Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

GlassFish Podcast Series - Community Stories from JavaOne

Admittedly, one of the most successful part of the GlassFish Community Event at this year's JavaOne was the "customer stories" portion.

We're now making the content for those six "GlassFish in Production" stories available in a series of episodes on the GlassFish Podcast.


You will also find equivalent entries, slides and even a video on our Stories blog. The different GlassFish use cases are quite impressive. Most by the load they handle (Grizzly was appraised by most speakers), others by the importance of the Java EE 6 standard, and others yet by the critical nature of the customer-facing sites that their run (ESPN is an obvious example here).

We had also asked the speakers to articulate both what they liked and what could be improved as you'll hear in the presentations. This has created for us a very nice list of prioritized improvements to work on. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to catch further episodes, and if you're not familiar with the podcast, you may want to take a look at the full list of episodes.

Our big thanks goes out to all six of our speakers and to their employers for having them share this with the wider GlassFish community. If you have a story you'd like to share with us and the rest of the GlassFish community, you don't have to wait for next year's JavaOne, please send us email (see the "Contact Us" section on this blog) and we'll make sure your experience is available to the community.

Sunday Apr 03, 2011

Get social and healthy with GlassFish

Two new stories have been published this week and both of them use GlassFish 3.1 in production. If you haven't seen them before, "Stories" is a blog with production use of GlassFish by small, medium, and large users with user questionnaires describing their experience with the rest of the community.

The first story is PointDebate, a "social network company that stir up, engage and give voice to most diverse opinions". They've been following pretty closely all the recent updates of GlassFish and now run the latest 3.1 version (only a month after it was released). They application is built using Java EE 6 and JSF in particular with RichFaces. The full architecture includes MySQL as well as EHCache and uses JMS to "decouple operations" (an somewhat underutilized architectural pattern if you ask me).


The second story, TinyHabits, an online service "to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite leading a busy life that leaves very little time to incorporate healthy habits" is yet another Java EE 6 application with GlassFish as a platform chosen for its simplicity and robust administration and monitoring. This service also just moved to the latest and greatest version 3.1 (from 3.0.1), also uses JSF 2.0 (with PrimeFaces this time), uses both PostgreSQL and MongoDB and runs production on Amazon EC2. Check it out.

Thursday Jan 20, 2011

More GlassFish Stories (from Brazil) - Logicstyle/EGESA Engineering & CEjug

Logicstyle CEjug

Arun's recent trip to Brazil was productive in generating GlassFish "stories". You can now read about them on those two entries:

"CEJUG - Manage your JUGs using GlassFish"
"EGESA Engineering avoids framework explosion with Java EE 6"

Both entries come with detailed questionnaires intended to share further details from these GlassFish production users with the rest of the community. In both cases Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3 were carefully chosen to fit the bill with little to no additional frameworks or third-party libraries. CDI, EJB, and JSF are all put to work in these ISV and community uses of GlassFish in production.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Three JRuby on GlassFish Deployment Stories: Kenai, LinkedIn and JotBot


Arun has added three new, JRuby-based entries to our Adoption Stories. The first story is about Kenai, and is a model story for GlassFish Portfolio: Apache HTTPD Server, Memcached, MySQL, JRuby and GlassFish Server (it is also a bit recursive, as JRuby lives on Kenai).

The other two stories are about LinkedIn Polls and JotBot. JotBot is unusual in that JRuby is used on both client and server side.

Friday May 01, 2009

Stories Reaches 50 - Verizon, ADP, Webzzle and Xerox Global Services

Thanks to Arun, Alexis and Pat, we have now crossed 50 entries in our Adoption Stories:


ADP - Payroll, Time Management and more on GlassFish.
Webzzle - GlassFish mixing WikiPedia and Google together.
Xerox Global Services - French group switching from Tomcat to GlassFish.
Verizon - A very large (more than 40M!) OpenSSO deployment.

We are always interested in your adoption stories; contact us at stories at sun dot com.

Monday Mar 09, 2009 story and asadmin podcast


In recent sister website news, is the latest "story" about running a grails application on top of GlassFish v2. Glen Smith shares his thoughts on running his community web site for the past couple of years using GlassFish and how OpenMQ has recently increased the overall availability of the system.

asadmin, the GlassFish CLI (Command Line Interface) was recently featured on TheAquariumTV (archive) and is now available as episode #28 of the GlassFish Podcast. The original recording was edited down to make it more podcast friendly (shorter, less discussion, more presentation). Let us know how that works for you.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

JavaEE and Rails Drive our Latest GlassFish Stories: MidwifeMate and Involver

Two more adoption stories; they both use GFv2 and MySQL Server, but while one is a traditional Java EE story, the other is a Rails App ported from Mongrel.


MidwifeMate is a pretty traditional GlassFish adoption: they liked the JavaEE compliance, the ease of use of GlassFish and the multi-platform support.

The MidwifeMate application spans the web tier (JSF/Facelets), EJBs and JPA. They use Hibernate talking to a MySQL Server and develop on Eclipse using the GlassFish Eclipse Plugin. For more details check the adoption story and the Questionnaire


In contrast, looks like a Rails app because it is, except that it is running on GlassFish through JRuby. The application can been developed originally for a pack of mongrels but the team felt this "deployment strategy wasn't an efficient use of resources, both human and machine." and explored using JRuby. GlassFish was chosen because of Sun's commitment to JRuby and the overlap between the two communities. uses OpenMQ via JMS in JRuby Rack, as well as MySQL via JDBC. They are currently using GFv2 but looking forward to GFv3. For more details, check the Adoption story and the Questionnaire.

