Sunday Oct 18, 2009

Proof that Sun is Cool! Sightings at Engadget (SunFire) and Gizmodo (VBox)


No idea if there is any correlation, but this last week had sightings of Sun's products at two high-volume "gadget" news blogs: Engadget and Gizmodo. Engadget covered the New Sun FlashFire Cards while Gizmodo talkeda about VirtualBox.

I checked and the last time Engadget covered us significantly was back in 2007; Gizmodo has a few more hits. Does this means we are cool again? :-)

Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Your chance to Win a Thumper!

I think Thumper is Really Cool, so, in the spirit of sharing...

Sun is offering an Opportunity to Win a Thumper. Listen to Jonathan's video, and read the details. Prizes include 3 Ultra 20 Workstations and one Thumper (Sun Fire X4500). Good luck!

Ah! Check Thumper in Other Units.

Monday Sep 04, 2006

Running Sun Java Enterprise System on the Sun Fire T2000 Server

Sun Fire T2000 Server

Sreekanth Setty from the Performance, Availability and Architecture Engineering group at Sun Microsystems has published a very informative paper on Deploying Sun Java Enterprise System on the Sun Fire T2000 Server using Solaris Containers (PDF).

In the paper, he describes how a system administrator could deploy and tune Sun's Java Enterprise System software on a Sun Fire T2000 using Solaris Zones. The paper also includes results of the JESMark benchmark (that models an employee portal of a large corporation) that was used to test the suggested tuning parameters.