreased since the iPod/iPhone started generating so much money, and they can use a strong competidor. See homepage and Gizmodo.

Now, back to our usual topics, helping you by providing our own competition :-)

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

... Hibernate on GlassFish, Merb RC3, Grizzly and NIO2, Embedded GlassFish, The Beatles

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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GlassFish includes EclipseLink as its default JPA implementation but works equally well with Hibernate. There are many users of Hibernate, so the question pops up regularly; Alexis provides an Update on the solution, and we are working on making this even easier to our users.

Merb is gaining traction and we are trying to be friendly to all frameworks; see the Merb RC3 Announcement that explicitly refers to improved GlassFish/JRuby support.

The future plans for Grizzly include NIO2 support (see Webinar on the topic); JFA has started a series of blog notes talking about Tricks and Tips with NIO2.

Earlier this year, during JavaOne, Kohsuke showed how to Embedded GlassFish v3. Byron is not now leading the effort and we recently started having Promoted Builds for the embedded binary. Check out Nazrul report on Support for Scattered WARs, plus the additional links.

Finally, it seems that The Beatles will come to RockBand. The details are stil unfolding but this would be the first time that The Beatles show in a digital franchise. I think this highlights the role that players like RockBand have to distribute IP, in a medium that is richer than the old mp3 player - and also harder to pirate. It is also a reminder of the value of distribution channels (in this case the RockBand store).

Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

... JSF 2.0 on GlassFish, Comet Framework, Rack on JRuby, WS-Trust in Metro, 256 Threads in a 4U, new MacBooks

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun shows how to use JSF 2.0 with GlassFish v2 in his Mojarra on GFv2. I believe the current thinking is that JSF 2.0 will not depend on Servlet 3.0 and will be able to run on Java EE 5 containers.

Atmosphere, JFA's new portable Comet framework, is now here; check the Announcement.

Jacob promised more JRuby frameworks and it seems that Rack Support is the first step. Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks, so things like, Merb, build on top of it. Seems a role equivalent to that of modjy in Jython?.

Jiandong shows how to use WS-Trust to Secure Web Services in Metro.

Yesterday's big announcement was T5440 (aka Batoka), a 4 socket, T2-based, 256 hardware threads, at 1.4GHz with up to 512GB memory, all in a 4U chassis! For techies, start with the posts by Allan and Josh, the T5440 WebSite and the Benchmarks. The press has nice reactions: [1], [2], [3]. Also check how to use it to Scale SugarCRM using Ldoms, and the new LDom cookbook. If you like it, give it a Free Try and Buy!.

Today, Apple announced the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Need to go check them out at the local Apple store, but I'm disappointed there is no Blu-Ray nor a sub-1K$ entry (in the new enclosure).

Sunday Oct 05, 2008

... JavaEE 6 Progress, IPS Wiki, Hudson and Windows, Graphical BPEL, and Sony PRS700 vs Kindle 2

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Roberto has provided a Schedule Update for JavaEE 6. As a brief summary: JAX-RS is in Final Draft, EJB 3.1 in Public Draft, and the remaining specs will also be in PD by end of October, and all the specs are planned to be final by JavaOne 09 (June 2-5, 2009).

Chris, in the UC2 team, has announced a new user-focused site for the multi-platform IPS-based tool. The IPSBestPractices site resides at Wikis.Sun.Com where it can leverage additional functional facilities and (equally more important) improved availability.

The latest Hudson builds (Download, ChangeLog) have new facilities for self-installing on Windows servers. Check Kohsuke's entries on Hudson 1.253 (the latest is 1.255) and Installing Hudson on Windows Got Easier.

BPEL is a key tool for users of tools like GlassFish ESB (site) but, as Adam points out, its diagrams are not necessarily at the ideal level. So, he has been exploring how to overlay some SVG diagrams over the BPEL ones. Check out Adam's Graphical Monitoring for BPEL 2 and give him feedback.

Finally, the retailers are already getting ready for Christmas so we are seeing the last batch of consumer-focused devices, including the latest E-Books: Sony's PRS 700 and Amazon's Kindle 2. The Sony looks prettier and has a touch-screen, but the G3 purchase connectivity of the Kindle is still very compelling. We will see...

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

... mod_jk, Brazil, Typo, Roller and SocialSite, xVM, and Online Stores Galore

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From the Grizzly Community - much simpler mod_jk support in GlassFish v3 for improved Apache HTTPD as a front-end. And, an old story about the New Leadership on Grizzly 2.0 - Congrats, Alexey!

From Brazil, several GlassFish-related events during September, The Java Month: first we will have representation at JustJava and several of the 14-city tour, including a Visit by Kohsuke, and then, later in the month, by Arun including Sun TechDays in Sao Paolo. Contact Arun and Kohsuke if you want to leverage their visit.

And talking about Arun, a report on how to Run Typo on GlassFish/JRuby.

From Dave, news of him joining his two babies in a Social Roller; I know he has been iching to work on this for a while, looking forward to the results!

From the xVM Team, a new Home Page and White Paper.

