Thursday Dec 30, 2010

GlassFish in 2010 - What a year!


A lot has happened over the past 12 months! For the GlassFish team as for many people that came from Sun, it's been a challenging, yet exciting year.

It all started in January with the EU finally agreeing to the Sun acquisition by Oracle and a first set of changes. Later in March the GlassFish roadmap committed Oracle to the open source project with multiple supported releases in the next few years (with additional heads in the team).

Later that year, the external contributions from the community increased significantly and by June the team had released the "100-day" (Oracle-branded) 3.0.1 release, right in time for the 5-year celebration of GlassFish (with five years of TheAquarium soon after).

While re-stating the commercial strategy for GlassFish, the team worked hard on releasing no less than seven 3.1 milestones, producing and aggregating screencasts. This all lead up to the JavaOne conference with very nice reference customers, clear direction for GlassFish from top-level Oracle management and overal momentum throughout the conference. In Java SE land, "Plan B" was shared with the community.

With Java EE momentum building up, GlassFish was busy with the 3.1 work, adapting to the new infrastructure, and adopting new HTML 5 features. In the meantime OpenJDK, the JCP and others made the news with IBM joining OpenJDK, followed by Apple soon after with JCP elections and JSR votes confirming the proposed roadmap (JavaSE 7 mid-2011).

You can browse through a number of additional posts all tagged with frontpage.

Saturday Oct 30, 2010

WeekEnd Fun - Old Sun Promo Videos

Over the years Sun created a number of fun Promo Videos, usually to be aired during JavaOne. Here are a few of them, for a fun trip down memory lane:

Pure Thoughts!
  My favorite JavaOne video.

The Blue Screen of Death
  Poking fun at Microsoft.

Soccer Star Wants to be the Dot in .COM
   Dot in .COM at the Beach
   Marriage - Ain't the Dot in .COM
   From the .COM era

That Damm Dog
  Java Everywhere

Sun Paper Clip
  From '95; see Pixar's IPO and UltraStation


Thursday Jul 29, 2010

GlassFish Patches now at Oracle Support

SunSolve was, and still is, Sun's way of distributing patches; the equivalent mechanism at Oracle is My Oracle Support (MOS), and Gerry just announced thatSun patches now available there. This includes the GlassFish commercial patches like 128640-20, which is one of the patches in GlassFish 2.1.1 patch 6.

I just looked directly for the patch ID (using Sun's patch number), I'll try to dig more info on how to use MOS and will post it later on.

Saturday Jul 24, 2010

Good Feedback and Happy Endings - The Ugly URLs

As everybody that does not live under a rock should know, we are in the middle of integrating Sun into Oracle, and one of the activities has been integrating the web sites. The first step was Moving the Docs, 3 weeks ago. That went pretty well... except for the ugly URLs...

I'm happy to report that, thanks to Exposure and Feedback and help from KenC, SteveH, JustinK, AdamM, HenrikS and others, the problem will be solved.

So, remember, your feedback (and your patience as we react to it!) is very important to quality. Keep that in mind as we continue our integration, including The Big Website Merge this next week.

Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

Red Documents - First Phase of Java EE Documentation Move

As part of the integration of Sun.Com web assets into Oracle.Com, last week we moved a number of "framed" documents to new locations at Redirects should make the whole thing work transparently so please let us know if you see any broken links in this area (and, yes, the link to the SCA file broke - again).

The list of documents that have moved make for a trip down memory lane; they include the APIs for J2EE 1.2.1, J2EE 1.3, J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5 and Java EE 6, and the tutorials for SunOne (J2EE 1.3-based), J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5 and Java EE 6, as well as the First Cup of Java EE.  Note that the Tutorial for J2EE 1.3 based on the RI has not moved (yet) because it does not use frames.

Sunday Feb 14, 2010

Sun + Oracle Welcome Events Worldwide - Covers GlassFish


Oracle is hosting a number of Welcome Sun events worldwide, starting on early March going through end of April. The events cover cities in all continents; the full list is at the Oracle webpage.

