Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

Installing Social Software for GlassFish


You know about Apache Roller (behind Blogs.Sun.Com) and you may remember Slynkr (used in SDN Share), but you may not know that Dave and Jamey are Sun employees and they have been working on an Open Stack for Social Software.

The software was pushed to the GF Update Center in January and now Arun shows how to install it and get started. You can check Arun's Writeup or go directly to the screencast.

Enjoy - and stay tuned for more announcements!

Wednesday Jun 13, 2007

Too many entries? Consider the "frontpage" feed

RSS Logo

The Aquarium is closer to a newsletter than to your typical blog with multiple entries every day. If you want to read or browse only some of these entries, you can use the tags attached to these entries.

For instance the "frontpage" tag has only headlines; its feed stream is http://blogs.sun.com/theaquarium/feed/entries/atom?tags=frontpage.

Other popular tags include: adoption (feed), community (feed), grizzly (feed), jax-ws (feed), opensso (feed), performance (feed), portal (feed)

You can also combine multiple tags as explained in this cheat sheet for The Aquarium URLs.

Saturday May 26, 2007

Slynkr with JavaDB

Slynkr Logo

Slynkr is an Open Source Social Tagging project that was recently added to the GlassFish community. The project started with a couple of Sun-internal special efforts and both of those used an Oracle DB but Jamey has just expanded it to also work with Java DB/ Derby.

Check Jamey's blog for more details.

Friday Oct 27, 2006

Tags in TheAquarium... courtesy of Roller 3.1

Card Catalog

TheAquarium covers many topics and, although some of our readers may be interested in all these, others will not. Categories do not really work, because the entries typically fall under multiple categories, but tags should fit perfectly. Linda just reported that Tagging will Soon be Available to blogs.sun.com, so expect us to start using them soon after that.

This new functionality will enable us to tag news according to importance and scope, which opens new uses of our feeds. For example, interested NetBeans users should be able to link a subfeed from TheAquarium into their welcome screen.