Wednesday Mar 12, 2008

More Tomcat to GlassFish Migration - Virtual Servers and Resources

Egyptian Domesticated Animals

Wolfram, the author of JSP Tutorial describes in two notes how he moved that site from Apache Tomcat to GlassFish.

The first one covers Virtual Servers in GlassFish. This was necessary to run multiple apps in his box (provided by 1x1). The second shows how to use asadmin to Add Resources to be used by his apps. Thanks, Wolfram!

Regarding the image... Andrew Sherratt argues for a follow-up to the Neolithic Revolution based on Secondary Products from the domestication of animals. Yeah, a bit convoluted, but I'm following a revolution theme for the migration articles... :-)

Monday Jan 21, 2008

Migrating Hello World Example from Tomcat To GlassFish

Tomcat Logo

Sekhar's Migrate2GlassFish project is beginning to make progress under Sekhar's direction. Check out his Introduction Note and his latest entry: Migrating From Tomcat to GlassFish.

We are interested in your feedback on what is useful to help you migrate to GlassFish.

Monday Jan 07, 2008

Migrate to GlassFish!

Migration Homepage

The Migration Tool for GlassFish/SJS Application Server has been available for some time now. What Sekhar is announcing is the Open Sourcing of that tool which is GlassFish-specific and picks up where the AVK (Java EE 5 only) left off.

The new homepage for this migration tool is

Other resources include Overview, FAQ, and Documentation.

The tool currently does not support the latest and greatest versions of application servers, but that's not very important given it is meant to help people move their older applications over to GlassFish. Finally, just like the AVK, this is "just a tool", so while it can save you some precious time, it probably cannot claim 100% effectiveness.

Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

JavaWorld Article on "Leading Open Source AppServers"

JavaWorld Logo

JavaWorld has an article entitled JBoss, Geronimo, or Tomcat? Three open source Java application servers compared. It's unfortunate that they did not include GlassFish but Masoud has attempted to address that through his latest blog entry; Check it out!

We probably should write some comparison articles of our own and submit them for publication. Maybe after GFv2 UR1 goes out we will find the time to do it.

Added: Also see the discussion at TheServerSide.COM, and the comparisons at TSS and Wikipedia.

Sunday Dec 02, 2007

Week Highlights: GlassFish in Airports, New SCA, FOSS.IN, OpenDS and more

Tomcat-Users Post Graph

• Community: Closing on Tomcat?, New SCA, Hudson Podcast, GF@FOSS.IN
• Real-Life Stories: GF at the Airport
• GF Know-How: SSL, Provisioning, Seam and Maven
• Experimental: Alternate Mac JVM
• Comet: with IceFaces, with DWR
• SailFin: ATT's ECharts
• OpenESB on JavaSE and JBoss; New OpenDS Build

Saturday Dec 01, 2007

Almost! Mail Posts at USERS@GlassFish and at Tomcat-USERS

TC Users Posts Bar Chart

The number of posts at Users @ GlassFish for November was 1359, which is our second-best number, after last month's 1480. This is pretty good as many US-based people traditionally take off the whole week of Thanksgiving.

I was curious about how the mail activity would compare with that of Tomcat, so I went ahead and created charts for Tomcat-USERS (small chart at left, also see Large Chart) and Users@GF (Large Chart). Many disclaimers apply, and a true head-to-head comparison is not applicable, but the trend is very good.

Sunday Jul 22, 2007

Metro - Now on Tomcat 6.x also

Apache Tomcat 6.0

Which Web services stack is integrated in GlassFish, TmaxSoft JEUS 6 and WebLogic Server 10, supported on JBoss, works on Tomcat 5.x, Jetty, Java SE, and now also work on Tomcat 6.x as well ?

Metro is the answer and the list of containers keep growing. Metro can be easily installed on Tomcat 5.x using the installation script with the download bundle. An updated directory structure in Tomcat 6.x require a minor update to the script though.

Rama describes the change required to run JAX-WS samples on Tomcat 6.x. And my blog describes how to install Metro bundle on Tomcat 6.x to develop a Secure, Reliable and Transactional Web service endpoint. We will make these changes as part of the installation script so that you don't have to worry about version specific changes.

Let us know if you have tried Metro, or any of its component, on any other container.

Wednesday May 23, 2007

Context.xml Support in GlassFish

Cylindrical Kiffa Bead

There is a thread at the GlassFish Forum on doing deployment-specific WebApp Configuration with a mechanism similar to that of Context.xml in Tomcat.

This was at least partially addressed by RFE 2439 and, to spread the word out, Amy just described the facility in some detail. The solution in GlassFish allows global configuration as well as per-virtual host configuration.

Check it out and see if this works for your needs. If not, post on the forum/ email thread.

