Wednesday May 28, 2008

More Real-World OpenMQ Adoption - SNCF and GlassFish


GlassFish seems to be in a transportation groove; we recently had adoption stories around: Traveling and Reservations (TravelMuse and, Air (FAA and OAKAir) and automobile (Parking Enforcement). The latest addition covers trains through France's SNCF (see TGV, TER Chemin de Fer).

Check out Alexis's Adoption Story and the Detailed Questionnaire. Special noteworthy to me is SNCF's use of OpenMQ, like TravelMuse, Wotif and others (we need to do a full inventory; our questionnaire didn't use to ask about that).

Monday Apr 21, 2008

Online Billing in NZ Using GlassFish and JRuby


The web site for WorldxChange Communications NZ looks very good (they won the NZ Telecommunications Carrier of the Year 2007) and their Customer Bill View system is a JRuby Application running on GlassFish v2!

The application came from an strategic emphasis in improving the customer experience and was developed very quickly, that influenced the choice of technologies. Check out Chris' Adoption Story and check the Questionnaire.

The questionnaires for the Adoption Stories are always full of very interesting details; for example, WXC uses CentOS in production. Annecdotal data, but still, interesting.

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

FAA Using GlassFish


One more Adoption Story: the FAA (website, Wikipedia) is now using GlassFish v2 for some of its projects. Some interesting tidbits: they develop and deploy on Solaris on Sun hardware and their exposure to GlassFish came from our NetBeans friends (thanks!).

As usual, full details are available at the Questionnnaire. Note that FAA is in the process of purchasing GF v2 support - which reminds me I need to find the time to complete and push out a few more entries in GFB.

Wednesday Apr 09, 2008

Parking Meters Powered by GlassFish

Reino RSV3 Parking Meter

Reino International is an Australia-based company that is the largest paid parking equipment and service provider in Australasia and the USA. Reino has been running their reporting WebApp on GlassFish AppServer for the last 18 months. The App uses JSF, JAX-WS, JPA on Linux and Windows with MS SQL.

Shown is RSV3 Digital Parking Meter, quite stylish, although not as much as Lovely Rita :-)

Check out the Adoption Story and the Full Questionare. Thanks to Chris for the story, and all the work behind it!

Monday Mar 17, 2008

GlassFish in Electronic Health Case Record Reference Implementation


The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Wikipedia, Organization About Page) is a German research organization that focuses on applied science (cf. the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft for basic research).

Our latest Adoption Story describes how Metro and GlassFish were used in the Reference Implementation used in an e-Health initiative across multiple hospital organizations.

Check the details at Chris' Electronic Case Record note.

I had never heard of the Frauhofer Society but turns out they are fairly large (58 institutes with over 12K people) and well regarded with contributions to areas like MP3. Their funding includes state contributions as well as contract work; it is named after Joseph von Fraunhofer.

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

More retailers buying into GlassFish - Carrefour

Carrefour Belgium logo

Carrefour is the #1 European retail company (#2 worldwide) and the 9th largest employer worldwide. Its Belgium subsidiary is now using GlassFish in production.

This is a fairly tactical use of GlassFish to solve an integration problem between their SAP backend and their account synchronization tool. Interestingly enough this runs on a set of IBM blades (read all the questionnaire here).

A more strategic approach for GlassFish is scheduled by Carrefour Belgium with the use of the forthcoming Java CAPS Release 6 product. This is Sun's SOA suite building on the SeeBeyond and OpenESB technologies to deliver a Java EE 5-based (GlassFish) complete solution for composite applications.

Make sure you read the details on this GlassFish story. Clearly, European retailers are making good use of GlassFish.

Friday Nov 30, 2007

GlassFish v2 production story - Karlovy Vary International Airport

OK Air logo

With GlassFish v2 having been out for a couple of months now, a great deal of deployments are happening now. We are highlighting some of these on the Stories blog. This time, it's an entire Java EE 5 Airport Information System (AIS) deployed in production with GlassFish v2. Read about it here.

Among the interesting things in this deployment is the use of almost all the GlassFish features, MySQL and Firebird as the databases, SuSE Linux as the deployment platform, and more. Read about all the details in the detailed questionnaire.

Wednesday Oct 24, 2007

Banking on Open Source - Numera (Italy) Adopts GlassFish v2


We are reactivating our Adoption Stories and our first story is from Italy. Numera Sistemi Informatica S.p.A is an IT company that offers many services to Bper Group Companies and others and that has switched to GlassFish v2.