Some selected cities cover Identity Management, SOA, Enterprise Java, GlassFish and AppServer Directions; these are marked with "\*" in the page (21 as of this writing).

Detailed event information is already available for some of the cities (e.g. Madrid, on March 17th), I assume others will show up as the dates near.

Monday Feb 08, 2010

Hudson News - Oracle, New Blog, Twitter Feed, Windows Installer

Catching up on Hudson news in the last couple of weeks:

The most important change is that on Jan 27th, during the Strategy Presentations around the completion of Change in Control of the acquisition of Sun, Thomas Kurian indicated that Oracle was going to continue supporting Hudson as an Open Source project, to be integrated into Oracle's offerings (other CiC news in the Summary Post).

As part of the CiC, Kohsuke is now in the Developer Tools group, under Ted Farrell, which provides continuity for the current arrangement: although Kohsuke will no longer report to me, he will work full-time on Hudson with a large number of other committers into the project.

In other news:


• Kohsuke has made available a MSI Installer for Hudson on Windows (download).
Tyler has started the new official Hudson Blog.
• Follow Hudson News via Twitter at @hudsonci.
• We will continue to track key Hudson news at TA and @glassfish.

Sunday Feb 07, 2010

GlassFish Support, HA, Clustering and More


The Sun-Oracle Strategy WebCast and subsequent Webcasts and Docs generated multiple comments and discussions threads in the Web from which I want to highlight a few comments in here. Please check the original posts for context, clarification and caveats.

On OSS licensing - "There are no plans to change the open source GlassFish licensing for any of the GlassFish modules that I am aware of as I work directly with the team right now in the integration process" (Mike Lehmann, Director of PM for WebLogic Server and GlassFish).

On clustering - "Clearly GlassFish 2.1 has clustering today and 3.0 currently does not. Customers depend on the GlassFish 2.1 implementation and as I have said on TSS we are committed to continue supporting it per our lifetime support policies" (ML).

More on clustering - "We are very much working with the team to assess how clustering will fit on the 3.x roadmap given it was already on the original 3.x roadmap - the ideal will be at least parity with 2.1 - so judge on the result when we deliver versus ahead of the plan" (ML).

Ultimately, all of these comments will need to be judged by the reality of what Oracle delivers. As I wrote at TSS, "The Proof of the Pudding is in the RoadMap". In that same thread, Mike writes: "You will have to judge us on how we execute over the next few months while we realign roadmaps and delivery schedules but I hope we can surprise folks with some good turns we can do as a combined company."

It is still very early in the process of integrating the GlassFish team into Oracle; remember that the two companies could not work together before CiC. Hopefully we will soon be able to give you more details.

Monday Feb 01, 2010

Summary of Post-Oracle Links and Changes


This running entry collects key announcements related to Oracle's Acquisition of Sun; some from the Jan 27th event, some from companion webcasts, and some later announcements.

The main theme of the acquisition is "We're Changing the Way you Buy, Run and Manage Business Systems".

Main Entry Points:

From the Software Segment of the Strategy Webcast Series:

  • Jeet & Hasan on Java Strategy. Covers JavaFX, JavaSE, Blu-Ray, GlassFish, JavaCard, Developer Sites, JCP, JavaOne Java For Business.
  • Hasan Rizvi on Application Server. GlassFish, WebLogic, protecting investment in existing products, Oracle Application Grid, Grid Architecture, jRockit, Coherence, Tuxedo, OpenMQ, GlassFish WebStack and GF SpaceServer - and Liferay, Sun WebServer, Portal Server, Oracle WebCenter. Check slide 12 (and 6'12") for current level of details on WebLogic/GlassFish alignment.
  • Richard Sarwal and Steve Wilson on Oracle Enterprise Manager and xVM OpsCenter. Combined story covers discovery, provisioning, updating, monitoring - including for virtualized assets. Application-to-disk management.
  • OpenOffice, with Michael Bemmer. Open Source, name changes, Oracle value proposition, Web-Based version, JDeveloper support, Extensions, ODF-support, integration with other Oracle products.
  • Cloud with Richard Sarwal. A pretty good presentation covering IAAS, PAAS, SAAS; Private and Public Clouds; range from Silo > Grid > Private Cloud > Hybrid including Private and Public Cloud; cloud-in-a-box. Discontinuing the Sun public cloud offering but leveraging Sun's technology, including Q-Layer team for Oracle products that provide flexible, self-service, dynamic services.
  • Operating Systems by Edward Screven.

