Thursday Sep 25, 2008

... Hudson for Windows, SpringSource Support, More Brazil, Saving on Storage, SocialSite

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Kohsuke is back from Brazil and has released Hudson 1.253 (will they ever get to Hudson 2?), now with improved support for Windows in Distributed Builds and also support for Parametrized Builds.

More on the new SpringSource Enterprise Support. Ryan (a long-term user of the GlassFish Server) was considering purchasing enterprise support for SpringSource and writes about his experience and quoted price tag.

Sun and Greenplum are setting up a very large data warehouse for Fox Interactive Media on top of Solaris, ZFS and a bunch of Thumpers. Check out Jonathan's Writeup and the joint Press Release

Arun is still in Brazil for the rest of this week and next week. Today he was at DF JUG in Taguatinga. And, if you want to listen to Kohsuke presentation to CeJUG, check out the bottom of the page on the Aniversário do CEJUG - nice audience!

The SocialSite team is encouraging external participation: SocialSite Wants You! Check out the List of Proposals for ideas.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

OpenStorage Recipe: ZFS + Bunch of Disks (+ Flash Memory) = 1$/GB

The second round (my count) of OpenStorage announcements are out. This includes the next rev of Thumper, as well as a new storage family - Sun Storage J4000.


The successor to Thumper is SunFire x4500, faster and bigger than before but still the same storage/server hybrid.

The new storage family combines a Bunch of Disks (BoD) - SATA/SAS - and OpenSolaris/ZFS (and later Flash Memory), to deliver up to 72Gb/sec throughput and up to 192 SATA disks on 16RU at around 1$ per GB.

Additional reading:

• Sun.Com Feature Article and the J4000 Family Overview
• Home pages for the J4000 Family and the Big, Medium and Small brothers
• Blogs: Overviews by George and Taylor Innovating@Sun, Satish on MySQL and SugarCRM
• Richard's entry is worth its own bullet; check it out!
• News: Computer World, InfoWorld, Blocks and Files, The Register
Press Release, SDN Announcement
OpenStorage and OpenSolaris Storage Community

Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Your chance to Win a Thumper!

I think Thumper is Really Cool, so, in the spirit of sharing...

Sun is offering an Opportunity to Win a Thumper. Listen to Jonathan's video, and read the details. Prizes include 3 Ultra 20 Workstations and one Thumper (Sun Fire X4500). Good luck!

Ah! Check Thumper in Other Units.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

Thumper is out... Sun Fire X4500 and Friends announced today

Sun Fire X4500

Every now and then we can't resist to include some news that are arguably not directly related to the communities we cover... and today is the day for Thumper and Friends. Check Jonathan's preannouncement, today's announcement, Vivek's blog and the SuperComputing Online article.

I find Thumper (Sun Fire x4500) particularly interesting; it uses ZFS to deliver reliable storage on top of very cheap SATA disks. High throughput, very dense, very cheap; 24TB in a 4U configuration! Way to go, Andy!.

Added: Also check the aggregation of 42 Thumpers at TSUBAME here and here.