And, from the land of Online Stores, two new developements: news of a New Kindle and noises about an Android App Store. The Kindle seems a sure (continued) winner; I'm curious about how Android will fare - a lot of competition out there!

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

... Free OpenSSO Training, Roller and SocialSite, Mural and MySQL, Caller Roles, and Dreaming of Gadgets,

A compilation of today's (yesterday's!) news of interest:

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From the OpenSSO team, there is now a free (just need an MySun Account) Self-Paced Downloadable Lab for learning how to use OpenSSO. The course is based on OpenSSO Express Build 5. This course uses OpenSSO Build 4.5, which provides identical functionality to OpenSSO Express Build 5 which supports Apache Tomcat, Sun WebServer and GlassFish v2. Check out SuperPat, Rajeev, or go direct to the source, David.

From Dave, presentations at OpenSource Days 2008 on Apache Roller and SocialSite. Plus Dave's Commentary on a note by Matt Asay on SocialSite.

From Kevin a report on Mural (the Master Data Management project at GlassFish) on its Support for MySQL.

From Ron our security master, an entry showing how to Use JACC to Determine Caller Roles, with detailed code snippets.

Finally, not our usual topic but the Engadget piece on the Google Phone got me in Gadgets mode: NYT report on Dream, Treo Pro, BlackBerry Black, HTC Touch and Xperia X1, WiFi PAN vs Bluetooth and Lenovo IdeaPad u8. I don't know how people can track all these! but then, I am not their target audience... check out my Cell Phone :-)

Monday Jul 28, 2008

Alternative Search Engines?


Cuil today launched to much attention, not all positive; then Joyce Pointed me to SearchMe, and that prompted a pass through alternative search engines, collected below searching on "GlassFish".

Of that batch, I agree with Joyce and I find SearchMe to be the most interesting one, although Google is still the most accurate.

Sorted alphabetically:

PowerSet (only Wikipedia)

Any missing engines? Which do you like the best?

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

OpenStorage Recipe: ZFS + Bunch of Disks (+ Flash Memory) = 1$/GB

The second round (my count) of OpenStorage announcements are out. This includes the next rev of Thumper, as well as a new storage family - Sun Storage J4000.


The successor to Thumper is SunFire x4500, faster and bigger than before but still the same storage/server hybrid.

The new storage family combines a Bunch of Disks (BoD) - SATA/SAS - and OpenSolaris/ZFS (and later Flash Memory), to deliver up to 72Gb/sec throughput and up to 192 SATA disks on 16RU at around 1$ per GB.

Additional reading:

• Sun.Com Feature Article and the J4000 Family Overview
• Home pages for the J4000 Family and the Big, Medium and Small brothers
• Blogs: Overviews by George and Taylor Innovating@Sun, Satish on MySQL and SugarCRM
• Richard's entry is worth its own bullet; check it out!
• News: Computer World, InfoWorld, Blocks and Files, The Register
Press Release, SDN Announcement
OpenStorage and OpenSolaris Storage Community

Saturday Jun 21, 2008

Magnum - The Big, The Nano, The Ice Cream


Sun has announced a new InfiniBand switch, the NanoMagnum (DataCenter Switch 3x24); see BMSeer intro and Sun's Press Release. Josh has a Detailed Note that shows how NanoMagnum works, including how 4 NanoMagnums can provide full interconnectivity with 288 nodes (blade servers).

NanoMagnum's bigger brother Magnum (DataCenter Switch 3456) can connect 3456 nodes, or 13,824 in a group of 4. There is a nice description of the two switches in this Interactive Tour. The full systems are the Constellation Systems: home page, tour.

And then there is also the Magnum Ice Cream. Arguably more useful in hot days like today :-)

I've tagged this entry with (geeky) Toys :-)

Monday Jan 28, 2008

BlackBox is Shipping!

Remember Blackbox, the "Data Center in a Shipping Container"? It is now shipping!

The official name is Sun Modular Datacenter S20. Read from some Customers or see its World Tour.

Monday Jul 16, 2007

NOTD - ReThinking The Box - First BlackBox Delivered

Blackbox on a Crane

I can't resist... I am a fan of the "rethink the box" attitude of Project Blackbox and they just shipped to their first customer... Check the Press Article and the SlashDot coverage, and Pauls' writeup for details.

Or go look at the Time-lapsed movie of the installation. It starts at 6am, and the whole thing is done by 11:26am! Way to go!

Other recent "rethinkings" from the Sun hardware team include: Constellation (Blog, movie, press) and Thumper. The new Blade Chasis is pretty cool too, although arguably does not have the same Wow! factor.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

Thumper is out... Sun Fire X4500 and Friends announced today

Sun Fire X4500

Every now and then we can't resist to include some news that are arguably not directly related to the communities we cover... and today is the day for Thumper and Friends. Check Jonathan's preannouncement, today's announcement, Vivek's blog and the SuperComputing Online article.

I find Thumper (Sun Fire x4500) particularly interesting; it uses ZFS to deliver reliable storage on top of very cheap SATA disks. High throughput, very dense, very cheap; 24TB in a 4U configuration! Way to go, Andy!.

Added: Also check the aggregation of 42 Thumpers at TSUBAME here and here.