From the Systems Segment of the Strategy Webcast Series:

Other Links and Project Status:

Additional Information - Oracle continues to update their site; see also:

Press, Analysts, Friends, Others:

A general comment is that we need some time to put the roadmap together; remember that the Sun people could not work with Oracle folks before CiC, so, if there had been a detailed roadmap it would have come from Oracle, not a collaboration...

Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

Additional WebCasts and FAQ From Oracle on Products and Community

Today was the Oracle Sun Strategy live webcast hosted by Charles Philips, John Fowler, Thomas Kurian, Edward Screven and others that ended with a Q&A with Larry Ellison. The recording is not yet available but Oracle released a number of other useful webcasts and docs today.


The Oracle + Sun Product Strategy Webcast Series has short (15-20') webcasts with more detailed information on most topics - e.g. App Server, Dev Tools, Manager/OpsCenter, Java, Cloud, Virtualization, OS, OpenOffice, etc.

The FAQ on Community Continuity that includes Java.Net, Java.Sun.Com, JavaOne, and more.

There is also a series of events around the world in a Welcome Sun Event Series.

Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Oracle Completes Acquisition of Sun


Oracle's acquisition of Sun has completed. The first indicators appeared yesterday, with Scott's goodbye, the stock delisting and the CBOE Contract Adjustment; the final confirmation was today's Oracle PR.

Press reports from: WSJ and NYTimes. Tune into Today's Webcast.

Expanded from @glassfish.

Friday Jan 22, 2010

Duke Snorcles with GlassFish


JAG is Looking Forward and put together a visual of Duke snorkeling (or rather snorceling?) with Sparky.

Hopefully this Wednesday's Webcast will clear out more details beyond those from the October 27th's Overview (although the Change-in-Control is not likely until later, so it will be interesting to see how we can/cannot answer questions from the webcast).

Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Sun Microsystems, 1982-2010. The Network IS


The European Union Commission today unconditionally approved the Oracle acquisition. See reports at WSJ, NYT, GigaOM, ElReg and elsewhere, and tune to the Webcast of Jan 27th.

James has a created an image with Tux and Duke for the occasion, check out So Long, Old Friend, and consider leaving a comment, if you are so inclined... and get a mug.

Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Oracle + Sun Strategy Update Webcast on Jan 27th


Larry Ellison will host a live webcast on "Oracle + Sun Strategy Update" next Wednesday, Jan 27th, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. PT. See: Press Release, Event Link and Registration Page.

You need to register with Oracle to attend the event; I just did that and it worked, although it took a while.

Added - The EU Commission has approved the merger.

Expanded from @glassfish.

Thursday Dec 24, 2009

Patch 1 for GlassFish v2.1.1 Now Available


We released GlassFish v2.1.1 at the end of October and last week we released our first commercial patch for it.

Due to how the multiple releases intersect, this patch is also GFv2.1 p7 and SJS AS 9.1U2 p13. GFv2.1.1 p1 addresses 31 new defects since GFv2.1.1.

The patches are delivered in several formats (file and pkg) and became available at SunSolve in December 18th. More details on the release, including the list of bugs addressed, are available at GlassFish For Business, and at SunSolve.

I've also updated the GlassFish v2 Family Overview and created a new entry for a GlassFish v3 Family Overview.