Tuesday Jan 02, 2007

TCP Transport for WebServices ... Now in GlassFish v2

High Speed Photo using Schileren's Technique

Oleksiy has been working on a TCP transport for the new Web Services Stack (also see the entries filed under WebServices tag). The main benefit of this transport is within the enterprise; for example, one can combine this with Fast Infoset and use a stateful approach to the connection and then WS-\* messages can be very small and fast as the common vocabulary is not resent across messages. Initial benchmarks look very nice in situations like those needed for PlugFest Interoperability.

All this is now in GlassFish v2; some more details at Oleksiy's blog.

Added: Don't miss Oleksiy's Follow-Up Blog for more details.

Wednesday Nov 08, 2006

One TCP Port to Rule Them All

Close up of The One Ring

Grizzly is steadly being used by more and more components in GlassFish, and this is yielding a number of benefits. One is that it seems possible to service multiple protocols through the same TCP port. This is what JeanFrancois calls the Grizzly Port Unification mechanism.

It is still early but we will soon find out how this can play in GlassFish v2. Check JFA's blog and this Discussion Thread.