Thursday Apr 16, 2009

Free (As in Beer!) Passes to JavaOne


There is a new offer for students and educators; it is a great offer:

• Students get in for free!
• Educators have a special discount of $895, and..
• Educators get in free if they bring 10 students!

I like the idea... we should have started doing it a few years ago! Check out the details, and don't forget about the Unconference and other JavaOne activities.

Sunday May 25, 2008

Training Links - JRuby, MySQL, Memcached, Student Portal, Java with Passion

Sun offers quite a number of training courses, and some of them are even free. Some I noticed this week:

The Librarian, a painting

Trond highlights two very interesting free Webinars next week with top speakers (tip): "Highly scalable solutions with MySQL and Memcached" (Wed) and "Designing and Implementing Scalable Applications with Memcached and MySQL" (Thu).

Marina points to free Student Courses as part of the resources at the Student Portal.

Arun and Daniel mention Sang's latest course on Ruby and Rails. Sang's Java Passion site has many good online courses using the GlassFish Server, including JavaEE, Web Services and EJB.

Sun has many other courses, sometimes it's just a bit hard to find them. For example, the site for online and in classroom courses offered by Sun is and many of these are related to GlassFish, but a Search for "glassfish" will yield only a few of those.

We are working to fix that last problem, and I try to capture courses I know at GlassFishForBusiness, but what we really need is a full-time librarian... ideally a super one, like Conan the Librarian.