Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

New GlassFish Porting Series - Module Loading Order


I'd rather the world was not in such a deep financial mess, but Innovation Loves a Crisis, and we are very busy with new customers that want to move away from expensive proprietary solutions... and we are not alone: I presented on this to a large SI last week and to another one next week.

One of the people working on the porting effort is Sekhar, and he just started a new series on Java EE Module Loading Order - see Part I. He promises more entries; previous entries are tagged switch.

Re: the photo at left is a rendering of a large celestial impact that caused the Cretaceous Tertiary Extinction according to the Alvarez's hypothesis. In that analogy, the dinosaurs would be the proprietary app servers :-)

Added - Sekhar has published a new short entry on taglib-location discovered when porting from JBoss to GlassFish.

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

... EclipseLink, Migration Tool, JSF Managed Beans, OpenDS for WAS and JRuby, Extending SocialSite, and JavaSE 6U10

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

TopLink Essentials EclipseLink is the JPA implementation used in the soon-to-be-released GlassFish v3 Prelude. (as well as the RI for JPA 2.0). NetBeans has support for JPA, and this Screencast at NetBeans.TV shows how to use it in NB (thanks to Rob for the tip).

The GlassFish Migration team is soliciting participation from interested parties to Localize the tool. Contact Shinya via that blog entry or by sending email to g11n at glassfish dot dev dot java dot net if interested.

Arun has another post on JSF 2.0; this time showing how to Use JSF 2.0 with Managed Beans.

From OpenDS land, first Ludo points to an article at BigAdmin by Sachin Krishna Telang showing how to Use OpenDS with IBM's WebSphere. Then, Mark describes how he used OpenDS with JRuby.

Dave has published two recent notes focusing on the areas where SocialSite extends the OpenSocial API. The First Post covers People and Friending, Profile Editing and Metadata, Profile Privacy Settings and Group Creation, Management and Invitations. The Second Post covers Gadget Installation and Management, Messaging and Search. Dave promises additional posts.

And, from the land of Java SE, the long-awaited JavaSE 6 U10 release is now available; check Downloads, FAQ and Osvaldo's post. Despite its obscure name, this is a very important release - I'd expect additional posts on the topic early next week.

Sunday Oct 12, 2008

Using MyFaces with GlassFish


Switching from Tomcat to GlassFish is very easy, specially with recent additions like Valves Support; The only somewhat tricky area were dependencies on MyFaces APIs or behavior.

A simple solution to this problem is to use the UseMyFaces properly, as mentioned in this thread. This approach is directly applicable Alfresco; see Mandy's post.

PS, I'll clarify if UseMyFaces is officially supported or not.

Saturday Jul 26, 2008

Migrating to GlassFish - Combining Spring Framework and Java EE


Kawazu writes about the experience of taking an App that started as a Web App using the Spring Framework and changing it to Exploit more JavaEE features, specifically EJBs. The goal was not to remove the use of Spring but rather to leverage more effectively the Java EE support (like in the GlassFish Server and the NetBeans IDE).

I am beginning to see more positive indicators of warming up to EJBs. The JavaOne session on EJB 3.1 was in one of the big rooms and it was packed; check out Ken's previews from March, and stay tuned for updates in the next weeks.

BTW, note that you can install the Spring Framework on GlassFish Using the Update Center.

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Migrating from JBoss to GlassFish - Part I: RESTful Services


Here is a new addition to our Switch series. Justin is in the process of converting from JBoss to GlassFish Server and he is going to document it in his blog. His first entry covers the two (small) issues he encountered when converting his REST-based endpoints: ordering of WARs and JDBC resource deployments.

Check out From JBoss to Glassfish: Part I. I will highlight Justin's additional entries as they become available.

Sunday Jun 22, 2008

New WebLogic to GlassFish Migration Sample: JSP SimpleTag


A new example from Sekhar: Migrating WebLogic's JSP SimpleTag example to GlassFish. Like previous examples in the Switch! series, this one includes full commentary and sources. Sekhar also shows how to switch from Pointbase to MySQL Server and covers deployment.

