Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

StartUp Essentials - Now Also in Sweden


One more nation for the Startup Essentials Program. Sweden joins the US and 7 other nations in the program that makes hardware and software available at very discounted prices for startups.

GlassFish support (GFB) is included in SSE - see this earlier TA entry.

According to OnTheRecord, there have been over 2,300 applications to SSE.

Sunday Apr 06, 2008

Saving 300,000 kronor a Year with GlassFish

Computer Sweden has a couple of nice article on OpenSource, GlassFish and MySQL.

Computer Sweden Logo

The first CS Article covers the trend in IT software spending, specifically in the AppServer market, using GlassFish as an example of both Open Source momentum and Sun's success in that market.

The article has an interview with the chief architect of Net Entertainment's (Overview, Customers) about their selection of GF v2 where he describes how they are "Saving 300,000 kronor a year with GF" and how they selected Sun rather than IBM, BEA, or JBoss.

The second article covers the GlassFish/MySQL bundle released late March which is here dubbed as relevant for people interested in Ajax or Comet (or both).

Note - Some of our colleagues from Sweden helped with the translation and we also used Stars21. If you have a better english translation, please add a pointer to it in the comments to this entry.