Thursday Apr 05, 2007

notd - Performance of Servlet Containers - Partial Addendum to Covalent blog

Mark Twain

Covalent recently published some benchmark results on the scalability of 3 popular Servlet containers: Tomcat 6 using the native APR, Jetty and GlassFish. The results are good for the three, but they favor TC 6 when using a very large number of connections.

One danger with performance tests is that is is really hard to make accurate comparisons, despite everybodies' best intentions. For example, inside Sun I've been involved in comparisons between the Web Server and GlassFish and the results are affected by details like how many requests, what response time, what percentage of successful responses, how much memory, what tuning parameters, etc. That is why there are organizations like SPEC and benchmarks like Web2005 and SPECjAppserver (and even those have their own issues).

The Covalent piece is doing a good job in that it is dispelling the myth that Servlet containers do not scale, because it is forcing teams to provide better out of the box performance (Java SE 6 did a great job there) and because I think everybody will be more careful measuring performance. I'd expect improvements on all these fronts in the near future, in the meantime, here are some additional pointers you may want to check out...

• AB Considered Harmful
• Configuring Grizzly for Performance: Part I, Part II
• Comments from Greg W regarding Jetty in that Covalent article.

Regarding the picture, I chose Mark Twain because (a) he popularized the phrase Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics and (b) he is such a great guy that we should have him somewhere in TheAquarium, but please do note that I am not saying that the covalent blog are lies! :-)

Sunday Dec 17, 2006

Tomcat Vs GlassFish Comparison

Tomcat Logo

Roger (at Ninth Avenue Software) recently compared Tomcat and GlassFish in his blog - I think in part because FigBird runs on GlassFish. Since this is a popular topic, Jason Lee then proposed to push it to a more stable location at the GlassFish Wiki, now open for your contributions.

I suspect that per-area product comparisons may be more manageable, so I created an umbrella page for it and the the WS Stack Comparison; feel free to add other comparisons.

Yet something else to work on in preparation for GlassFish v2 beta.

Friday Oct 20, 2006

Invoking EJBs in GlassFish from Tomcat

AMIS logo

Wouter at AMIS Technology has a new blog entry explaining how to call from EJBs running on GlassFish from Tomcat using a recent GlassFish V2 build. The blog is fairly detailed and uses screenshots from NetBeans but it should work with any of the other IDEs that Support GlassFish and Tomcat (like MyEclipse and IDEA).

I suspect a number of folks will be interested, so Check It Out!.

Thursday Oct 05, 2006

GlassFish at ApacheCon US 2006

ApacheCon Logo

Ken and Jim are travelling to ApacheCon US next week to talk about GlassFish. They will host a booth, give out T-shirts (we should design a new T-shirt - maybe using CafePress), and Jim will be hosting a BOF Wednesday night at 8pm on GlassFish for Tomcat Users.

Jim has been involved in Tomcat since the early days, so this should be both informed and informative, and thanks to Ken for the tip.

Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Container Automation: GlassFish vs Tomcat

Tomcat Logo

This is short notice, but, this morning (9am US Pacific time) Kohsuke will present at the latest User Experience meeting. He will be discussing his recent experiences in Tool Automation on GlassFish vs Tomcat. Please consider attending, or following up on one of the email threads on this topic.

Meeting logistics and future agendas are in the User Experience Wiki Page. We are still figuring out how to make these meetings as useful and practical as possible, so constructive feedback on that would be appreciated.

Friday Jun 09, 2006

JDBCRealm and GlassFish v2

Tomcat Logo

Tomcat's JDBCRealm is used to provide authentication and authorization against a database. Since it is commonly used and it was lacking in GlassFish, JeanBaptiste submitted an intial code patch to do this; unfortunately, due to time constraints, this did not make it into GF v1 and this prompted Edson Richter to try it on his own. Using a Blog by Petr he has written another JDBCRealm implementation that has gained visibility very recently (JaxMag, TSS).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the original submission was worked on by Shing Wai and others which lead to yet another JDBCRealm, this one as a putback into the GF v2 trunk. Please check this latest implementation to be sure it does what you need; you can read about it in Shing Wai's Blog. Note that one of the differences between the two implementations is that Edson's was designed to use exactly the same configuration as Tomcat's while Shing Wai's does not. You can provide feedback at Shing Wai's blog or in this thread in the USERS mailing list.

This feature should show in the next GF v2 build (b07).

Wednesday Jun 07, 2006

Enabling HTTP Compression in GlassFish

Duke for Project GlassFish

Jean-Francois reports that the next build (b06) of GlassFish v2 will include HTTP compression. The options supported are as Tomcat: compressableMimeType, compression, noCompressionUserAgents, and minCompressionSize. This is currently configurable through the CLI admin, and through the GUI after fixing Issue 607.