Numera mostly uses the Web Tier and JPA from GlassFish and is deploying on Windows 2000 Server systems on a couple of 6-processor Xeon boxes. Check more details at the Stories entry and at their Questionare.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

They Are Here - 8GB iPod Touch...

Photo of an iPod TOuch

Do you remember this thread from last month about the iPods? Well, the shipment of iPod Touch is in; proof here.

The iPod Touch is a very nice iTunes music/video device, it fits very well on one's hand and it has the usual Mac integration benefits. Also, in case you cared, it seems Apple will add (back?) Add/Edit Cal Functionality.

Several of you are already in the queue; I'd encourage other interested folks to get moving :-).

Monday Jul 09, 2007

Java EE 5/GlassFish foundation for IMIXS' human workflow software

IMIXS logo

In this latest entry of the Stories blog, IBM award-winner IMIXS shares its experience of building human-oriented workflow software using Java EE 5 technologies and the GlassFish application server.

This entry and GlassFish Adoption questionnaire discuss the experience moving from older Java technologies together with open sourcing the core features of the WorkFlow engine. If you read German, you may want to check this recent article on the IMIXS/GlassFish combination.

As you would expect from an ISV focused on solving customer business needs, IMIXS plans to offer one-face-to-the-customer contracts with embedded GlassFish support.

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

GlassFish at The University of North Carolina

A North Carolina License Plate Reading: "GLASSFISH"

Our latest Adoption Story looks at how GlassFish is powering the IT infrastructure knowledgebase for the Universify of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The development team initially worried that a full Java EE container might be too heavyweight and complex for their needs. But after a little experimentation, they found that it actually simplified their project. GlassFish also met their app's extensive integration requirements (incorporating Spring, Acegi, Facelets, Tomahawk, Nux, XOM, Abdera, AspectJ, SVNKit, Sesame, and more).

One other interesting tidbit... Having been founded in 1789, UNC is the oldest public university in the United States. So we now have Adoption Stories for America's oldest public and private universities. That puts GlassFish in some pretty good company. :)

Monday Jun 04, 2007

Latest GlassFish production "Story" - Auchan

Auchan Logo

In the latest addition to Stories Architect Guillaume Bilodeau shares his experience selecting and later transitioning to GlassFish for the Russian subsidiary of Auchan, one of the biggest retailers in the world (Map, Finances).

In the story and in the questionare Guillaume explains how and why they chose GlassFish over JBoss and others, how they moved existing code to the newer platform from Oracle's application server, what frameworks they use, and finally how the project went from some skepticism over the product choice to happy GlassFish customers.

Stay tuned - we expect more adoption stories in the near future as GlassFish V2's goes final with out-of-the-box enterprise features like custering.

Monday Mar 26, 2007

GlassFish is Cool! - International Environmental Uses GlassFish

The Bellagio

What do The Bellagio, The Trump Tower (NYC) and Times Square (HK) have in common? International Environmental provided indoor solutions for them. And Internation Environmental has been using GlassFish since early 2006! Check this comparison against JBoss:

... GlassFish had, by far, the most complete EE 5 implementation, .... much better performance. We also looked at the administration consoles .... and ... there was no competition...

More details in the latest entry in our Stories blog, in the associated Detailed Questionare from Jason Lee, and in Jason's own blog.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

GlassFish Goes to Harvard

Harvard University Logo

The Dataverse Network project at Harvard University is setting out to redefine the way that researchers handle data. Their approach? Provide an integrated set of web application software and services for data storage and sharing.

Since they aim to provide long-term storage of important research data, these services must be highly scalable and stable. That's where GlassFish comes into the picture. Merce Crosas, development manager for the project, summed it up by saying: "GlassFish's stability enabled us to concentrate on the code and not worry about the server environment."

Researchers at one of the top universities in the world turned to GlassFish when they needed a platform combining cutting-edge technology with rock-solid stability. Maybe you should too. ;)

For more information, see the Adoption Story and accompanying questionnaire responses.

Friday Feb 23, 2007

4HomeMedia - Winner of CES Innovations 2007 Award... on GlassFish

4HomeMedia Logo

4HomeMedia is an award-winner (Best of Innovations at CES 2007) new startup that provides remote-control and remote-monitoring of any networked device or service in the home ([1], [2]) . Pretty much everything is becoming networked, so some variation of this type of service is bound to be part of our daily experience in the near future...

As you could expect, a service like this requires a very large number of connections, and they are using Grizzly and GlassFish at the server-side for this! See the Adoption Story for more details.