Sunday Aug 12, 2007

Tutorials on how to use GlassFish with ehCache and JPA, Hibernate and TopLink Essentials

Hong Kong from Victoria's Peak

Max has been doing an interesting series of tutorials using GlassFish, NetBeans and JPA, the Java Persistence API (@Sun, @JCP, FAQ).

The original tutorial covered how to Use Hibernate as JPA Provider and the next showed how to use Additional Hibernate Features. The new series explores JSF and ehCache and revisits Hibernate and TopLinkEssentials: [1], [2], [3] and [4].

Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

New Controls In TopLink Essentials

Image of a Bowl of Rice

Fine-grained control. That's the theme for two new features which Wonseok has implemented in TopLink Essentials (TLE).

The first is a category-specific logging level control. It allows you to turn up logging for one area of TLE (such as its SQL-related logs) without impacting logging in other areas (such as the cache-related logs). The second is a new cascade refresh query hint. It provides runtime control over whether you want a refresh operation to cascade through to related entities or not.

Sometimes it's little knobs like these that can make a world of difference. So be sure to check out the details in Wonseok's writeup.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2006

Wonseok Kim - New Committer at TopLink Essentials

Let's get going Duke

The TopLink Essentials committers have approved Wonseok Kim as a new committer. We used a strawman approval process: Tom Ware was the advocate and submitted Wonseok's name and provided context, the TLE committers voted, and Tom carried the count and reported on the results.

TopLink Essentials is the Reference Implementation of the Java Persistence API, a project in the GlassFish Community. TLE is gaining good adoption and it runs with at least these containers: GlassFish (v1 and v2), SunAS 9.0, OracleAS, Spring 2.0, JEUS 6 and EasyBeans. The volume on its mailing list has been growing nicely in recent months.

Wonseok is our first committer outside of the original committers from Oracle and Sun. A very warm welcome.

Tuesday Sep 26, 2006

Using Log4J (and others) as the Logger in TopLink Essentials

A Marine Log

More Logging...

Wonseok has a followup to his earlier blog where he showed how to Configure a Logger Type in TopLink Essentials. Wonseok proposed a new feature based on that blog, which was discussed by the Development team (including Oracle and Sun) at the (e.g. thread). The result allows customization of the logger, including, for example, log4j.

Check Wonseok's blog for details. And please consider posting back your specialized logger, if you need to write a new one.

Monday Sep 11, 2006

Logging Galore -- Phobos, TopLink Essentials, Java SE....

Logbook from Grand Turk

Logs (and printf()s) are very useful; here are 3 related blogs on this area. The first two show logging for TopLink Essentials (TLE). Adam talks about doing Simple JavaPersistence / SQL monitoring using the machinery included in GlassFish instead of using a JDBC driver like p6spy. Then Wonseok explains how to use the Java Logger when using TLE with Java SE.

Meanwhile, Phobos now has an all-JavaScript logging mechanism like Jakarta Logging. Check Roberto's blog; you will need to rebuild Phobos, this is not included in the current binary build.

Portability of Java EE 5 Applications

House moved over a bridge

Adam argues that Java EE 5 applications are More Portable than in earlier (lesser!) releases. Part of this is the natural progression in the specs. Part of this is the Plugability of the JavaPersistence API implementations: in his case he is switching back and forth between Hibernate/JBoss and TopLinkEssentials/GlassFish.

Check here for other Java Persistence entries, and, if you are interested in portability of your apps, you may want to read about the AVK (see [1] and [2]).

Sunday Sep 10, 2006

Understanding the Caching of TopLink Essentials (Project GlassFish)

Picture of TopLink Cache Architecture

The implementation of Java Persistence API at Project GlassfiFish is TopLink Essentials. Caching is a key feature in any practical implementation of Java Persistence and Wonseok (from TmaxSoft) has just posted a detailed desciption of How Caching works in TopLink Essentials.

TopLink Essentials is used in a number of commertial distributions of GlassFish including Sun (SJS AppServer 9.0 and NetBeans), TmaxSoft (JEUS 6), and Oracle, the original contributor of the technology (see Doug's recent entry on the Previews of OC4J and JDeveloper).