Tuesday Nov 23, 2010

GlassFish source repository on the new java.net - now live!


Following the earlier first wave of projects migrating to the new java.net infrastructure, the main GlassFish project is now almost fully available and the glassfish-svn repository is now available for checkins.

Jane is suggesting the following two options to start using the new environment :

Check-out source to a clean workspace:
svn checkout https://svn.java.net/svn/glassfish~svn/trunk/v3

Switch workspace to the new GlassFish SVN repository
1. cd <v3-dir>
2. svn switch --relocate https://svn.dev.java.net/svn/glassfish-svn https://svn.java.net/svn/glassfish~svn
3. svn info and verify the following:
URL: https://svn.java.net/svn/glassfish~svn/trunk/v3
Repository Root: https://svn.java.net/svn/glassfish~svn

Several people have reported that they were able to follow these instructions (with fast checkout!) and commit code. If any of the above doesn't work, please report your issues (here or on the DEV alias). More in further posts about the other services (mailing lists, bug tracking, website, etc.). So far so good.

Update: Eirik was kind enough to quickly update SVNSearch.org to the new location. Enjoy!

Sunday Nov 08, 2009

Extra GlassFish News - Nov 8th, 2009

Radio Receiver Icon

This is the first of our weekly news catch-up and covers Nov 1 to Nov 11, 2009. This week the news catch-up is partial; next week I'll create the entry through the week and will try to be more comprehensive.

This week we also cover old news on JRuby and OSGi.

GlassFish and Middleware News

Predicting our Systems Future

From the past: OSGi in GlassFish (triggered by this thread):

From the past: JRuby on GlassFish (triggered by this thread)

Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Hudson Support in NetBeans 6.7... and Maven, and Subversion


The Release Candidate 3 for NetBeans 6.7 is now available and so are several posts highlighting some of its new features. Check out:

• Petr on Hudson Support,
• Geertjan on Maven Support, and
• Octavian on Subversion Support

Check out previous entries tagged NetBeans for highlights on other features like the Connected Developer (and Kenai), more scripting support, and how to use NB 6.7 with GlassFish v3.