Picture is that of the Rabbit-Proof Fence in Australia. Is an open-source, enterprise-ready, free RTU Server like the the GlassFish Server an Invasive Species?

Tuesday May 20, 2008

WebLogic to GlassFish Migration Example - JSP TagHandler

One more example from Sekhar in the Switch series. This one is from WebLogic: Converting the JSP TagHandler example.

Print of Roma people Travelling

The example covers:

• WLS Split Directory → GF Exploded Directory
• weblogic.xml → sun-web.xml Mapping
• Virtual Directory Mapping
• Relative Path in URL

Sunday Apr 06, 2008

Porting Applications that Depend on Tomcat Valves to GlassFish

Photo of a Very Large Valve

David Yu asked How to Port a Custom Valve from Apache Tomcat to GlassFish and he and Jan carried a conversation in this Mail Thread.

The Valve interface in GlassFish was changed to Flatten Valve Invocations in a Pipeline; the changes needed to adjust your custom valves include some signatur changes, and some changes in the invocation flow. Jan has captured them in this FAQ Page in the GF wiki.

Sunday Mar 23, 2008

More Migration Stories - From JBoss to GlassFish

I bumped into this post from David dscribing his experiences migrating his app from JBoss 4.0.4-GA to GlassFish.

Photo of Steam Engine

David covers 3 issues:

• JBoss EJBQL != GF (J2EE Spec) EJBQL
• Embeddable Objects, Entities and the GF Cache
• Refresh and the GF cache

Beyond this, it was a successful experience; for details, check out David's writeup. And keep the migration stories going...

Wednesday Mar 12, 2008

More Tomcat to GlassFish Migration - Virtual Servers and Resources

Egyptian Domesticated Animals

Wolfram, the author of JSP Tutorial describes in two notes how he moved that site from Apache Tomcat to GlassFish.

The first one covers Virtual Servers in GlassFish. This was necessary to run multiple apps in his box (provided by 1x1). The second shows how to use asadmin to Add Resources to be used by his apps. Thanks, Wolfram!

Regarding the image... Andrew Sherratt argues for a follow-up to the Neolithic Revolution based on Secondary Products from the domestication of animals. Yeah, a bit convoluted, but I'm following a revolution theme for the migration articles... :-)

Wednesday Mar 05, 2008

WebSphere to GlassFish Migration, and New Migrate2GlassFish Project

Neolithic Revolution

More support for Migration to GlassFish. Sekhar has posted a new note on the WebSphere Sample Calculator and has also Announced the creation of a Migration Guide page at our wiki. All this following his larger Plan of Attack.

In related news, Satish writes about the Launch of the Migrate2GlassFish project.

And also see the earlier posts on migrations from Tomcat and JBoss.

PS - The Neolithic Revolution was the first agricultural (technology-based) revolution; between 10-12 thousand years ago.

Monday Feb 11, 2008

JBoss to GlassFish Migration Example

Go West, Young Man! Poster

Next step on Sekhar's Master Plan: after the Tomcat Hello World example, he now has ported the JBoss's Sample JSF-EJB3 to GlassFish.

Sekhar's example covers the use of facelets, JSF, Hibernate, JNDI lookup of EJBs and packaging issues. Try it out and let us know how it works for you.

Friday Feb 08, 2008

Grand Migrations of History - GlassFish's Turn?

Hawaiian Canoes

We are talking with more and more people who are planning migrating to GlassFish from other App Servers. To help them,Sekhar has sketched several migration examples covering Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere. The first includes a Hello World for Tomcat Migration.

Check out Sekhar's plan and give him feedback.

And, if you want ideas for GAP projects, what about a good migration set of pages for one of those "other" AppServers?

Monday Sep 04, 2006

Eleven (more) reasons to switch to GlassFish

More kind words from consultant and author Adam Bien - with some more experience of GlassFish he is more specific about what he likes. Read his previous post on GlassFish here.

Many of the things he points out on his list are about ease of use - something we've really been pushing for in the last couple of years and also a major focus of Java EE 5. If there are improvements you'd like to see - why not attend one of the user experience meetings - they're currently run by Sun employees but open to absolutely anyone with an interest in seeing improvements.