Wednesday Aug 18, 2010

GlassFish CafePress Store - Purveyors to the Community Since 2007

The GlassFish Giftshop has been around since 2007; it currently includes several t-shirts, mugs, stickers and Sigg Water Bottles.  JavaOne (our "best"-selling season?) is around the corner, so we want to refresh the graphics and perhaps adjust the items.

Give us feedback if you want additional items in the store - we can easily add any from the inventory of CafePress - or if you think we should drop any, or if you want us to consider any special graphics to place on the items.

Wednesday Jun 02, 2010

JavaOne Catalog ... And James' T-Shirt Proposals

The interactive catalog for JavaOne 2010 is now available. The catalog covers Oracle OpenWorld 2010JavaOne 2010 and Oracle Develop 2010, although you can search each event separately

The whole thing is big - the front page for OOW claims over 1,800 sessions; the online catalog gave me 1,573.  JavaOne and Oracle Develop are bundled as a single package; they share "The Zone" around San Francisco's Hotel Nikko, Hilton San Francisco, and Parc 55 hotel, while OOW is at the Moscone.

It will be interesting to see this new incarnation of JavaOne; I know I'll miss the old Moscone.

I do not know what, if any, plans there are around T-Shirts.  Just in case, James has put two themes together - timed to the 15th Bday for Java: Tempest in a Teapot and Cyberspace Needs Trees. Variations in different formats available at Duke.Kenai.Com.

Monday Mar 15, 2010

Extended Through Tuesday! JavaOne 2010 Call For Papers


The Call For Papers for JavaOne 2010 has been extended through 11:59pm Pacific Time, Tuesday, March 16th. If you have not yet submitted a topic or have additional ideas, send them on through the Submission Page.

Image shown is from the T-Shirt Launcher contest from 2005; we don't yet know what plans James has for this year, but it can't be a JavaOne without the contest...

Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

That Special GlassFish T-Shirt - Now Available


The "Exploding GlassFish" T-Shirt was a very special design created for JavaOne. I think it is very nice, but, what do I know about these things? My teenage kids, on the other hand, are experts - specially the 15yr-old skateboarding boy - and they both agree with me!

Thanks to Court Patton over at Quichrbichn, you can now purchase this T-shirt online. Note that all proceeds go to a charity of your choice - just indicate which one at checkout.


Wednesday Nov 21, 2007

T-Shirts, T-Shirts for sale...

Kohsuke just created a Cafe Press Store for Hudson and I just did a quick pass to collect those for other GlassFish friends; check them out:

Front cover of Caps For Sale

Added: OpenESB
Added: SailFin
Added: OpenSSO

There is also a Grizzly t-shirt (I know because I'm the lucky owner of one) but not (yet?) as a Cafe Press store, and I'm chasing down shirts for OpenESB, OpenSSO and SailFin.

Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Hudson Update - Perforce and VMWare Plugins, and More Happy Users

More Hudson Plugins and Adopters.

Perforce ogo

New plugins include those for Perforce, ClearCase, Cobertura, FindBugs, Task Scanner and VMWare; all delivered by the Hudson community - check Kohsuke's notes here and here.

New public instances seen at OpenDS, OCTO Technology, OpenJFX, SourceLabs and Amazon Fresh. And reports from happy customers include Gertjaan,, and Ed Gibbs.

Kohsuke, you guys need to put together a Hudson T-shirt! CafePress makes it very easy to set up; the per-unit price is not the best, but it works very well for one-offs. See GlassFish or Angry Build Cop.

Thursday Sep 13, 2007

Jersey on GlassFish Update Center

apt-get T-shirt

Jersey has been making the Aquarium headlines lately ([1], [2]). Here's one more piece of news: latest stable Jersey version (0.2.1) is now available from the GlassFish Update Center as reported by Jakub.

If you've never used the GlassFish Update center, this is your chance to exercise this Swing-based application located in the updatecenter directory of your GlassFish installation.

Thursday Oct 05, 2006

GlassFish at ApacheCon US 2006

ApacheCon Logo

Ken and Jim are travelling to ApacheCon US next week to talk about GlassFish. They will host a booth, give out T-shirts (we should design a new T-shirt - maybe using CafePress), and Jim will be hosting a BOF Wednesday night at 8pm on GlassFish for Tomcat Users.

Jim has been involved in Tomcat since the early days, so this should be both informed and informative, and thanks to Ken for the tip.

Thursday Jun 01, 2006

GlassFish community awards

Duke wearing GT t-shirt

It's been less than a year since GlassFish was started on and many people have contributed to the project. With the first release of GlassFish out, we wanted to acknowledge several people who really helped to build the community and improve the GlassFish server. Awards were presented at the GlassFish and JUG reception on Wed night of JavaOne. See my blog for the categories and winners. Many thanks to all who participated.