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

More GlassFish Adoption Stories: SFR, T-Mobile USA, Medavie Blue Cross, Pretium Telecom


We just pushed out four new GlassFish Adoption Stories. Three of the stories are from telcos (from the US, the Netherlands and France), the remaining one is a health care company from Canada:

SFR - Developer APIs, GlassFish-powered - Telco in France.
T-Mobile, High Availability and GlassFish - Telco in the USA.
Medavie Blue Cross - Standards Eliminating Vendor Lock-In - Health Care in Canada.
Pretium Telecom - GlassFish ESB in Telco - Telco in The Netherlands.

Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Rakuten - GlassFish Use in Japanese Online Company


An outcome of the recent trip by Kohsuke to Japan was last week's Adoption Story with Ratuken (Home, Wikipedia) one of the largest internet companies in the world - their site is currently ranked by Alexa as #62 Worldwide and #5 in Japan.

The Adoption Story (english, japanese) and the detailed Questionnaire with Rakuten's Chief Engineer (Chihiro Miura) (english, japanese) provide more details, including their development OS (Debian), deployment OS (RHEL), database (MySQL 5), frameworks (iBatis, Struts, Spring), and IDE (NetBeans). Rakuten's use of GF is small but the first deployments are always the hardest and hopefully others will follow.

Japan has a great community of developers and I'm looking forward to our growth in that geography.

Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Clarity Accounting provides Online Accounting with GlassFish, Hibernate, GWT and 3Tera

Our 36th Adoption Story comes from Vancouver thanks to Arun:


Clarity Accounting provides an SAAS online accounting service using GlassFish Server. The implementation uses multiple OSS components including Hibernate, PostreSQL and GWT and the service is deployed on 3Tera AppLogic Grid (3Tera is a GlassFish Technology Partner).

See Questionnaire for full details. Clarity Accounting went live in September 2008 and their site looks like a well-cared small business; it was created by one person over 12 months (6 part-time) - I love to see the way we are enabling these small business to appear. See Questionnaire for full details.

For more adoption stories, check our Informal Stories. We are always looking for stories showcasing production use as these are critical to the growth of our community. If you are a happy user please consider sharing your story by sending us mail to stories at sun dot com.

Friday Dec 12, 2008

OpenSSO at Telenet for Fine-Grained Access Control


Our latest Adoption Story comes from Belgium thanks to SuperPat. Telenet (home, wikipedia) is the largest supplier of broadband cable services in Belgium. They needed fine-grained access control for internal applications and ACA-IT provided it through OpenSSO. See Questionnaire for full details.

For more adoption stories, check our Informal Stories. We are always looking for stories showcasing production use as these are critical to the growth of our community. If you are a happy user please consider sharing your story by sending us mail to stories at sun dot com.

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

Deslatech - Integration for Brazilian Hospitals


Thanks to Arun for our latest Adoption Story: Deslatech is an SI located in Brazil that has built a fairly typical EAI application for Kitmed, a logistics operator in the hospital/warehousing space.

The application uses OpenESB, OpenMQ and the GlassFish Server. Check out the details of the story at our Stories blog and at the Detailed Questionnaire.

Deslatech is our 34th entry in our (informal) Stories series. Some informal stories eventually "graduate" to Sun's Formal Customer Reference Site - like with Wotif.Com. If you are a happy user of GlassFish and want to contribute back to the community, please consider sharing your story. Contact us at stories at sun dot com.

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

Apologic and Ipso-Facto - Two New GlassFish Adoption Stories from France


According to Forrester Research, France Leads in OpenSource Adoption so it is appropriate that our two most recent Adoption Stories are from companies based there.

Apologic (company, story, questionnaire) is ISV in the field of home care services and is part of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner. Apologic is using GlassFish to rearchitect their existing Windows-based applications to JavaEE 5.

Ipso-Facto (company, story, questionnaire) delivers real estate software as a service for the French market. They moved from Windows to the Java platform; first using Tomcat and now moving to GlassFish.

Monday Oct 27, 2008

SSOCircle and CDOVaR.Net - OpenSSO and OpenDS in Production

Our Stories blog tracks informal adoption stories of our middleware Open Source projects. Most of the initial stories centered on the GlassFish Server, but over time we have been expanding from there with a few stories on OpenMQ and OpenSSO and in the last days we added two more.


SSOCircle is an open identity provider that uses OpenSSO to support SAML 2.0 and OpenID and others in federated single sign-on. SSOCircle went live in Feb 2007; check their full story with more details via the usual questionnaire.

CDOVaR.Net is a service provided by CDO² to financial institutions to transparently harness grid computing to manage their portfolios. They needed an LDAP server and chose OpenDS. Check the story and questionnaire.

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

GlassFish in Croatia - Powering Inventory and Article Checking


Another GlassFish Adoption Story, this time in Croatia. Selmet is using GFv2 on Ubuntu with PostgreSQL to provide the backend via Web Services (using Metro) to a ruggedized Windows-based handheld (Honeywell Dolphin 7600).

The Story, Questionnaire and Case Study are full of great tidbits, including their request to become a GlassFish Partner.

BTW, I'm rooting for Spain in tonight's game against Croatia :-). The results (powered by Sun!) should be available tomorrow Here.

Added - The video recap of the Croatia/Spain game is Now Available.