Wednesday Feb 06, 2008

More Details on GlassFish Day at Hyderabad


The SunTech Days at Hyderabad are fleshing out. Feb 27 and 28 are the main days and Feb 29 is for specialized events and GlassFish is represented in both.

Check out the Main Agenda and Arun's overview. The schedule for GlassFish Day is still evolving but includes both Sun and non-Sun speakers; our Wiki has the Up-to-date Schedule. Last year's event was very crowded; don't wait until the last moment.

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Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

GlassFish Day in Hyderabad Tech Days - Feb 29, 2008

Charminar, Hyderabad

What ? - GlassFish Day (Immerse youself in everything GlassFish)
When ? - Feb 29, 2008
Where ? - Hyderabad International Convention Center, India
Cost ? - Free with Sun Tech Days paid registration
Agenda ? - Draft Agenda

Tell us, what would you like to hear about GlassFish ?

Friday Dec 14, 2007

GlassFish at TechDays Australia - 4-6 March 2008

Sydney's Harbour Bridge at Night

We are going to host a GlassFish Day at the Sydney Sun Tech Day this next March. Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra get 1-day satellite events and Sydney gets three days worth, including the GlassFish Day event. Check out David's blog, and the Agenda.

And, if you are curious about GlassFish adoption in Australia, check the GlassFish GeoMap.

Sunday Feb 25, 2007

FAQs in India - GlassFish at Hyderabad

Photo of HICC at night

Sun TechDay in India this last week was a multi-city event with the main event being in Hyderabad (4K people!) but with satellite events in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Bhavani reports on the GlassFish booth (including Answers to Questions of general interest). Also check out the reports from Madhu, Satish, Sravan (day1, day2) Geertjan and Prasanna.

By all reports, the event was a big success, and the Hyderabad International Convention Center seems a great site for events of this type. Sounds like a great place with a lot of energy. Maybe we can bring a full-fledged GlassFish Day there next year!